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Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith

Mr. Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith of Jackson has published seven genealogical miscellanies for Henderson County.  He wishes to share this information as widely as possible and has granted permission for these web pages to be created.  We thank Mr. Smith for his generosity.  Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2001

(Page 36)

ACTS OF TENNESSEE, 1824, page 72:



An Act to incorporate the town of Lexington, in the
county of Henderson.

Town incorporated

SECTION 1.  Be it enacted, by the General Assemby of the State of Tennessee, That the town of Lexington, in the county of Henderson, and the inhabitants there-of, are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate, by the style and name of the Mayor and Aldermen of the town of Lexington, and shall have succession for the term of fifty years.

Aldermen to be elected

SEC. 2.  Be it enacted, That the sheriff of Henderson county shall, by himself or deputy, hold an election at the court-house in the town of Lexington, for the purpose of electing seven fit persons to serve as aldermen, on the first Monday in January next, [and] at the same time in each succeeding year; and such persons, when elected, shall serve one year, and until, a new board is qualified, and shall possess and enjoy all the powers and privileges that are given to the intendant and council of the town of Winchester, by an act passed twentieth October, one. thousand eight hundred and twenty-one, entitled "An. act to incorporate the inhabitants of the town. of Winchester, in the town [county] of Franklin."


Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Speaker of the Senate.

October 9, 1824


ACTS OF TENNESSEE, 1831, page 123:


AN ACT to set apart twenty five acres of land for a. School House
in Henderson county.


SEC. 1.  Be it enacted by die General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, That Charles Austin, Jonathan Duck, and Matthew Jones, may enter as an occupant claim, twenty five acres of land lying and being in Henderson county, 9th Surveyor's District, 7th range, and 7th section, so as include a School House by them and others erected.

Authority granted

SEC. 2.  Be it enacted, That the said commissioners are hereby authorized and empowered to survey and lay down on the general plan of the 9th Surveyor's District, the aforesaid twenty five acres of land; Provided, the same does not interfere with any other occupant claim and that the same is unfit for cultivation.

To be surveyed &c.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Speaker of the Senate.

'December 15, 1831



(Page 37)

ACTS OF TENNESSEE, 1837-1838, pages 151-152:



An Act to incorporate the town of Pleasant Exchange,
in Henderson county

Commission'rs to lay off town

  SECTION 1. Be it enactred by the General. Assembly of the State of Tennessee, That Samuel D. Strayhorn, William G. Vanhook, John Vanhook, David E. W. Brown, David Corzart, or a majority of them, are hereby appointed commissioners to lay out and mark the limits of the town of Pleasant Exchange, in Henderson county, and shall make out a plan and plat of the same, a certified copy of which they shall deposit in the clerk's office of the county court of Henderson county, and all streets, lanes or alleys and public grounds, designated as such on said plan, shall inure to and remain for the use of said town; and said commissioners or a majority of them, shall hold·an election; for five aldermen for said town, giving twenty days notice in five places in said town, of the time and, place of elections, and all persons residing within said town shall be eligible as aldermen; and all persons entitled to vtote for members to the General Assembly shall be entitled to vote in said election; that said aldermen when so elected shall meet as soon thereafter as convenient, and take an oath of office, and said aldermen shall elect one of their body mayor; and said mayor and aldermen shall compose a body politic and corporate, and have perpetual succession by the name and style of the mayor and aldermen of the town ol Pleasant Exchange, and by that name sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, and may have and use a common seal, and are empowered to pass by-laws for the government of their town.

Aldermen's term of office

  SEC. 2.  Be it enacted, That the first mayor and aldermen for said town, elected as herein before prescribed, shall hold their offices for one year after qualifying as such, and an election shall be held annually for aldermen; Providing that if an election should not. be had at the proper time, the aldermen of the preceding year shall continue in office until their successors are elected.


SEC. 3.  Be it enacted, That said mayor and aldermen shall appoint a clerk or recorder, who shall keep a record of all the proceedings of said mayor and aldermen.


SEC. 4.  Be it enacted, That the qualified voters residing within the limits of said town shall elect a constable at the same time that is fixed for electing aldermen, and said constable shall have all the powers and perform all the duties of constables for incorporated towns.


SEC. 5.  Be it enacted, That the said mayor and aldermen may annually levy such tax as they may deem proper for the improvement of the streets, or for other purpose connected with the interest of said town.


Speaker of the House of Representives.
Speaker of the Senate.

Passed January 17th, 1838.


Other works by Jonathan K. T. Smith can be found at the Madison County Records Repository at TNGenWeb.

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