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Yesterday's Tennessee

From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
Special thanks to Constance Collett for permission to make these web pages.

In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.

Civic and Other Clubs in the County

Chapter XI

Parsons Masonic Lodge

Parsons Lodge, Number 586 was organized in 1894.[1] The first meeting was held on February 1,1894 at the Masonic Hall, located on the corner of Second Street and Tennessee Avenue S. in a two story building which later was destroyed by fire.

The Dispensation meeting listed the following officers: G.F. Goff, Jr., W.M., P.O. Roberts, SW. H.H. Bigson, J.W., J.H. Jennings, Treasurer, W.M. Arnold, Secretary, I.M.C. Hays, Chaplain, J.H. Arnold, S.D. W.D. Rains, J.D., F.J. Riggs and J.F. Houston, Stewards, L.W. Estes, Tyler. The time of the stated meeting was on Wednesday Night on or before each full moon.

The Charter was granted on January 31, 1895 and officers serving at this time were: P.O. Roberts, W.M., A. Kirby, S.W., W.J. Rumage, J.W., I.M.C. Hays, Treasurer, H.H. Gibson, Secretary, W.P. Bray, Chaplain, G.F. Long, Jr., S.D., W.T. Hays, J.D., J.P. Rains, Jr. and J.J. Riggs, Stewards, T.J. Edmonds, Tyler.

The time of meeting was changed from Wednesday Night to the third Monday Night in 1946. The second home of the Masons was at the corner of Tennessee Avenue North and Main Street in the former Arnold Building, later known as the Jennings Building on the second floor. This building was destroyed by a gas explosion December 29, 1956. Jack Bell and Judge Madison Smith lost their lives in the fire and Mrs. Fannie D. Rains and Mary John Young were injured.[2]

A new one story building was erected on Camden Road and serves both Masons and Eastern Star Members.

Present officers of the Parsons Lodge are Neal Shea, W.M., Harvey, Jordan, S.W., Warren Keen, J.W., Burl Moore, Treasurer, J.W. Gibson, Secretary, Rev. Floyd Rogers, Chaplain, Earl Pratt, S.D., Andy Kelley, J.D., Jimmy Hardison, S. Steward, Mike Rhodes, J. Steward and Freddie Carrington Tyler.

Eight by ten photos of all the Worshipful Masters grace the walls of the Masonic Hall with the exception of one, which has been unable to secure.

Decatur County Welcome Wagon

When the Pioneer family's conestoga approached the outposts on their way west, they were met by the earlier settlers with a prairie schooner laden with water and provisions for the exhausted travelers.[3]

In 1928 the American tradition of hospitality was revived by Welcome Wagon International. The movement was initiated in Decatur County by Mrs. Missy Lunsford of Decaturville in 1967, when she decorated her Welcome Wagon basket and filled it with articles from the business places, which sponsored the movement, and visited the new-comers. She served as a link between the new families and the merchants bringing gifts as well as introducing them to the business places. She also served the community by providing families with vital civic, religious and commercial information.[4] Not only were gifts presented to newcomers but at special family events, such as the birth of a baby, an engagement, a key anniversary and other family milestones.

Mrs. Lunsford served in this capacity for a year when she was succeeded by Mrs. Sandra Dodd in 1968. Mrs. Dodd served in this capacity until 1971 at which time interest had lagged and the merchants didn't choose to take part in the endeavor, There hasn't been a Welcome Wagon in Decatur County since 1971.

Decatur County Grey Ladies

Decatur County Grey Ladies were organized in 1964 by Mrs. Imogene Pratt serving as the first President. The class of 31 volunteers received their training in Marbury Hall of the Parsons United Methodist Church. A capping ceremony was held, which was very impressive.

The Grey Ladies worked in pairs and served two hour shifts. The shifts were from nine until eleven o'clock, two to four o'clock and seven to nine p.m.

Those serving in this capacity were Mrs. Pratt, Mrs. Lillye Younger, Mrs. Golden Winston, Mrs. Clemmie Stewart, Mrs. Ollie Mae Ashcraft, Mrs. Ruth Kizer, Mrs. Elsie McClure, Mrs. Evelyn Lancaster, Mrs. Margaret Doering, Mrs. Frances Woodside, Mrs. Katie Byrd, Mrs. Will E. Yarbro, Mrs. Sue Anderson, Miss Laverne Oxford, Mrs. Ann McMurray, Mrs. Nadine White, Mrs. Mary Frances Davis, Mrs. Louise Patterson, Mrs. Melba

Morgan, Mrs. Dossie Graves, Mrs. Etha Teague, Mrs. Jane Edwards, Mrs. Ruth Kizer, Mrs. June McDaniel, Mrs. Sue Carrington, Mrs. Pat Hammonds, Mrs. Hilda Townsend, Mrs. Herman Townsend, Mrs. Veta Laster, Mrs. Mary V. Moore and Mrs. Ruth Jennings Townsend.

Each Grey Lady kept a record of the hours they served and those serving more than 100 hours received special recognition. They received a bar for each year served. This class served 1964-1965 and 1966 at Decatur County Hospital.

 In 1975 Mrs. Mary V. Moore organized what is known as "Red Cross Volunteers' who served Decatur County General Hospital. Those having received the early training and served as Grey Ladies were eligible to join.[5]


The Parsons V.F.W. was organized in 1945, just after World War II. It was organized in the old Parsons School Building.[6]

In 1949 the Decaturville and Parsons V.F.W. combined. The name was changed to Long-Ivey-Carrington Post #4971. The post was named for three gallant soldiers who gave their lives for their country. Harry Long, Everett Ivey, and Floyd Carrington. At the time of the organization there were 60 members on roll, now they have a membership to exceed 200.

The post met at Parsons City Hall until they could locate a post home. They bought the business of Elihu Woods, which is now the Decatur County Youth Center. In 1973 a new V.F.W. Home was erected adjoining the Decatur County Fairground. It is a modern brick building with plenty of space available.

The Long-lvey-Carrington Post #4971 has many worthwhile projects. They are the father of the Little League Ball teams, have given big Christmas Parties for the under privileged children, sponsored the "Voice of Democracy" themes for youth, furnished wheel chairs, crutches and walkers to those who need them, sell poppies and select a Poppy Girl each year, serve meals to the clubs of the county as a money making project and many other worthwhile projects.

The first post commander after the two clubs combined was Byron Townsend who served 1948-49. He was succeeded by W.H. Kennedy 49-50 with James L. England serving 50-51. He was followed by Leo Yarbro who served 51-52 and 52-53. He is the first commander who served two terms. Byrd Fisher served 53-54 and Henry Gibson 54-55. Boonie White was Commander 55-56 and Charlie Turner served 56-57. J.L. Lancaster served 57-58 and he was followed by Albert Herndon 58-59. Noble Lindsey served 59-60 and William Brasher served 60-61. He was followed by Ben Mitchell 61-62, and George William White served the Post in 62-63, C.A. Burton served 63-64 and Roach Vise 64-65. Max Ray Maxwell served 65-66 and Herschel A. Creasy served 66-67. Edwin Townsend served 67-68 and Ralph Moore served 68-69. Thomas Carrington served 69-70 and he was followed by Harold Segraves who served 70-71. Jack French served 71-72 and Loy Renfroe 72-73. Royal Wood served 73-74 and John Payne 74-75. Ben Woody is the present Commander serving 75-76 and 76-77.

V.F.W. Long-Ivey-Carrington Post #4971 Ladies Auxiliary

 The Ladies Auxiliary was chartered Feb. 2, 1949 with 12 Charter members. They were Marjorie Alexander, Harue Byrd, Nell England, Josephene Herndon, Willie Ingram, Nellie Jennings, Gwindelyn Kennedy, Elizabeth McIllwain, Gussie Parsons, Bertie Sue Smith, Jaunita Vise, and Dorothy Wilkins. Mrs. Nellie Jennings served as the first President.

Their duties are to assist the V.F.W., help sell poppies, donate to the National Home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, help persons needing transportation to and from the Veteran's Hospital and many other activities.

Mrs. Imogene Pratt has served as State President, as well as National Junior Unit Director in 1968-69. Mrs. Frances Woodside served as State Junior Unit Director in 1968 and 1969. Those who have served as Eighth District President are Mrs. Sue Carrington, Mrs. Louise Patterson, Mrs. Josephine Herndon, Mrs. Evelyn White, Mrs. Imogene Pratt and Mrs. Sandra Carrington.

 Officers for 1976-77 are Mrs. Frances Woodside, President, Mrs. Sherry Leitch, Senior Vice President, Mrs. Elizabeth Scott, Junior Vice President, Mrs. Oma Mays, Chaplain, Mrs. Norma Renfroe, Conductress, Mrs. Mary Nell Wood, Guard, Mrs. Evelyn White, Patriotic Instructor, Mrs. Bonnie Lou White, Treasurer, Mrs. Melba Woody, Secretary, Mrs. Sandra Carrington, Historian, Mrs. Bonnie Lou White, Musician, Mrs. Imogene Pratt, Reporter. Serving as Trustees, Mrs. Sandra Carrington for three year span, Mrs. Lois Payne, two years, and Mrs. Imogene Pratt, one year. Present Buddy Poppy Girl is Miss Kimberly Veazey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Veazey of Parsons.[7]

The Auxiliary has a membership of 124.[8]

Parsons Lions Club

Parsons Lions Club was organized under the name of Decatur County Lions Club on March 30, 1938, by the Savannah Lions Club, with 20 charter members. They were: M.L. Alphin, A.L. Bowman, B.C. Dailey, Russell Dodd, J.S. England, T.J. Hendrickson, K.K. Houston, A.L. Jennings, Ralph Jennings, J.S. McMahan, Otto Milam, C.A. Palmer, J.C. Partin, H.D. Pevahouse, James H. Simmons, L.C. Townsend, Raymond Townsend, W.B. Townsend, Tim Boaz and Lynn R. Warner.

The first president was J.S. McMahan and the first secretary was K.K. Houston. Their first years activities included a Soap Box Derby, starting a Sheep Program, secured funds to sponsor "Plant to Prosper Contest", participating in statewide movement to eliminate toll bridges in Tennessee, gave Christmas baskets to needy, assisted six small orphans in the county, and helped Jackson Lions sell special Christmas edition of the Jackson Sun.[9]

In 1956 Decaturville members decided to withdraw from the Decatur County Lions club and organize one of their own so they organized the Decaturville Lions Club at that time.

On May 31, 1956 at 7:30 p.m. the Decaturville Lions Club was organized with the District Governor of 12-L, W.R. (Bill) Kinton of Trenton at Decatur County Courthouse. The club chartered 21 members namely: James L. England, transfer from Decatur County Club as well as Will T. Rogers and Earl Wylie. Others were W.A. Nance, Henry Evans, Gene Turner, Warren Jones, E.J. Usery, J. Hyder Smith, Earl Woods, Johnnie Pickens, James Roberts, Hobart Johnson, Frankie Maness, R.L Haney, P.A. White, Charlie Kindle, Bob Brigance, Guy Butler, Roy N. McPeake and Cleo Spence.

Charter Night was held on the north side of court square in Decaturville July 26, 1956 at 7:30 p.m. with Gene Turner in charge. Entertainment was furnished by the Tennessee Valley Boys and the meal was served by Mrs. Pauline Malcum Orr and her home-ec girls.

Speaker for the evening was Cliff Pearce and District Governor M.O. Clark from Memphis also spoke. Lexington Lions Club was the sponsor. Other clubs present were Memphis, Colliersville, Jackson, Parsons, Scotts Hill, Camden and Trenton.[10]

The following officers were elected for the year of 1956-57. Gene Turner, President, James L. England, 1st Vice President, James Roberts, 2nd Vice President, Hobart Johnson, 3rd Vice President, Will T. Rogers, Secretary and Treasurer, Bob Brigance, Lion Tamer and E.H. Wylie, Tail Twister.

Serving on the board of directors were Guy Butler for one year as well as J. Hyder Smith, Roy N. McPeake, two years and Earl Woods, three years.

Charter Night Committee was James L. England, Cleo Spence and E. J. Usery.

Officers of the Decaturville Lions Club for 1976-77 were Ronnie Moore, King Lion, William A. Lancaster, 1st Vice President, Jim England, Second Vice President, Jerry L. Ivey, Secretary, Bob Townsend, Treasurer, Jim Smith, Lion Tamer, Gary Hall, Tail Twister, Serving as director for one year was Jimmy boroughs with Rickey Story serving as two year director and Larry White as three year director. Trustees were Fred Brasher, one year, Jay Baker, two years and Jim England, three years.

Members as of October 28, 1976 are Fred Alexander, Fred Smith Alexander, Jay Baker, Fred Brasher, Jimmy Boroughs, Rickey Coleman, James L. England, Jim England, Gary C. Hall, R. L. Haney, Hollis Keeton, Melvin Holland, Charles Hornbuckle, Holland Kindle, Jerry L. Ivey, Wm. A. Lancaster, James Lunsford, Ralph Moore, Ronnie Moore, Lloyd McClure, Roy N. McPeake, Hollis Raney, Willie Russell, James L. Vise, Larry White, Edward Wyatt, Earl H. Wylie, Jim Smith and Robert Townsend.

The club continued to grow and grow and today they have a regular meeting place which they erected and call "Decaturville Lions Den". Not only do the Lions meet here but other Civic meetings are held here. Interest in the club is growing and they are constantly seeking ways in which to render better community service.[11]

Parsons Lions Club continued to grow despite the division of the two clubs. The club engages in numerous community projects each year. Some are well known to the public, while others are carried on without fanfare of publicity.

Among projects in which the Parsons Lions Club engage are Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Eye Sight Conservation through purchase of eye glasses, surgery and other needed services to needy persons, participation of Lions "Care Program" for needy persons in poverty stricken counties, eyesight screening for defective eyes for school children, help for students at Tennessee School for the Blind, help provide recordings for blind persons at nominal cost, promote civic activities in the local community, development through industrial business and agricultural areas, assisting in promoting programs of school activities and many other endeavors.[12]

Lions clubs are not restricted as to their projects and whenever there is a need and the local club feels it can assist in any way, it is not only free to do so but is eager to help.

Lions can become a member of a club by invitation only and pay their own dues.

Other past officers of the Parsons Lions Club [13] are as follows:

Year President Secretary-Treasurer
1938-39 H.D. Pevahouse T.J. Hendrickson
1939-40 A.L. Jennings T.J. Hendrickson
1.940-41 W.B. Townsend Harold Mclllwain
1941-42 Fred E. Robertson Harold Mclllwain
1942-43 Billy J. Portis W.C. Howell
1943-44 LE. Pevahouse R.N. McPeak
1944-45 W.B. Townsend R.N. McPeak
1946-47 Fred E. Robertson Harold Mclllwain
1947-48 Earl H. Wylie Harold Mclllwain
1948-49 Roy McPeak Harold Mclllwain
1949-50 James L. England R.A. Weller
1950-51 H.T. Short J.C. Gurkin
1951-52 Edwin C. Townsend W.T. Rogers
1952-53 James Hobart Johnson W.T. Rogers
1953-54 J. Howard Scott W.T. Rogers
1954-55 Rev. W.A. Nance A.W. Primm
1955-56 Dr. J.C. Davis ER. West - served until 3-56 then Gene Turner took over after division.
1956-57 L.E. Pevahouse V.H. Burrough-Jimmy Joyner served from 12-56
1957-58 H.L. Townsend, Sr. W.B. Patton
1958-59 Robert Adams W.B. Patton
1959-60 Wayne Townsend W. B. Patton - served until 10-59 when R.C. Town send took over
1960-61 Joe Dunavan R.C. Townsend
1961-62 A. Boonie White R.C. Rownsend
1962-63 Joe M. Gregory, Sr. Leo Yarbro
1963-64 R.C. Montgomery L.E. Pevahouse
1964-65 R.C. Townsend LarryT. Odle
1965-66 Leo Yarbro Edwin C. Townsend
1966-67 Larry T. Odle Glen Rains
1967-68 Robert G. Watkins Glen Rains
1968-69 Otis Dodd Raymond Townsend
1969-70 Ray Box Raymond Townsend
1970-71 Glen Rains Raymond Townsend
1971-72 Maurice Townsend Raymond Townsend
1972-73 Carl O'Cain Raymond Townsend
1973-74 Jimmy Evans Dean Holbert
1974-75 Jimmy Carter Dean Holbert
1975-76 John D. Townsend Jerry Mathis

Parsons Order of the Eastern Star, Number 127

The Parsons Order of the Eastern Star was chartered January 28, 1913.[14]

Serving as the first core of officers were Worthy Matron, Mrs. Liza Long, Worthy Patron, R. F. Laster, Associate Matron, Mrs. Lizzie Rains, there was no Associate Patron. At this time the chapter required only seventeen officers.

Charter members listed in the charter are Mrs. Mamie Burke, Mrs. Loudon Carrington, Mrs. Elizabeth Doherty, Mrs. Cora Holley, Mrs. Tennie Hilderbrandt, Mrs. Isabelle Houston, Mrs. Sackie Hays, Mrs. Oma Hays, Mrs. Esther Hays, Mrs. Liza Long, Mrs. Emma Lou Long, Mrs. Luellen Rains, Mrs. Mary Rains, Joe A. Rains, Mrs. Lizzie Rains, Mrs. Anthina Russell, Mrs. Mollie Wheat, Mrs. Minnie Rains, Mrs. Josephine Webb, L. H. Burke, Harrison Graves, M. R. Gibson, J. B. Hays, H. W. Long, S. W. Long, R. F. Laster, H. H. Rains, L. A. Rains and Mrs. Rachel Laster.

Present officers are Mrs. Jo Anne Carter, Worthy Matron, Neal Shea, Worthy Patron, Mrs. Helen Boaz, Associate Matron, Harold White, Associate Patron, Mrs. Gussie Parsons, Secretary, Mrs. Grace Moore, Treasurer, Mrs. Jackie Jordan, Conductress, Mrs. Sherry Leitch, Associate Conductress, Chaplain, Mrs. Pam Kelley, Marshall, Mrs. Imogene Kelley, Organist, Mrs. Rhonda Quinn, Adah, Mrs. Glenda Shea, Ruth, Mrs. Charlotte Rhodes, Martha, Mrs. Linda Brasher, Electra, Mrs. Eva Hayes, Sentinenal, Burl Moore, and Warden, Mrs. Lois Payne.

Parsons Rotary Club

Parsons Rotary Club was organized in 1955 with 23 members. District Governor, Rev. Ed Duesener, Baptist Minister at Lexington organized the club. Gov. Jim McCord gave the address the night the club was organized.

Tim Boaz served as the first President. Charter members were Harold McIllwain, Charles Joyner, Roy Garrett, Douglas Hayes, Arthur Tolley, Keylon Barrett, Elbert Barnett, Bill Pinkley, Hobart Townsend, Jr., J. L. Lancaster, George Jordan, Bud Tuten, Red Gilbreath, Zade Patterson, Dr. L. F. Hufstedler, Leo Yarbro, Tim Boaz, Harold White, Harold Riker, Ralph Smith, Carl O'Cain, and Dr. Edward Cutsahw.

The club was very enthusiastic for quite a while but interest began to lag and in 1968 it ceased to be a club.[15]

Willard C. Watson Post #128 American Legion

Organized around 1922, the Willard Watson Post was named in honor of Willard Clyde Watson, who gave his life for his country in World War I.[16]

A new building has been erected in Decaturville on 69 Highway South. The post meets the first Friday Night in each month, a practice they have followed since it was organized.

K. K. Houston was Service Officer of the American Legion for twelve years and helped many persons in Decatur County, especially those receiving pensions.

Present officers of the post are Earl Brigance, Commander, Mitchell West, First Vice President, Okla Maness, Second Vice President, Leon Raney, Adjutant, Chaplain, William Burrough, Historian, Hubert Brigance, Service Officer and Finance Officer, Leon Raney and Rural Sparks, Sargeant at .Arms. The present post has a total membership of 55 members.

The charter was issued Jaunary 25, 1922 with a membership of 25. William C. White was the first Commander and Latham B. Blount served as Adjutant from 1922 to 1931. O. H. Austin served as Commander in 1923 and the membership was 25. Terrell McIllwain served as Commander in 1924 and 1925. In 1924 the membership was 10 and in 1925 it was five.

W. E. Bright served in 1930 with a total membership of 41. He was followed by C. A. Burton when the order had reached a total of 122 membership. In 1932 Walter S. White served as Commander and had a membership of 64. Serving as Adjutant in 1932 was John E. Malone who served in 1933 as well. In 1933 Bill Wright served Commander with John E. Malone serving Adjutant.[17]

Decatur County Saddle Club

In the 1950s Western Saddle Clubs sprung up like mushrooms in this section of the country. From the standpoint of horse shows the whole state was percolating with activity.

Organized in 1959 with 200 members, the Decatur County Saddle Club popped like Mexican jumping beans. Paul White served as the first president and Mrs. Lillye Younger served as the first secretary.

Horse trailers, huge cattle trucks and pick-ups began their trek to the Decatur County Fair Ground for the 7:30 performance. The show opened in April and closed in September.

Fourteen various classes of interest provided recreation for all horse riders. The first event was the pony class, which included youngsters old enough to mount up to twelve years of age. Other events included the barrel race, flag race, relay race, pole bending, couples class, and racking class.

One of the most outstanding features of the horse show was it was free. The only shows that were not free were those special events like amateur rodeos.

The horse show afforded recreation for all members of the family. For the very young it was a playground where cops and robbers were the main attraction, for the teenagers, it was a meeting place where heart throbs and sighs occurred when girl meets boy. The older persons enjoyed seeing the slick shiny horses perform and meet neighbors for a social chat. The shows were held each Friday night and rodeos were held on Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons.

All things come to an end, as the old saying goes, so did the Decatur County Saddle Club. It folded up in 1976 due to lack of interest. Serving as the club's last president was Earl (Fonzo) Funberburk, Jr.[18]

Peter Houston Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution

The Peter Houston Chapter D.A.R. was organized February 1, 1968 by Mrs. Sue O'Brian, State Regent, in the home of Mrs. B. J. Stevens. Mrs. B. C. Dailey was organizing Regent and Mrs. Robert Watkins, Vice Regent. Mrs. H. L. Townsend, Sr. was Chaplain and Mrs. Roy Garrett, Recording Secretary. Mrs. Floyd Carrington served as Treasurer and Mrs. H. L. Townsend, Jr. was Registrar. Historian was Mrs. James L. Tinker and Librarian, Mrs. Homer Smith. Mrs. E. G. Maples served as Parliamentarian.

Organizing members were Mrs. Ruth Dodson Townsend, Mrs. Allie Mae Tinker Stevens, Mrs. Linda Tinker Watkins, Mrs. Jewel Houston Tinker, Mrs. Sue Tinker Carrington, Mrs. Nell Tinker England, Mrs. Johnnye Tinker Smith, Mrs. Helen Wilson Garrett, Miss Zelma O'Neal, Mrs. Ruth Jennings Townsend, Mrs. Hilda Houston Welch and Margaret (Peggy) Teague. Other members entering during the Charter period were Mrs. Margaret Hinshaw Maples and Mrs. Blanche Strawn Tuten.

Much credit is due K. K. Houston for his work in establishing records to Revolutionary date. He belonged to the State Sons of the American Revolution.

The chapter is named for Peter Houston, a son of Samuel Houston, the ancester soldier of many of the members.

The local chapter sponsors Constitution week, American History Essay in Schools, D.A.R. pins for good citizenship, Educational exhibits at the county fair, compliment High School senior girls with a tea each year and other projects.

Mrs. Ruth Dodson Townsend, Mrs. Linda Tinker Watkins and Mrs. Jon Etta Smith Vise have served as pages at the National Congress in Washington. Mrs. Townsend, Mrs. Watkins, Mrs. Jewell Houston Tinker and Mrs. Allie Mae Stevens have sung in the National Chorus in Washington. Mrs. Townsend designed a pin for the choirs.

Those serving as State Pages from the local chapter are Miss Lou Ann Yarbro, Miss Jeanie Yarbro, Miss Renae Strawn, Miss April Watkins and Miss Emily Garrett.

Mrs. Linda Tinker Watkins has served as State Treasurer and Mrs. Ruth Dodson Townsend is presently serving as State Librarian.

The chapter collects lineage material for the national Library of Families in the county and is listing records from cemeteries in the county.

It has met the State Honor roll and received the National Gold Honor Roll certificate, the highest awarded, each year since it was organized.

One of the most outstanding events in the Chapter's history was the unveiling of a marble monument honoring their ancestors, on July 4,1976 in keeping with the Bicentennial Celebration. The statue was erected on the lawn of the Decatur County Court House. Mrs. Allie Mae Stevens, Chapter Regent was in charge of the ceremony. Spiraling the historical event, Mrs. Joy Yarbro Veazey sang "The Star Spangled Banner". Mrs. Stevens welcomed each one present and called on Mrs. Helen Garrett, Chapter Chaplain, who gave the invocation which was followed by a Salute to the Christian Flag, led by Mrs. Nancy Tuten Jones. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mrs. Ruth Dodson Townsend, Flag Chairman. Mrs. Jewel Tinker, Vice Regent gave a brief history of the Chapter and the dedication was led by Mrs. Linda Watkins, USA Bicentennial Chairman.

The unveiling of the monument was under the directions of Mrs. Doris Baker Scott, Bicentennial Committee Member, Miss Zelma O'Neal, and Mrs. Sue Carrington, Mrs. Blanche Strawn Tuten called the roll of members, who placed a white carnation on the green cross in memory of their ancestor. The first Regent, Mrs. Faye Jordan Dailey, was honored by Mrs. Nancy Burton Ivey and deceased member, Mrs. Cozette Houston Hartsfield was honored. Mrs. Ruth Jennings Townsend, Chapter Registrar, read a poem and Mrs. Margaret Maples, Chapter Parliamentarian led in prayer. Climaxing the eventful program County Judge Hardin Smith made some remarks and Mrs. Lillye Washburn Younger, Bicentennial Committee member, gave the Benediction. Serving as color guards were Mrs. Nancy Tuten Jones, Chapter Recorder, Mrs. Jonetta Vise and Miss. Alice Ann Reid, Chapter Members.

On this date a time capsule was buried on the court yard lawn, to be opened in 50 years. A copy of the D.A.R. program of the monument unveiling and a Chapter yearbook were enclosed in the time capsule.

Succeeding Mrs. Dailey as Regent was Mrs. Allie Mae Stevens and the present Regent, Mrs. Jewell Tinker.

Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter No. 2396
United Daughters of Confederacy

The first organizational meeting of the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter of the UDC was held on April 9,1975. Temporary officers elected at this meeting were Mrs. Ruth Dodson Townsend, Organizing Chairman, Mrs. Carolyn Wood, Secretary, Mrs. Blanche Tuten, Treasurer, Mrs. Doris Scott, Registrar, and Mrs. Nancy Jones, Reporter.

The Chapter was organized on May 6, 1975 at the community room of Farmers Bank in Parsons, Tennessee with 27 interested ladies and the State UDC President, Mrs. Charles Alexander of Columbia, Tennessee.

Officers for the new Chapter were elected as follows: President, Mrs. Ruth D. Townsend, 1st Vice President, Mrs. Doris Scott, 2nd Vice President, Mrs. Judy Townsend, 3rd Vice President, Mrs. Faye Inman, Treasurer, Mrs. Marjorie (Margaret) Alexander, Recorder of Crosses, Mrs. Barbie Hickerson, Registrar, Mrs. Nancy Jones, Historian, Miss Elizabeth Holland, Recording Secretary, Mrs. Jewell Tinker, Chaplain, Mrs. Linda Watkins and Reporter, Mrs. Lillye Younger.

It was voted to name the Decatur County Chapter the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson UDC Chapter. Ten descendants of Capt. Wesson are Charter Members. They are: Mrs. Ruth D. Townsend, Mrs. Dorothy Collett, Mrs. Ruth W. Hardy, Mrs. Naomi Jones, Mrs. Penny Bell, Mrs. Aline Atkin, Mrs. Lorraine Hargis, Mrs. Barbie Hickerson, Mrs. Constance Collett and Miss Mary Frances Odle.

Mrs. Blanche Tuten served as the first Membership Chairman, Miss Betty Blackstock, Magazine Chairman, Mrs. Penny Bell, Scrap Book Chairman and Mrs. Lillye Younger, Yearbook Chairman.

The Chapter was chartered on September 20, 1975 in Marbury Hall of Parsons United Methodist Church. Mrs. Ruth Dodson Townsend, president, was in charge and opened the meeting with a greeting to those present. Rev. Willard Watson, Pastor, gave the invocation. Mrs. Doris Scott extended a cordial welcome to guests and members. Each member introduced their guest.

Entertainment was furnished by Mrs. Jessie Ruth Tiller, Mrs. Linda Watkins, Mrs. Joy Veazey and Mrs. Ruth Dodson Townsend. They sang three Civil War songs, "Susanna", "The Bonnie Blue Flag" and "Dixie" with Mrs. Townsend at the piano.

The ritual of the UDC was led by the Chaplain, Mrs. Linda Watkins and Mrs. Faye Inman led the pledge to the Christian Flag, the Flag of the United States and the salute to the Confederate Flag. Mrs. Jewel Tinker called the roll of members and Mayor J.L. Lancaster extended the welcome. Mrs. Lillye Younger introduced the Division President, Mrs. Charles Alexander.

Mrs. Alexander gave a resume of the history of the UDC by saying it was organized in Nashville September 10, 1894 and its objectives are Historical, Patriotic, Educational and Benevolent. She also explained how to organize a chapter of the UDC and explained some of its benefits to college students.

The highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the charter to the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter 2396. United Daughters of the Confederacy, which was received by the president, Mrs. Ruth Dodson Townsend. Each officer was presented with a red rosebud as they were installed.

Distinguished guests spoke following the business. Mrs. Frank W. Coke, State Registrar expressed her happiness in the formation of a new chapter in the state and said it was the first new chapter to be formed s!nce 1968 and the largest formed with 51 members.

The President thanked her committees for making the night a success. They were Mrs. Nancy Jones, Chairman of the Committees, Program Leader, Mrs. Lillye Younger, Mrs. Judy Townsend, Mrs. Constance Collett, Decorations, Mrs. Allene Wesson Atkin, Mrs. Jewell Tinker, Mrs. Linda Watkins, Mrs. Naomi Jones, and Mrs. Marjorie Alexander; Invitational committee, Miss Betty Blackstock, Mrs. Jewell Tinker and Mrs. Linda Watkins. Welcome Committee Mrs. Doris Scott, Mrs. Blanche Tuten, Mrs. Lorraine Hargis, Mrs. Sherry Leitch, Mrs. Lola Goff, Registration, Miss Bonnie Goff, Mrs. Barbie Hickerson, Mrs. Bobbie Bartholomew, Mrs. Allie Mae Stevens, Mrs. Marjorie Alexander, Music Chairman, Mrs. Joy Veazey, Publicity Chairman, Mrs. Constance Collett, Program Book Cover, Mrs. Penny Bell, Telephone Committee, Miss Betty Blackstone and Mrs. Bobbie Bartholomew; Photographer, James Erby Wood and favors, Mrs. Oma Mays.

The chapter's first year book was dedicated to Mrs. Alexander. It reads thus: "This yearbook is dedicated to the immediatel Past Division President, Mrs. Charles Alexander in appreciation for her assistance in the organization of the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

At the first convention after the chapter was organized they won four outstanding awards.

Charter members of the chapter are: Allie Mae Stevens, Jessie Ruth Pope Tiller, Jewel Mae Houston Tinker, Julia Annice Garner Townsend, Ruth Evelyn Dodson Townsend, Ruth Jennings Townsend, Mary Frances Robertson Trull, Blanche Strawn Tuten, Joy Lee Yarbro Veazey, Grace Odle Walker, Frances Odle Ware, Linda Tinker Watkins, Joyce Strawn Williams, Carolyn Boyd Wood, Donna Maude Gillam Yeager, Lillye Washburn Younger, Jan Marie Akin Aaron, Rebecca Mclllwain Adams, Margaret Smith Alexander, Aline Wesson Atkins, Bobbie Riggs Bartholomew, Penelope Goff Bell, Betty Lou Blackstock, Shirley Blackstock Brasher, Constance Maxwell Collett, Nancy Tuten Jones, Dorothy Odle Collett, Birdie Lou Odle Few, Pattie Jean Walker De La Garza, Bonnie Gale Goff, LoIs Yarbro Goff, Sarah Nell Farlow Goff, Ruth Imogene Wesson Hardy, Lorraine Britt Wesson Hargis, Barbie Collett Hickerson, Elva Elizabeth Holland, Faye Sykes Inman, Naomi Walker Jones, Sherry Townsend Leitch, Bonnie Odle Mclllwain, Verta Oma Leeper Mays, Opal Thomas Miller, Sarah Katherine Robertson Mitchell, Diane Tinker O'Cain, Juda Odle, Mary Frances Odle, Martha Jo Potts, Billie Jo Robertson Riley, Mildred Odle Riley, Doris Baker Scott and Mary Sue Odle Spence.

At the Eightieth Annual Convention, Tennessee Division held at Goosecreek Inn in Franklin, Oct. 12th through 14th, 1976, the Captain Nathaniel A. Wesson Chapter captured twelve awards. They were 1) Best Historical Report on Raines Questionaire. 2) Best Report of Historical Work. 3) Best Report following Simmons Questionaire. 4) Second Best Chapter Report. 5) Chapter in Division locating most Confederate Soldier's graves. 6) Most Confederate States of America Makers installed this year. 7) Baby Smith Award: Member that did the most for their chapter was won by Mrs. Marjorie Alexander. 8) Best Essay on "My favorite Confederate Spy" written by David Marburger, a student in Mrs. Marjorie Alexander's classroom. 9) Best Essay on Confederate Ancestors of Members of my chapter. 10) First Place 100 points for scrapbook composed by Mrs. Penny Bell and her committee. 11) Insignia Award, won by Mrs. Doris Scott for most insignias sold. 12) Zolinkaufer Award, "Personal Glimpses of the War" won by Mrs. Marjorie Alexander.

Present officers are Mrs. Doris Scott, president, Mrs. Marjorie Alexander, First Vice President, Mrs. Nancy Jones, Second Vice President and Mrs. Lillye Younger, third vice president. Recording Secretary, Mrs. Jewell Tinker, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Blanche Tuten, Treasurer, Mrs. Jessie Ruth Tiller, Registrar, Mrs. Bobbie Bartholomew, Historian, Miss Elizabeth Holland Recorder of Crosses, Mrs. Judy Townsend, Reporter, Mrs. Constance Collett, Chaplain, Mrs. Oma Mays, Parliamentarian, Mrs. Ruth Dodson Townsend.

Decatur County Youth Center

The Decatur County Youth Center was first organized in 1965 by Decaturville Sportswear. Ray Rindone, Plant Mangaer, was one of the first promoters.

The first Board of Directors were County Judge, Mrs. Juanita Long, Parsons Mayor, Madison Scott, Decaturville Mayor, Will Rogers, Lawyer, James Lawson England, Mrs. Max Townsend, newspaper woman, Jerry Bell, Druggist, Bill Johnson, Church of Christ Minister.

Initial officers of the center were Mrs. Lerah Washam, President, Mrs. Johnnie Pye, Vice President and Mrs. Robbie James, Secretary and Tresurer.

The project was sponsored by the civic minded people of the county along with the businesses as well as Decaturville Sportswear, the main sponsor.

James Floyd Evans served as the first director. The center was opened on Sunday, July 25, 1965. It was made possible by 184 business firms and individuals who contributed $25,000. The actual cost of the Youth Center would have been $50,000 without contributions.

The recreational building is 30 feet by 70 feet and has a snack bar in one end. The 52 feet by 42 feet swimming pool plus the wading pool 10 feet by 16 feet is the main attraction for the youth.

The club continued to operate under this set up until the spring of 1970, when Decaturville Sportswear could no longer be responsible for operating the center. A group of concerned citizens met with V.F.W. officials to discuss the contributing operation. Mrs. Judy Townsend was elected President.

The operation of the club was changed and membership fees were set at a figure that would aid the center in operational expenses. Each contribution received was acknowledged in the Parsons News Leader for the first year.

The property was bought from the V.F.W. at a cost of $9,750.00.[19] Fund raising drives were launched. At the close of operations in 1970, $6,000 was paid on the property note.

Mrs. Townsend and her corp of officers were unanimously re-elected to another term of office. She had major surgery and was unable to work for three months and could not participate in the 1971 fund drive. Mrs. Mary V. Moore worked in her place.

In 1972 Thomas D. Baker was elected President. His corp of officers were Judy Townsend, Vice President, Ralph Moore, Secretary and Treasurer and Directors were Robert Rainey, William Orr, Hilda Orr, James L. England, Vonelle Baker, Ruth Evelyn Townsend, Mary V. Moore, Max Townsend and Leeburn Harris.

The present officers are as follows: Mickey Larkin served three months as president and became Manager. He was succeeded by Mrs. Ben Smith who had been serving as Vice President. Mrs. Marty White is secretary and Ralph Moore is treasurer. Serving on the board are M. N. Townsend, Missey Lunsford, R. C. Montgomery, Doris Ivey, Janell Evans and Mary Ayers.

The Youth Center has afforded good clean recreation for the youth of the county and is a feather in the hat.

Decatur County Business & Professional Women's Club

The organization meeting of the Business and Professional Women's Club for Decatur County employed women was held at Riverside High School library in April, 1967.

Special guests were Mrs. Mary Burrow, District Director, Mrs. Matt Walker both of Milan, Mrs. Ann Reeves, President of the Lexington Business and Professional Women's Club, Miss Martha Jo Ball, Corresponding Secretary of Lexington, Mrs. Mable Buck, Mrs. Orphie Timberlake, Mrs. Alma Arnold, Treasurer at Lexington, Mrs. Gladys Azbill, State Chairman of "Know You American Week", Mrs. Elba Lee Watson, Miss Mittle Belew, Vice President and Mrs. Ollie Faye Rhodes, Public Relations Chariman, both of Lexington.

Officers elected for the new club were Mrs. Bonnie Allen, President, Mrs. Billie Stevens, President Elect, Mrs. Kathleen Fisher, Second Vice President, Miss Carolyn Sewell, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. James E. Rimmer, Recording Secretary and Mrs. Hilda Townsend, Treasurer.

Mrs. Melba Morgan read the By-laws of the club. It was voted to meet once each month with a dinner meeting.

Those signing the charter at this meeting were Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Fisher, Miss Sewell, Mrs. Rimmer, Mrs. Townsend, Mrs. Sue Carrington, Mrs. Jewell Tinker, Mrs. Linda Watkins, Mrs. Carole Harris, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Dossie Graves, Mrs. Mary Colwick, Mrs. Allie V. Johnson, Mrs. James L. England, and Mrs. Iris Evans.

The club has continued to grow and now has a membership of 31. Present officers serving in 1976-77 are Mrs. Ruth D. Townsend, President, President-elect Miss Bonnie Gail Goff, 1st Vice President, Miss Elizabeth Holland, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Wanda Townsend, Recording Secretary, Mrs. Judy Townsend, Treasurer, Mrs. Dora Ward, Parliamentarian, Mrs. Jewell Tinker.

Serving as past presidents of the club are Mys. Bonnye Allen, who served two terms, Mrs. Allie Mae Stevens, Mrs. Jewel Tinker, Mrs. Hilda Townsend, Mrs. Linda Watkins, Mrs. Judy Townsend, Mrs. Ruth J. Townsend and Miss Willene Neely who served in 1975-76.

Women of achievement have been Mrs. Jewel Tinker, Mrs. Bonnye Allen, Mrs. Kathleen Fisher, Mrs. Allie Mae Stevens, Mrs. Linda Fesmire, Mrs. Ruth Dodson Townsend and Mrs. Judy Townsend.

Women of the year have been, Mrs. Allie Mae Stevens, Mrs. Hilda P. Townsend, Mrs. Judy Townsend, Mrs. Jewell Tinker, Miss Carolyn Sewell, Mrs. Bonnye Allen, Mrs. Lucille Camper and Mrs. Pyke Johnson.

Serving as District Directors were Mrs. Jewel Tinker, 1972-73 and Mrs. Judy Townsend, 1974-75.

Girl Scouts

Decatur County's first Girl Scout troop was organized July 20, 1943 by Mrs. Henry Trevathan, wife of the Rev. Henry Trevathan, Pastor of Parsons Methodist Church and Mrs. Lillye Younger served as assistant scout leader.

The initial fund raising project was the operation of a food booth at the fair in Parsons, which was located north of McIllwain's Filling Station. The troop cleared $125.

A short time later Mrs. Trevathan moved away and Mrs. Younger became the leader with Mrs. Henry McKinney serving as assistant leader. Mrs. Younger received a certificate in Scouting from the New York Office. The troop operated under the Lone Troop plan.

The first meeting place of the Scouts was the Methodist Church but later they moved to a Scout house furnished by the late Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Maxwell, located back of their residence on Kentucky Avenue.

The two-room building enabled the Scouts to earn their housekeeping and cooking badges as well as serving as an excellent meeting place with all privacy.

Soon the troop outgrew the building and was allowed the use of the "Wash House" formerly used by the T.V.A. families on Graveyard hill. Mrs. Nell Rogers was serving as City Recorder at this time. It was through her efforts they were able to secure the building.

It was much fun fixing the building up. Here the troop entertained with fish frys, banquets and parties for the Boy Scout Troop, which was headed by Joe Younger at that time. Award dinners and Scout Ceremonies were also held here.

The Intermediate Troop plunged into earning badges, which was quite interesting to the eager young minds. One of the hardest perhaps to earn, yet the most enjoyable, was the Hiker's Badge. Requirements were that each scout hike 100 miles. It took the troop two years to make it.

The first girl scouts to attend camp were Narcie Lee Buckner, Jimmy Houston, Doris Palmer and Constance Maxwell. They attended the Girl Scout Camp at Benton, Kentucky.

It was an important day when the troop flew up to senior scouting, where they learned scouting in a more advanced stage. From this level, they were elevated to the role of "Homemakers" as romance entered the picture, and they added a "Mrs." to their name.

Climaxing their scouting was a trip to New Orleans by train for a weekend. There has been one reunion of this scout troop. The troop disbanded October 12, 1950.

Charter members of this troop were Constance Collett, Doris Palmer, Narcie Lee Buckner, Imogene Houston, Shirley Graves, Doris Jean Hayes, Jackie Houston, Nancy Evans, Betty Ann Montgomery, Jimmie Houston, Martha Lee Long, Anne McKinney, Betty Jean Burton and Doris June Herndon.

Scouting continued under Mrs. Younger's leadership until 1960. The last troop was a very active troop. Their primary concern was lending a helping hand to those in need. Goodwill visits were scheduled regularity, which included visiting shut-ins and the needy. Besides taking gifts a program, including each scout, was rendered, bringing cheer.

Recreation included weekends at Natchez Trace, trips to Chikasaw State Park, Memphis and Nashville where the troop toured points of interest.

The highlight of this troop was the trip to Hollywood, California in May, 1959. They worked for two years earning enough money to make the trip.

Adults escorting them were Mr. and Mrs. Edison Morgan, Mrs. Lola Goff, Mrs. Constance Collett, Mrs. Lillye Younger and Mrs. Bonnie Dee McIllwain.

In Hollywood they met Jerry Lewis, who invited them to dine at Paramount Restaurant and come on location where he was making a picture, which they did. He also gave each one an autographed 8 x 10 photograph of him.

The odd thing about seeing the movie being made is that the next year while the troop was on a trip to New Orleans they were able to see the movie at a drive-in theatre.

The troops patrols were named the Busy Bee Patrol and the Sturdy Oak Patrol. Equal number of scouts belonged to each patrol.

Belonging to this troop were Carolyn Cagle, Pat Yates, Candy Hartsfield, Sara Baker, Mary Evelyn Moore, Nancy Quinn, Alma Gregory, Nancy Tuten, Celia Graves, Ann Goff, Patty Morgan, Gail LeMay, Judy Pearson, Carolyn Vise, Mary Battles, Linda Townsend, JoAnn Pevahouse, Sharon Miller, Charlotte Warden, Brooxie Nell Thomas, Judy Maxwell, Sara Rushing, Anita Milam, Brenda Quinn, Janice Long, Pam Tucker, Joy Yarbro, Georgia Ann Yarbro and Jerry Greenway.

The Girl Scout movement has spread county-wide since the early days and today there are troops at Parsons, Decaturville and Scotts Hill plans to organize shortly. They have had troops there but none at the present time.

In Parsons the Brownie Troop is headed by Mrs. Lucille Brawley and Mrs. Shelia Maxwell and the Junior Girl Scouts are led by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Beaver in Decaturville.

The Girl Scout Movement began in Decaturville six years ago in 1971. Miss Betty Blankenship served as leader of the Brownie Troop and Mrs. Hilda Vise, Assistant leader.

Present leaders of the Brownie Troop are Rebecca Fisher, Martha White and Phylis Smith.

The Junior Scout Troop was organized in Decaturville in 1972 by Sarah Vise who is still serving as leader.

In 1975 a Cadet Troop was organized in the County Seat Town headed by Hilda Vise. She is the present leader and is assisted by Sherry Hall.

Highlights of the year's activity for the scout's is the Day Camp which is held in June each year at Sycamore Lake in Henderson County for Decatur and Henderson Counties. Hilda Vise is serving as director of the day camp. They usually have around 115 scouts.

Earning badges is of interest to the scouts after Brownie Days. They also enjoy camping trips, cookouts and hikes.

Serving as town chairman at Parsons is Barbara Carrington with Marjorie Alexander serving in Decaturville.

The scout troops now operate under the Girl Scouts of America Reelfoot Council with offices in Jackson. Mrs. Jimmy Wallace is Decatur County Director of Scouting at the present time.

Parsons Boy Scout Troop #29

Among the early Scout Masters in Decatur County were Evan Jennings, who was assisted by Ralph Jennings. The troop was organized in the 1930s and was a very active troop. Weekend trips to Natchez Trace State Park was a highlight on the recreational calendar. Badges were earned and presentations were made in the local churches of the town.

Joe Younger became Scout Master in the early 1940s. One of the troop's projects, which is evident today, was the planting of pine trees on Graveyard Hill in Parsons.

Wilderness camping was a part of the troop's activities and on one occasion, the boys killed a diamond back rattle snake of record length.

Scouts, as well as their Scout Master, attended Camp Mack Morris Boy Scout Camp near Camden each summer. They spent a week here and learned many skills in the field of scouting, as well as earning badges.

The highlight of the week was the portrayal of the Indian Camp fire with scouts, dressed in Indian attire. It was here that those selected to become a member of the Order of the Arrow were tapped out as their families and troop members sat around the huge campfire.

Scouts were chosen according to their outstanding abilities in scouting. It was a great honor to be chosen and one had to pass a very rigid test, which included camping at a deserted place over night, to which they had been taken while blindfolded. Here they learned how to fast and on the following day hiked back to camp and did manual labor all day. At lunch they had a hard boiled egg. Those selected from Parsons Scout Troop were Harry Lynn Long. Billy Ray Jennings and Scout Master, Joe Younger. Another honor received by these two scouts was that of earning the Eagle Scout Award, as well as their Scout Master.

The presentation of the Eagle Scout Award was held in the First Methodist Church in Parsons. The presentation was made at a Court of Honor, December 18, 1949. C. L. Carlisle, Scout Executive of Jackson presented the awards and he was assisted by Assistant Executive Bruce Fails. At this time Star Scout Badges were presented to Larry Odle and James Myracle Bowman.

Billy Ray Jennings and Harry Lynn Long attended the National Jamboree of Boy Scouts of America held at Valley Forge, Pa. in 1949. Harry Lynn was senior patrol leader of Jamboree Troop A, made up of scouts from the eastern part of West Tennessee. The highlight of the jamboree was an address delivered by President Harry Truman, congratulating the Boy Scouts of America on their 40th anniversary. There were 75,000 persons in attendance of which 47,000 were scouts from all over the United States. Several delegates from foreign countries attended the jamboree.

Other members of this senior scout troop included Hobart L. Townsend, Jr., Jerry Laster, Thomas D. Baker, Johnny Max Bates, Thomas Graves, Jimmy Joyner, Frank McKinney, Houston Long, Bobby Miller, Larry Odle, Bowman Rains, Buddy Yates and Dan Jennings.

J. W. Gibson served as Scout Master of the troop for five years. He was assisted by Lewis Pratt.

Three members of this scout troop received the Eagle Scout Award. They were Jimmy Gibson, Danny Pinkley and Edwin Townsend, Jr. Mike Smith earned the God and Country Award.

Their major attraction was camping of which they did extensively. They camped with other troops and attended every camporee.

Billy Townsend served as scout master after J. W. Gibson. This was a very active troop, taking part in all of the scout work.

Joe Highfill is the present Scout Master, having served in this capacity for the past six years. He is assisted by Vet Conder.

The EAGLE Award has been presented to Joe Highfill, Jr. and O. C. (Sonny) Jordan, III. Five scouts received the God and Country Award. They are Joe Highfill, Jr., Paul Ayers, Steve Reynolds, Sonny Jordan and Tim Hayes. The award was made at Parsons United Methodist Church. The Rev. Willard Watson, Pastor, presented the awards at a morning worship service. These young men had a part in the morning worship. Joe Highfill, Jr. served as candlelighter and Paul Ayers, Steve Reynolds, Sonny Jordan and Tim Hayes took up the offering.

The first and only Explorer Scout Post #29 was led by O.C. Jordan, II, Joe Highfill, Sr. and Vet Conder. It was known as Explorer Post #29. Barry Conder was the president and members were Gary Conder, Joe Highfill, Jr., Tony Hayes, Jeff Greer and Sonny Jordan.

This was Scouting in a more advanced form and the Post chose a general type program. They assisted in Community affairs as well as assisting Scout Master's at Camp Jamborees, etc.

Parsons Lions Club has sponsored the Scout Troops for 35 years or more. Cub scouts have been active in Decatur County since the 1950s when Parsons Lions Club sponsored the Packs.

Presently there are four dens in Parsons. Serving as Den Mothers are Glorie Lee Barber, Brenda Bawcum and Karen Martin with Carl O'Cain serving as Weblos Den Cub Master. This group is an advanced step in Cub Scouts.

Assisting the Den Mothers are Sharon Carrington, Joann Clenney and Nancy Pratt.

Each den meets weekly. The last Monday night of each month the packs meet to earn badges. Advancement for the past year has been very good. Five boys from the Weblos Den have earned the Arrow of Light, which is the highest award in Cub Scouts. They are Kyle Townsend, Mickey King, Jr., Thomas Hall, James Barnett and Sean O'Cain.[20]

Decatur County Home Demonstration Clubs

The Decatur County Extension Home Demonstration Clubs have played an important part in the lives of Decatur County Homemakers. Some have been organized and folded up while others have weathered the storm down through the years.

The first Home Demonstration Club organized in the county is the Decaturville Home Demonstration Club which was organized December of 1931 in the basement of the courthouse. This club is very active and meets on the first Tuesday of each month. The present president is Mrs. Mayme Kindle.

The Parsons Home Demonstration Club was organized in 1934. It, too, has continued to be an active club. This club meets the second Wednesday of each month. Present President is Mrs. Jim (Jewell) Tinker.

In 1953 the Parsons Home Demonstration Club was instrumental in the organization of the Fidelis Home Demonstration Club. This club's first president was Mrs. Kathleen Fisher and the present president is Mrs. Margaret Shaw.

It was instrumental in the organization of the Young Matrons Home Demonstration, which was organized in the living room of Mr. and Mrs. Parce Collett's home. Organizing officers were Mrs. Louise Patterson and Mrs. Lillye Younger. Mrs. Doris Palmer Homan was the first club president. Other clubs in the county are the Garrett Home Demonstration Club headed by Mrs. Mayme Ward, Concord Club, whose president is Mrs. Bettye Courtney, Sardis Ridge Club headed by Mrs. Betty Conder, Sugar Tree Club with Mrs. Dorothy Spence serving as President. Northside Club is headed by Mrs. Betty Todd and Mt. Carmel Club is led by Mrs. Ruth Winston, President. Mrs. Nancy Pulley is President of the Bath Springs Club. Mrs. Mary V. Moore, member of Northside Club holds a perfect 19 year attendance record. Scotts Hill and Thrifty Needle in Two Foot Clubs have disbanded. The Perryville Home Demonstration Club was an active club until in the 1940s when it too, went down after many of its members moved away. Cedar Bluff club also disbanded as well as West End Club and Southside.

The youngest club in the county is the Bath Springs Home Demonstration Club.[21]

County Council is set up, composed of members of the various clubs, who serve as officers. The present president is Mrs. Mary V. Moore. The council meets quarterly and a highlight of the meetings is the Awards Program, which exemplifies the work of club members all during the club year. These clubs are headed by the Extension Agent or assistant extension agent. The first agent to serve in Decatur County was Miss Ellen Latting who later became Mrs. Rube Rogers. The second Agent was Miss Nita Orr, Miss Robbie Latta served in this position from 1935 until 1952.

During the early years of the Council it was a rule that only single women could fill the office of Extension Agent; however, that rule has been lifted and now married women serve. The present Assistant Extension Agent is Mrs. Janice P. Jones.

Competition between the clubs runs high when each one displays their knowledge at Decatur County Fair by putting in a booth, showing their ideas or accomplishments. This requires a lot of hard work but the rewards are great. That is if your club places first place in the competition.

Other Clubs

The Parsons Book Club was organized in 1941 with Mrs. Mable Todd Hoffmeyer serving as the clubs first president. Present club president is Mrs. Madison (Doris) Scott.[22]

Besides the Women's Home Demonstration Clubs and Literary Club there are a number of social clubs. Included in this number is the Business Woman's Bridge Club, The Tuesday Afternoon Bridge Club, Duplicate Bridge Club, Decaturville Canasta Club and Perryville Sunshine Club.

Decatur County Jaycees

The young men of Parsons met and organized the Parsons Jaycees May 7, 1957.

Officers elected were as follows: Dwayne Tucker, President, Joe Dunavan, Vice President, Larry Denham, Secretary & Treasurer, Billy Goff, State Director, Jack Maxwell, Max Townsend, Leroy Rushing and Parce Collett served as directors.

The group decided to contact all eligible young men before the next meeting so that they would be listed as Charter members.

On May 14, 1957 the newly organized Parson Jaycees met upstairs of the City Hall. At this meeting it was decided that a sum of $18.00 would be charged for Charter membership. A set of by-laws were decided on and it was voted to have Edwin Townsend, a young attorney at law, draw up and print the constitution. June 2, 1957 was set as Charter Night and the committee appointed to serve as Social Committee was Billy Goff, Chairman, Dr. J. C. Davis, M. N. Townsend and J. L. Lancaster. Serving as the first membership chairman was Jimmy Joyner.

It was decided for the club to meet on the third Thursday in each month with a dinner meeting. Joe Dunavant was to serve as General Chairman for the Christmas Party for the needy children.

Charter night was held at Parsons Elementary School and the Parsons High School Band furnished the music. State Jaycee President Sam Homer of Cleveland, Tennessee officiated at the installation of officers.

Parsons was represented at the Miss Tennessee contest held in Jackson for the first time in 1957 as well as the Miss Parsons, who represented the town at the Strawberry Festival in Humboldt, sponsored by the Jaycees. Serving as the first Queen was Ruth Dodson, later becoming Mrs. Hobart Townsend, Jr. Her first alternate was Miss Louise Hawkins now Mrs. Joe Gregory, Jr. and second alternate, Miss Linda Tinker, now Mrs. Robert Watkins.

In the Miss Parsons contest Miss Marijon Young was first alternate and Miss Jimmy Ann Long, second alternate, and Miss Freda Gurley was Miss Parsons. Miss Long is now Mrs. Jack Reed, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Bobby Tiller and Miss Gurley, Mrs. Jean Poley. The Jaycees sponsored the Pageant.

Other work of the club is sponsoring the Babe Ruth League, assisting in the Heart-A-Thon, assisting St. Jude Hospital in Memphis with contributions amounting to $9,000 and $10,000 yearly donations garnered from the Decatur County Coon Hunter's yearly hunt and Christmas Parties for underpriviledges youth.

Membership in the club included young men of Decaturville and Scotts Hill for quite a while. The name was changed from Parsons Jaycees to Decatur County Jaycees. Later Scotts Hill members withdrew and formed a club in Scotts Hill; however, Decaturville members remained.

Serving as presidents since its beginning were: Dwayne Tucker 1957-58, Joe Dunavan 1958-59, Ben D. Mitchell 59-60, Bill Pomeroy 1960-61, Russell Long 1961 -62, John Shutt 1962-63, G. L. Teague 1963-64, Jerry Bell 1964-65, Buddy Tuten 1965-66, John D. Townsend 1966-67, Carl McNeil 1967-68, Russell Long 1968-69, J. A. Carrington 1969-70, Tim David Boaz 1970-71, Sammy Rhodes 1971 -72, David Box 1972-73, Russell Keeton 1973-74, Jimmy Montgomery 1974-75, Calvin White 1975-76, Tim David Boaz 1976-77.

 Other officers serving with Tim David are Mike Crawford, Internal Vice President, Derald Ramey, External Vice President, Larry Creasy, Secretary and Walter Brasher, Treasurer.

Charter members were Dwayne Tucker, Joe Dunavan, Larry K. Denham, Billy Goff, Jack Maxwell, Max Townsend, Leroy Rushing, Parce Collett, Dr. J. C. Davis, Maurice (M. N.) Townsend, J. L. Lancaster, Bill Pomeroy, Ben D. Mitchell, Frank Tyler, Jimmy Joyner, Junior McCormick, Sam Wayman, Dayne Kofod and John Shutt.

Decatur County Jaycettes

The Jaycettes are the wives of the Jaycees. This club was organized in 1957 with Mrs. Judy Townsend serving as the first president. Other officers were Mrs. Frances Joyner Daws, Vice President, Mrs. Lola Goff State Director and Mrs. Shirley DeLong, Secretary and Treasurer.

After the first year the young mothers became engaged in raising babies and there wasn't enough to elect officers. Therefore, the club went down.

In 1965 the club was revived and the Henderson County Jaycettes assisted in the re-organization. Mrs. Jeanette Bell and Mrs. Ann Jordan Brasher were instrumental in the organization. They began with eleven (11) members.

Included in their first projects were sending clothing to Clover Bottom Home, launching bake sale as a money making project and assisting the Jaycees in their projects. The meeting was held the second Tuesday in each month.

Present officers of the club are Mrs. Bobby Keeton, President, Mrs. Cathy Gilliam, Internal Vice President, Mrs. Sheila Box, External Vice President, Mrs. Pat Crawford, Secretary, Mrs. Sharon Boaz, Treasurer, and Mrs. Marty White, Historian.

Included in their present activities are sponsoring the Tiny Tot Beauty Review, assisting with the Decatur County Coon Hunt, and Babe Ruth Baseball and needy of the county. They have just recently secured donations for a piano at Decatur County Manor Nursing Home in Parsons.

Decaturville Masonic Lodge

Decaturville Masonic Lodge Number #218 was chartered October 1853.[23] Station officers whose names appear on the charter are I. G. Simms, Worshipful Master, Albert G. Taylor, Senior Warden, Henry Breedberry, Junior Warden.

The first minutes recorded and on file in the lodge, dated November 6, 1854 list the officers serving at that time as James W. Doherty, Worshipful Master, J. C. Roberts, Junior Warden and Lawson Kelly, Senior Warden.

Decaturville Masonic Hall, Lodge #218 was built in 1854.

Living past Masters in good standing as of annual Lodge report of 1976, recorded by the Grand Lodge of the State of Tennessee, are Newton Edward Aaron, Orville Justice Blount, William Paul Davis, Samuel Lloyd Duck, Amos Frank Hardin, Bonnie Leon Keeton, Hollis Lewis Keeton, Ephrains Cain Kennedy, Ralph Leon Moore, Alfred Taylor Myracle, John Alvin Myracle, Joe Pearcy Potts, Myracle Wesley Ward, Lewis Justice Welch and Bennie Floyd Yarbro.

Fifty year members are Newton Edward Aaron, Noah Andrew Hobbs, Ephrain Cain Kennedy, Roy Nelson McPeake and Thomas Jackson Moore.

Present officers now serving the Lodge are Bennie F. Yarbro, Worshipful Master, David Wayne Box, Senior Warden, Billy Wayne Goodman, Junior Warden, Burnice Millican, Treasurer, Hollis Lewis Keeton, Secretary, Lewis Justice Welch, Chaplain, Bobby Glenn Pearcy, Senior Deacon, Albert Edward Kindle, Junior Deacon, Ollie Lloyd Anderson, Senior Steward, Charlie Arnold Kindle, Junior Steward and Herschel Connie Davis, Tiler.[24]

Center Masonic Lodge

Center Masonic Lodge Number 380 was chartered November 16, 1870. The Lodge was held in the second story of Old Center Church at this time. Station officers whose names appear on the Charter are A. F. Keeton, Worshipful Master, Benjamin Marten, Senior Warden and J. W. Tucker, Junior Warden. In the early days these three officers composed the slate of officers.

 The Old Center two story building was destroyed by fire around 1943 and the Lodge moved to Keeton's Store in the Keeton Springs Community.

 The Lodge has continued down through the years and officers serving at the present time are Charlie Burough, Worshipful Master, Bobby Jean Pusser, Senior Warden, Cecil Ray Marr, Junior Warden, J. C. Pitts, Secretary, James B. Keeton, Treasurer, Dennis Cordle, Senior Deacon, Wylie Pollen, Junior Deacon, Eddie James, Senior Steward, Luther E. Campbell, Junior Steward and Willie Earl Swindle, Tyler.

Decatur-County Rescue Squad

The Tri-County Rescue Squad for Perry, Henderson and Decatur Counties was organized in 1966. Serving as first Commander was Jack French with Thomas Carrington serving as Assistant Commander. Melvin Holland was Unit Director with Fred French and Johnny Townsend serving as Lieutenants. Officers are elected every two years.

The organization was sponsored by the Citizen Band Radio Club and donations by area business people.

It took about $1000 for necessary equipment. The first equipment was a 40 horsepower, 19 foot run about boat, equipped with radio for use in any emergency on the Tennessee River or streams. Three squads were formed, six to eight persons in each.

The squad rallied when any emergency arose whether land or water. Contact name lists were posted with the sheriff, game warden and highway patrols of Perry, Henderson and Decatur Counties. Member who were present for the launching were Paul Ledbetter, Bobby Greenway, Gerald Gulledge, Charles King and David Walker.

The squad redistricted and Decatur County Rescue Squad came out of it. Serving as present officers are Jack French, Commander, a position he has held since the Squad was first organized, Thomas Carrington, Vice Commander, Unit Director, Tony Taylor, Fred French, Harry Lynn Alexnader and Melvin Holland are Lieutenants, with Jeff Long serving as Secretary. There are 24 members on the roll.

Included on the first roll were Jack French, Thomas Carrington, Ralph Maxwell, Houston Gatlin, Charles Dickerson, Fred French, Wayne Odle, Paul Ledbetter, Bobby Greenway, Gerald Gulledge, Charles King, David Walker, Melvin Holland, Doug Barber, Bobby Myracle, Bobby Taylor, Edwin Patterson, Tony Taylor, Freddie Carrington, John Townsend, Kelley Sharp, and James Rushing.

Jack French is serving as State Commander.

Present equipment includes two Ambulances, two Station Wagons, three boats, three power plants, supply trailer and life jackets. Present headquarters is the former skating rink on Main Street in Parsons.

Decatur County Crewettes

The Crewettes were organized in 1972 and chartered with a membership of nine members. Serving as the club's first president was Mrs. Genita Taylor.

The volunteer organization's main objectives are to aid and assist the Rescue Squad in every phase of service, to be on call 24 hours a day and night, when the need arises, and to cooperate in the fund raising drives of the county.

 Eligibility requires members to be 17 years of age and the wife of a Rescue Squad Member.

White Uniforms with insignia thereon are worn by members. They are a member to the Tennessee Association Woman's Auxiliary to the Tennessee Association Rescue Squad.

In 1973 Mrs. Shelia Maxwell served as President. The group engaged in a First Aid Training course, including beginners course and Advances First Aid training.

Mrs. Shirley Alexander served as President of the club in 1976. Present officers are Brenda Funderburk, President, Shirley Alexander, Vice President, Ann Wallace, Secretary & Treasurer, Norma Dean Renfroe, Parliamentarian and Reporter, Gazella Holland, Chaplain and Myra Bayne,

Ways and Means, Chariman.

The club assists in fund raising drives in the county and launches projects which they share with the Rescue Squad for equipment.

They have complied a huge scrap book of their activities from the date of their beginning to the present time.

Decaturville Chapter #492 Order of the Eastern Star

Decaturville Chapter #492 Order of the Eastern Star was instituted April 10, 1974 at the Masonic Hall in Decaturville. It was constituted April 23,1975 by Mrs. Bonnie Poindexter, Worthy Grand Matron, J. D. Tisdale, Worthy Grand Patron and Mrs. Carolyn Laseter, Grand Secretary.

Serving as officers of the newly constituted chapter were Worthy Matron, Mrs. Ava M. White, Worthy Patron, P. A. White, Associate Matron Jimmie Raney. Associate Patron, Sanders Leon Keeton, Secretary, Mrs. Lona Keeton, Treasurer, Charles Hornbuckle, Organist, Mrs. Mary Weir, Conductress, Mrs. Wilma Davis, Associate Conductress, Mrs. Frances Hornbuckle, Marshall, Mrs. Ruth Maness, Chaplain, Mrs. Juanita Lyles, Adah, Mrs. Helen Brigance, Ruth, Mrs. Jaunita Miles, Esther, Mrs. Johnny Wyatt, Martha, Mrs. Zana Maness, Electa, Mrs. Wynema Myracle, Chaplain, Mrs. Bertha Yarbro, Warden, Mrs. Alma Davis Sentinel, Herschel Davis.

April, 1976 Bath Springs #416 consolidated with Decaturville Chapter #492. Grand officers serving at the Consolidation were Mrs. Clara B. Renfroe, Past Grand Matron, Samuel Davis, Past Grand Patron and Leta W. LeSurver, Past Grand Secretary.

The last officers serving at Bath Springs at this time were Mrs. Ora Keeton, Worthy Matron, B. B. Keeton, Worthy Patron, Associate Matron, Mrs. Nera Mitchell and Associate Patron, W. H. Martin.

Officers serving in 1977 are Mrs. Wilma Davis, Worthy Matron, Herschel Davis, Worthy Patron, Mrs. Frances Hornbuckle, Associate Matron, Charles Hornbuckle, Associate Patron, Mrs. Ava Mae White, Secretary, Mrs. Juanita Miles, Treasurer, Mrs. Novalene Martin, Conductress, Mrs. Lona Keeton, Chaplain, Mrs. Ruby Keeton, Marshall, Mrs. Bonnie Ruth Borough, Organist, Mrs. Ruby Martin, Adah, Mrs. Ruby Brigance, Ruth, Mrs. Josephine Burough, Esther, Mrs. Johnny Wyatt, Martha, Mrs. Voncell Fisher, Electra, Mrs. Mary Nell Keeton, Warden, Mrs. Alma Davis and Seninnel P. A. White.

Charter members of Decaturville Chapter No. 492 are Mrs. Ave Mae White, P. A. White, Mrs. Juanita Miles, Mrs. Helen Brigance, Mrs. Wilma Davis, Hershel Davis, Mrs. Bertha Yarbro, Miss Fredia Myracle, J. Alvin Myracle, Mrs. Wynema Myracle, Sanders Leon Keeton, Mrs. Mary Weir, Mrs. Frances Hornbuckle, CHarles Hornbuckle, Mrs. Zana Maness.

Mrs. Mildred Crawley, Mrs. Ruth Maness, Earl Brigance, Mrs. Clara Sue Johnson, AIf T. Myracle, Mrs. Lela Davis, Mrs. Ruby Brigance, Mrs. Lettie Cole, Miss Patricia A. Thomas, Mrs. Jimmie Raney, Mrs. Mary Nell Keeton, B. L. Keeton, Mrs. Joyce Williams, Johnnie M. Wyatt, Edward E. Wyatt, Mrs. Dovie Vise, Albert L. Kindle, Mrs. Faye Kindle and Mrs2 Alma Davis.[25]

There was an earlier chapter at Decaturville but have no record.

Decatur County Past Matron's Club

The Decatur County Past Matron's Club chartered in 1961 with the name Parsons Past Matron's Club. When Decaturville Order of Eastern Star was instituted in April, 1974, it was voted to change the name to Decatur County Past Matron's Club since a number of the newly instituted chapter members were former members of the Parsons Past Matron's Club.

The club was organized in the home of Mrs. Wilburn (Emma Lou) Townsed with Zula Readey, Mrs. Harold White, Mrs. Lillye Younger serving as organizers. The By-Laws were made at this meeting.

Mrs. Zus Readey served as the club's first president and she was followed by Mrs. Mildred Crawley in 1962. Others serving are Mrs. Judy Townsend 1963, Mrs. Virginia Townsend, 1964, Mrs. Doris Scott, 1965, Mrs. LiIlye Younger 1966, Mrs. Gussie Parsons 1967, Mrs. Dorothy Wallace, 1968, Mrs. Nellie Tolley in 1969, Mrs. Lois White in 1970, Mrs. Emma Lou Townsend in 1971, Mrs. Edna Moore in 1972, Mrs. Ava Mae White, 1973, Mrs. Pauline Hayes in 1974, Mrs. Zula Readey in 1975, Mrs. Lois Payne in 1976 and Mrs. Imogene Townsend Pratt in 1977.

The meetings are set for the first Tuesday of each month at noon. A luncheon is served at a local restaurant. The present meeting place is Scenic Cafe.

The 1977 yearbook is dedicated to the deceased Charter members, Mrs. Maude Arnold, Mrs. Ann Long, Mrs. Allye Ragsdale and Mrs. Vada Warden.

Those listed on the 1977 roll are the above deceased and Mildred Crawley, Wilma Evans, Maurine George, Pauline Hayes, Dianne Miller, Edna Moore, Wynema Myracle, Gussie Parsons, Imogene Pratt, Lois Payne, Zula Readey, Annie Rogers, Doris Scott, Nellie Tolley, Emma Lou Townsend, Judy Townsend, Virginia Townsend, Dorothy Wallace, Lois White, Ava Mae White, Valera Yearly and Lillye Younger.

Officers serving for 1977 are Imogene Pratt, President, Annie Rogers, 1st Vice President, Maurine George, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Tresurer, Dorothy Wallace, Chaplain, Gussie Parsons, Reporter, Lillye Younger, Reservation Chariman, Lois White with Mildred Crawley serving as Co-Chairman.

This club assists the Order of the Eastern Star in Parsons and Decaturville. They entertain the Grand Chapter officers, who make their official visit with a luncheon, and appoint a Drill Team to help them in the work.

Decatur County Fair

 Decatur County Fair Association, a nonprofit organization was set up about 1949-50. There has been only two presidents since that date and they are Roy McPeake who served 25 years and Boonie White, who was elected to succeed Mr. McPeake in 1975. The first secretary and treasurer was Dr. Leonard Hufstedler.

 The land was purchased from Walter Hearndon in 1948. There was in the original tract and it was bought by the county for $10,000 to be used for a fair ground. The deed read 62.2 acres. The county had sold the County Poor House and farm on highway #100 between Decaturville and Scotts Hill and used the money here. A slice was deeded to Mt. Tabour Pentecostal Church 4-24-1970 and one acre to the V.F.W. and one acre to D.A.V. These were donated. Presently there is 53 acres.

Before the buildings had been erected on the ground a big tent was used for the fair department. Since that date there has been numerous improvements. Misfortune hit the cattle barn which was destroyed by fire and a new barn was constructed last year as well as two other new buildings.

Each year the rating has gone up until now it is one of the most outstanding fairs in West Tennessee. Farmers display their yields of agricultural products as well as the wives displaying their garden vegetables. Home Demonstration clubs put in Educational exhibits which are judged and five prizes are awarded. Church groups as well as school, Scouting and civic and historical chapters also create exhibits which are judged in other classes. Homemakers take quite an interest in exhibiting their articles for competition. The flower show is outstanding as well as the art exhibit.

 Prior to the present fair ground, which is located half way between Parsons and Decaturville, street fairs were the going thing. Exhibits were displayed in empty store buildings or school buildings etc. The street was used for the carnival rides and shows. These sprung up in the late 1920's. The two towns, Parsons and Decaturville rotated as to the location of the fair. Merchants could just walk out of their businesses and hop on the ferry wheel for a ride. In these days stores opened around 6 a.m. and closed around 10 p.m. Clerks would ofttime brings their best outfit which they donned for a late visit to the fair after closing hours of the business. The girlie show was of prime interest to the masculine set however the wives were very unhappy about it. These and the gambling joints were prevalent in the early days however the present carnival has no girlie shows now.

 Present officials of the Decatur County Fair is Boonie White, president, Fred Todd, vice president, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Vise, fair managers, and Mrs. Betty Blackstock serves as secretary. Season tickets are sold in advance and save the public quite a bit.

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