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Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith

Mr. Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith of Jackson has published seven genealogical miscellanies for Henderson County.  He wishes to share this information as widely as possible and has granted permission for these web pages to be created.  We thank Mr. Smith for his generosity.  Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2001

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Located about .2 mile south of Rocky Springs Road, from a lane off this road about a half mile from its juncture with Highway 22-North at Parker' Cross Roads.

The old Dr. Dudley H. Williams' log house (two story log house, two rooms over two rooms) stood for many years about .1 mile from Rocky Springs Road just southwest of which was the family graveyard. According to Mr. Rush Kee (born 1930), whose family has owned this location for many years, the old Williams house burned about 1945. He remembered personally seeing dark blotches on timbers in upstairs of the house his elders told him were blood stains from wounded soldiers brought there for treatment at the time of the battle of Parker's Cross Roads in December 1862.

The burial ground has been disturbed by cattle and some tombstones are missing.

LESTER son of Dr. A. G. & M. E. ANDREWS
born May 13, 1883; died Nov. 30, 1883

HEWETTE son of Dr. A. G. & M. E. ANDREWS
born May 13, 1883; died July 10, 1883

born May 11, 1829; died August 25, 1881

a footstone inscribed:
A. M. P.

Lower portion of a tombstone inscribed:
Died Oct. 13, 1883
(This marked the grave of Dr. Dudley H. Williams.) (The various censuses indicate that Dr. Williams was born about 1815.)

Also buried here, according to the JACKSON DISPATCH (Tenn.), September 5, 1890, is:

SUSAN, widow of Dr. D. H. Williams, born September 20, 1820; died August 24, 1890; married in 1835.

There may be other individuals buried in this abandoned cemet?rl' but now forgotten.

Lester and Hewette Andrews were the twin sons of Dr. Adolphus Gayleon Andrews and his wife, Mary Elizabeth (Williams) Andrews, the latter a daughter of Dr. Dudley H. and Susan Williams. Dr. Andrews and family lived in Spring Creek, Tennessee.

According to William Thomas Smith's FAMILY TREE BOOK, 1923, page 46, Dr. Dudley Williams was a son of SOLOMON WILLIAMS, who was aged 60 years, 1850 census. He had come from Wake County, North Carolina to Henderson County. His first wife, mother of Dr. Williams, a Miss Tindell, died and Solomon remarried to Emily Kirby, with whom there were no children. The children of Dr. Dudley and Susan Williams were Leonora (Nora); Mary; Mourning; James; Milton; Newton; Susan L.; Dudley L.

Dr. Dudley H. Williams' wife was Susan McClerkin, a daughter of Samuel McClerkin.

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From an uncopyrighted "Parker's Cross Roads" supplement, THE LEXINGTON PROGRESS, June l982, a picture of Dr. Dudley H. and Susan Williams:


Other works by Jonathan K. T. Smith can be found at the Madison County Records Repository at TNGenWeb.

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