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Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith

Mr. Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith of Jackson has published seven genealogical miscellanies for Henderson County.  He wishes to share this information as widely as possible and has granted permission for these web pages to be created.  We thank Mr. Smith for his generosity.  Copyright, Jonathan K. T. Smith, 2001

(Page 106)

Because all early probate records of Henderson County were destroyed by fire, the 1836 tax list is helpful in identifying estates which would otherwise be unknown. This information, taken from the original tax list in the Tennessee State Library and Archives in Nashville, carried the name of the estate/heirs involved, the number of acres/slaves in and for same and values of same.

page 138. Civil District 3:
JOHN AUTREY HEIRS, 147 acres at $262; no slaves

page 142. Civil District 3:
J. & ISHAM HENDRICK, Grds. for N. HENDRICK, 208 acres at $1248; two slaves at $1000

page 144. Civil District 3:
JAMES MEADOWS HEIRS, 213 acres at $850; no slaves

page 166. Civil District 6:
SAMUEL BELL, administrator of J. BELL, dec., 130 acres at $500; no slaves
JOHN K. BELL, administrator off J. BELL, dec., 620 acres at $1800; 3 slaves at $2000
JOS. BANKS administrator of J. KIRK, dec., 300 acres at $1800; 4 slaves at $3000

page 188. Civil District 7:
NINION WHITTLE HEIRS, 230 acres at $1000; 1 slave at $500

page 201. Civil District 9:
W. RHODES Estate, 39 acres at $200; no slaves

page 210. Civil District 10:
PHILIP AUSTIN HEIRS, 2 lots at $700; no slaves

page 211. Civil District 10:
ROBERT BAKER HEIRS, 30 acres at $200; no slaves

page 213. Civil District 10:
WILLIAM BROOKS HEIRS, 25 acres at $50; 4 slaves at $2000

page 214. Civil District 10:
PETER EDWARDS HEIRS, 1 lot at $400; no slaves

page 219. Civil District 10:
JOHN McCLURE HEIRS, 8 town lots at $400; no slaves

Page 220. Civil District 10:
JAMES MEADOWS HEIRS, 2 slaves at $1400

page 225. Civil District 10:
DREW ALDRIDGE, 1 slave at $800; no slaves
ROBERT BAKER HEIRS, 25 acres at $100; no slaves
THOMAS HOPKINS HEIRS, 30 acres at $60; no slaves

page 241. Civil District 12:
L. DELANY HEIRS, 140 acres at $70; no slaves

page 271. Civil District 15:
ELI SPRIGGS HEIRS, 460 acres at $920; no slaves

As certified by Jesse Taylor, Clerk of the County Court, September 20, 1836


Other works by Jonathan K. T. Smith can be found at the Madison County Records Repository at TNGenWeb.

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