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Yesterday's Tennessee
History of Henderson Co.

From Auburn Powers, History of Henderson County, Tennessee, 1930. Reproduced with permission for personal use only. No further reproduction can be made without written consent of Andy E. Powers and Sherode B. Powers.


This book has been prepared because the people of Henderson County wish to know more about their county and because the author wishes to preserve its history and traditions. It is written in simple English with the hope that it will not only be a source of information but will be a pleasure to read as well.

The material for this volume has been accumulated in many ways and from different sources. Some has been gathered from old records, some from old newspapers, some from abstracts of early history, and not a little from traditions handed down to me by very old and honorable citizens, to whom I owe my thanks.

In the outset, the reader must bear in mind that this book is not without its blemishes. He who has not attempted to collect material and prepare a history has very little idea of the obstacles to be encountered.

Imperfect records, obscure and conflicting statements, and doubtful traditions are bewildering and misleading. In different cases I have weighed the evidence and have formed my own conclusions. Of course, there is a possibility of an error in my conclusions, but this history should be fairly accurate. I have endeavored to produce the best history possible under the circumstances and feel assured that the thoughtful readers will recognize and appreciate my efforts in doing so.

My thanks are due to Felix Creasy and Henry Barry for their service in publishing my articles in the County papers and for still other services, and to Peyton Veteto for typing the manuscript. I am indebted to others also for assisting me in this work, especially in preparing the history of the different towns and communities.

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