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From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
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Early Decatur County Families

Chapter XII

Early settlers arrived in Decatur County long before it became a county.

A man known as Uncle Jimmy Harris is perhaps the first settler in Decatur County. He came down the Tennessee River and landed at the mouth of a little stream which he named Cub Creek for the numerous cub bears which he killed while settling in this uninhabited area.

Another early settler was Ephraim Arnold who settled near Mr. Harris and was located north of Bible Hill.

In 1822 Thomas Shannon, with his wife, five sons and three daughters, left Davidson County for West Tennessee. Thomas, four blacks and three white men passed down the Cumberland and Ohio Rivers and up the Tennessee river to the southern part of Decatur County. The family came through by land and crossed the Tennessee river at Shannonville. They settled near Point Pleasant. This portion of Decatur County was a part of Hardin County until 1856.[1]

Others settled in what was then known as Shannonville, which later became Bob's Landing, and Perryville.

Persons listed in Decatur County Biographical appendix in Goodspeeds Tennessee History:

Robert J. Akin was born March 9,1828 in Decatur Co., son of Wm. V. Akin, native of South Carolina. Eighth of eleven children, he received his education in the country schools. His principal occupation was farming, however from 1856 to 1860 he engaged in boating staves to New Orleans and also became a blacksmith.
He was married March 28, 1860 to Susan T. Hancock. He was a Methodist, Mason and Democrat.

E. E. Arnold, resident of Decaturville, served as sheriff of the county. Son of Ephraim Arnold who located in the county not later than 1814, Uncle Jimmy Harris was the only other settler here at that time. "They were subjected to all the privations and hardships of pioneer life, and were greatly troubled with panthers, they being so bold and vicious as to make it necessary to faster the doors and windows with iron bars.[2]

Arnold worked on a farm until he was sixteen years of age when he became a pilot on a raft. He worked in this capacity until 1882 when he was elected as Sheriff of Decatur County.

April 2,1874 he married Miss Mary E. Crowder who died March 22, 1883 leaving five children, Melissa A.: Ida M., James E., Mary G. and William G.

He married the second time to Miss Medora Crowder Jan. 7,1885. One child was born to this union in the 1800's, Carry F. Arnold.

He was a Mason, from 1872, was a member of the I.O.O.F. and was one of the Grangers, serving as master of the county when that organization went down. He was also a Democrat.

Curry P. Dennison, born November 11, 1839, the son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Ingram) Dennison, became proprietor of the Dennison Boarding House in Decaturville.

His grandfather, Stephen Dennison, was a life-long Whig and was one of the gallant Virginians who served under General George Washington.

He was married to Miss Nancy J. Bray, daughter of John and Minerva (Walker) Bray of Henderson County, November 4, 1860. She was born November 2,1845.

To this union were born the following; Fredonia A., born March 14, 1863, who married J.T. Rogers, February 28, 1879; Kittie A., born October 17, 1864, married Dr. John C. McMillan of Decaturville; Wm. R., born April 13, 1866, resided in Perryville, Mary A., born January 25, 1868, married Wm. Barry, Editor of the Lexington Progress, January 14, 1883. Granville L., born February 13,1880 and Allie J., born March 13, 1884.

He was a republican.

James A. England, born February 1851, son of John M. and Rebecca (Hanna) England in Henderson County, moved to Hunt, Texas in 1870. He returned to Tennessee in 1875 and began teaching and studying law in 1879. He was admitted to the bar March 1877 and practiced in Decatur County. May 8,1879, he married Mary A., daughter of William Stout. Two children were born, Nellie and James S.

He was a democrat, was appointed Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court September, 1879 in Decaturville.

Elon H. Tate, born October 15, 1817 in Grundy County, moved to Decatur County August 12, 1870. He married Jane (Turner) Tate who died on May 8,1865. Their family consisted of five children, two of whom died in infancy. George was killed in Decaturville November 30, 1877, John L. and James H. were brought up on a farm in Decatur County.

James L. was born December 7, 1849 in Warren County and taking part in the Civil War, returned from serving his Country and became engaged in farming until 1869, at which time he settled at Oak Grove, Decatur County. The following year he moved to Decaturville where he followed merchandising.

September 20, 1871 he was married to Miss Martha J. Welch, daughter of Henry Welch. To this union were born seven children, Mary and Maggie, the two youngest, John Elmer, Grover Cleveland, William H., Carrie B. and Anna Jane.

He was a member of the Masonic Lodge and connected with the K. of H.

Tate commenced his mercantile business at Decaturville in 1870. James H. engaged in the mercantile business in partnership with John L. at Perryville. On May 6,1885 the business was destroyed by fire. He returned to Decaturville and married Miss Emma Jones, December 21, 1875, daughter of Dr. T.W. Jones.

Isham G. Hearn: Born in Madison County, he was a descendant of an Old English family that settled in North Carolina. When a young man he began the study of the scriptures and became a Methodist Episcopal minister. Here he served on the Henderson County Circuit Court, afterwards being transferred to Decatur County, where he became one of the most influential ministers of his time.

 When the Civil War clouds began to gather, he united his interest with those of the Southern States and was one among the first to don the uniform and go the the battlefield.

He was made captain of Company G. Twentieth Regiment Mounted Infantry. He married Anna K. Dixon in 1852. His death occurred at Shiloh on April 6,1862. His widow later married Paul H. Fisher.

Children of Mr. and Mrs. Hearn were Isham G., Flora, who married Fayette Fisher, Wallace D. who married Laura A. Fisher, Thomas Y., who married Nancy A. Fisher.

Hearn was a democrat and was engaged in the mercantile business in Decaturville in 1885.

Dr. J. N. Houston: son of John L. and Jane (Graham) Houston, was born in Decatur County January 22, 1837. He was educated in the college at Decaturville and attended lectures in Nashville in 1856-57.

The summer of 1857 he began his practice of medicine at Brown's Mill in Perry County.

At the outbreak of the war he enlisted with the Fifty-second Tennessee Regiment of the Confederate Army and was assistant surgeon of the regiment.

After twelve months of service he returned to Decatur County and on October 30, 1863 he married Miss Sarah E. Chaney. To this union eleven children were born. They were John F., Thadeus E., Laura B., Charles H., Jefferson P., Cora E., Albert L., Sindey C., Mary, Caludie M. and Eliza Jane who was born in 1883 and died in 1884.

After retiring from active practice he devoted much of his time to farmng.

[John Graham Houston] Born March 11, 1824 he became a surveyor and was in that business for thirty years.

On November 2,1847, he married Mary Ann Arnold and to them nine children were born, namely: Mary Jane, Eliza Ann, John L., James C., Martha U., Jefferson P., Ezra J., William F and one died in infancy.

He was a member of the Masonic Order for twenty four years, was a Whig and able supporter of the Republican Party.

William Stout hailed from Scotland, was born January 6, 1825 in Forfar County, Scotland, the son of David Stout. He was brought up a merchant and came to America at the age of 22 on a tour of pleasure but accidentally met a Mr. Pettigrew who induced him to come west and he located at Perryville in partnership.

In 1878 they sold and moved to Decaturville. He was married to Jane Coats in 1850 who died in 1876. They were the parents of seven children.

He married again in 1878 to Rosetta V. Rains, daughter of Baalam Rains. The children were William T., merchant at Decaturville, Mary who married J. S. England, John, who was a druggist and postmaster at Decaturville, Laura J., who was Mrs. L.T. Smith, and lived at Sweetwater, Texas, Thomas, a merchant at Perryville, Kathleen, who married W.F. Young and George the youngest.

The progressive and enterprising subject was a democrat.

Andrew J. Strate, born March 23, 1852 in Pennsylvania, settled in Decatur County. He married Ellan Shelton and they had one son, John. He traveled extensively to many states prior to coming to Decatur County.

W.L. Swafford, born December 27, 1827, was the son of John Swafford, who was born in North Carolina March 27,1795 and came to Tennessee in 1805. He was one of fourteen children. W.L.'s grandfather was William Swafford, and great grandfather was James Swafford of Dublin, Ireland who came to America in 1770.

W.L. came to Decatur County in Nov. 10,1857 and married Marguerite Roark and to them were born fourteen children; Mary Ann, John L., Joseph A., Judy C., James W. Isaac D., Henry J., Thomas A., Maggie J., America A., Louisa A., Sarah C., Horace M., and an infant deceased.

He served as magistrate from 1876 until 1882, was a leading Republican, and a member of the Missionary Baptist Church.

George H. Vise, born Dec. 16, 1827 in Spartenburg district South Carolina, son of Eli Vise and Rebecca Meadows, was the grandson of John Vise, native of England, and was the fourth of eight children. He married Tennessee Wayne Lafferty August 22, 1850. To this union were born, William who married Elizabeth Crawley, Isabella, wife of Alex Smith, a physician, Minerva C. (Vise) Smith, Dora Vise, who married John Yarbro, George M. who married Tennessee Smith, Eli, married Lillian Dora Thompson, and Little Jim who married Bessie McWhorter. Others include Mary, Evangeline and Virginia.

Mr. Vise returned from the civil war and discovered his place devastated, his possessions gone and he resumed farming.

He was a democrat, Mason and member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Nathan C. Davis, born July 14, 1843 in Hardin County, was the son of Joseph Davis and Harriett Perry, descendents of North Carolina. He was the eighth of fourteen children. He married Miss M.A. Johnson Nov. 12, 1868 to which eleven children were born. Those living in 1885 were Thomas J., William N., Benjamin F., Edgar H., and Mary E. James S. and an infant died earlier. Mrs. Davis died Nov. 24, 1882 and Mr. Davis married Mrs. Mary R. Stephens, of Savannah, daughter of Col. H.H. Stephens. Her mother, Elizabeth Tharp was the first white child born in Florence, Ala. To this union was born one child, a son named Perry. The Davises were Methodist and Democrats.

John F. Dees, County Court Clerk in 1885, was born in Shelby Co. in 1852. His parents, Green and Martha C. Lockhart Dees were both natives of Anson Co., North Carolina. The parents settled in Decatur County in 1852 and followed farming. The family consisted of nine, four sons and two daughters.

Mrs. Dees died in 1874 and Nov. 20, 1884 he married Miss Mary A. Yarbro, daughter of John T. Yarbro. Mr. Dees was a democrat.

John E. was brought up on a farm. He received an excellent practical education in Decaturville and a year's instruction at the Tennessee University in Knoxville. November 20 1884 he married Miss Mary A. Yarbro, daughter of John T. Yarbro of Decatur County.

He was a strong democrat of good standing with his party, was elected Clerk of the County Court August 1882 and remained in the office for two terms. He was a worthy and affable gentleman, enjoying the esteem of an extensive circle of friends.

James K. Pettigrew was born in Decatur County June 13,1844. He was educated at Lexington and Muffin, Henderson County and was in business at Sulphur Springs. Jan. 25, 1871 he married Maggie A. Sherdon and four children were added to this union; Carrie P.; Lucy Bell, Maggie May and Lena H. A member of the Southern Methodist Church, he was also a staunch Democrat.

Granville M. Raney was born August 27, 1848, the son of James H. Raney. He was engaged in farming until 1884 when he began merchandising at Carsonville. He married Lucy Jackson in 1876 and they were the parents of five children, Maggie. Willie J., Sallie, James and Edgar. He was a Methodist, and democrat.

Green B. Rushing, born Aug. 22,1826 was the eldest of 11 children, born to Nancy G. Hendrick Rushing. He attended subscription schools and began his teaching career in Decatur County. He continued to teach here until 1853 when he moved to Texas. He married Sarah J. Stevens and they had three children. After the death of his first wife he returned to Decatur County and married his childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth Shipman. He was elected as Recorder in 1886.

David E. Scott, Attorney at Law in Decaturville, was born April 9,1850. He began to study law in the office of J.M. Porterfield at Decaturville and at Cumberland University at Lebanon, Tenn. Practicing law at Decaturville, he was very successful.

On Nov. 8,1876 he married Martha E. Porterfield and they had three children, Frances, David and Hattie.

Reuben Smith, merchant, was born Feb. 10, 1857, son of George W. and Jane White Smith. His father moved to Lexington and began merchandising, and returned to Decaturville five years later. He entered business with Young and Storm until 1874, at which time he began merchandising with his son Reuben with the G.W. Smith & Son Company. He married Penelope Yarbro, daughter of A.M. Yarbro. They had six children, Emma (Mrs. William Brasher) Ernest, Ray and Charlie; Ella and Reuben.

Reuben Smith married Flora Jones, daughter of Dr. T.W. Jones. He was a Methodist, Mason and K. of H.

S.M. Wallace, born in Decatur County in 1849, was the son of Martin Wallace and Harriet Smith Wallace. He married Miss E.E. Fisher. According to Goodspeed's History, "several children were born to them, of whom only four survived, Ella, Anna, Ida, and Ada."

He was a staunch Democrat, Mason and engaged in farming with favorable results.

Rev. John W. Fisher was born December 6, 1816 in North Carolina. The family moved to Bedford County in Tennessee where they lived for three years and then moved to Lost Creek, in what was then Perry County. They moved from there to Phillips County, Arkansas about 1821 where they lived one year. Then they moved back to Lost Creek.

The minister professed religion in 1833 and joined the Methodist church. He was licensed to exhort in 1840 and licensed to preach in 1845 at "Old Center Camp Ground." His first sermon was preached from the text ‘I am now ready to be offered. Second Timothy 4 through 7 verses. He was ordained Deacon by bishop Capers at Trenton, Tenn. in 1850 and was ordained Elder by Bishop Payne at Paducah, Ky. in 1867.

He married Nancy G. White April 6,1837 who preceeded him in death on Mary 23, 1904. To the union eleven children were born, seven of whom preceded her in death. One of his daughters married Hiram Lacy and another one was Walter Ivey's grandmother.[3]

Albert F. Keeton, born August 6,1835, the son of Robert Keeton, who was one of the first settlers at Shannonville and was engaged by profession as a physician. His father married his cousin, Catherine Keeton and Albert F. was one of eleven children.

He received a liberal education at Center and engaged in farming. On October 5,1858, he married Paralee White. They were the parents of three children, William R., Lucy A. and Ella U.

In January 1886 he rented his farm and went into the hotel-keeping at Center. He was a Mason, Methodist. A warm hearted gentleman he had a large circle of friends.

Capt. John McMillan, attorney at Law at Decaturville, was born April 4, 1823, the son of Gilbert McMillan, who moved here in 1822. His mother, Sarah Nichols McMillian died in 1845 and was the Mother of nine children.

McMiIIan worked on the farm until 1848 when he became deputy sheriff, and later became sheriff of the county. In 1870 he became County Court Clerk and served this office for twelve years.

He was a democrat, Mason, Methodist and a worthy citizen. He married Mary A. Hay March 30, 1851, daughter of Thomas Hay. The union resulted in the birth of four children, Leora, who married J.T. Rogers, John G. a physician, William I. an Indian agent in Arizona Territory and Ella.

James R. McMurry was born December 10, 1853, son of James T. McMurry and Katherine Warden McMurry. One of fourteen children, he was engaged in farming. He married E.E. Jones on January 20, 1885. He is a Democrat.[4]

Henry W. Myracle, born in Decatur County in 1838 was the son of Lawrence L. and Jane Cox Myracle. His father was a Baptist minister and farmer. The father was a Union man and died in March 1881. Henry was one of a family of 12.[5]

His grave is in a family graveyard in Beacon, unattended and the momument is broken. His mother bore twelve children, two of whom are living (1885). She lives near the old home place with her son J.C.P. Myracle. James K. served in the Federal Army during the Civil War, was captured at Union City and confined to the infamous Andersonville Prison until his death five months later. J.C.P. is a resident of Decatur County and chairman of the County Court. He enlisted in the 61st. Illinois Infantry. He married Miss Rushing in 1868 who died in 1878 leaving two children, James W. and Emma J. His second marriage was to Nancy E. Newson in 1870, she died in 1880. He married a third time to Catherine Keeton, who bore him two children, Arthur and Allan, He was a Presbyterian and Republican.

Pettigrew Family: In 1821 or 1822 James M. and Curry Pettigrew of Armagh County, Ireland came to South Carolina and engaged in construction of canals and ditches. They went to Alabama and established a merchandise house until 1825 when they came to Tennessee and located a branch at Beardstown, Perry County. James M. also located a branch at Oak Grove and they operated stores at Decaturville and at Spring Creek, Madison County. James took charge of the business at Oak Grove and died there. He never married. George, brother of James M. and Curry was born June 13, 1807 and in August 12, 1830 married Elizabeth Adamson, also a native of Ireland. He died Oct. 29,1859 and she died January 15,1871. To them were born seven children, five of whom died in infancy. James A. and George B. enlisted in Co. G. 20th. Reg. Mt. Inf. CSA. George was promoted to second Lieutenant before being killed at Fishing Creek, Ky. James A. became a Captain. He was wounded at Shiloh and at Hoovers Gap. He was taken prisoner. Curry was born May 30, 1800. He managed the business at Perryville. April 2,1840 he married Mary A. Douglas, daughter of Joseph S. Douglas of Decatur County. They had two children, Thomas Jackson and James K. Polk Pettigrew, both of whom enlisted in the Confederate Army. Thomas J. was wounded at Atlanta and lost his arm. He was promoted to 1st. Lieutenant. He married Cordelia Welch January 1869, daughter of Henry Welch. She died Feb. 1880 leaving four children. Mary E., Curry H., Martha and Elizabeth K., James K. was in the same company as his brother Thomas. He became a Captain. He was born June 13, 1844 and Jan. 25, 1871 he married Miss Maggie A. Sherdon, daughter of Daniel B. Sherdon of Pa. She was born in 1852 and by her marriage four children; Carrie P., Lucy B., Maggie M., and Lena H. were born.

James K. and Thomas J. are both Democrats and Methodists.

Balaam Rains came to Decaturville in 1838 and was one of the earliest settlers. He was a native of North Carolina. Anthony Rains, the father of Balaam was in the revolution under General Marion. He married Matilda Hudson of North Carolina and they had four children; William G., Rosetta V. (Mrs. William Stout), Margaret P. (Mrs. James Coggins) and John H. who died at the age of fourteen. William G., the oldest child was born in Randolph County, Tennessee, Oct. 26,1837. He studied medicine under Drs. J.H. Still and J.H. Leonard of Decaturville and attended medical school at Nashville University in 1867. He began practice at Sulphur Springs in 1868, then moved to Decaturville. Dec. 3, 1967 he married Joan F. Parker, daughter of John F. Parker. To this union four children were born, Ethel C., William G., Lizzie E. and George H.

Dr. J. F. Aydelott, Decaturville, was born April 28, 1835, son of Andrew E. and Sarah H. Smith Aydelotte, both natives of Tennessee, the father followed agriculture and later was a merchant. He was a Democrat and served as Sheriff for six years and deputy for four years. He died Oct. 5,1882 in Texas where he had recently moved. The mother died July 3,1879. The family consisted of 10 children of whom only two are living (1885). Dr. J.F. and Sarah H. Clenny.

Our subject's paternal grandfather was a native of Ireland who immigrated to America shortly after the Revolution. His maternal ancestors were old Atlantic coast settlers and many served in the Revolution. He began the study of medicine in Decaturville and attended Louisville Medical University. He graduated in l878 and stood third in his class. He was treasurer of the Board of Health of Decatur County. In 1879 he married Anna C. Jones, daughter of Dr. T. W. Jones of Decaturville and to them were born four children. Otto H., deceased, Arbon Y., Floyd C., and Frank Cleveland. The doctor is a Democrat.

B. G. Baker was born in Hickman County, Tennessee, January 11, 1818. His father, Dr. Benjamin Baker was of German descent and born in New York City. He received his medical education there and remained until 1812 when he went to New Orleans and later came to Hickman County, Tennessee where he continued to practice. About 1815 he married Miss Rachel Petty Fields, who was born in Chatham County North Carolina in 1782. Her parents were Virginians but of Scotch-Irish descent. To Dr. and Mrs. Baker two sons and two daughters were born; Winnie, the widow of Let Akin of Decatur County; Elizabeth, widow of William Livingston of Maury County; William H., married Arethie Nickels, farmer of Decatur County. Our subject is the fourth child. Dr. Benjamin Baker died in 1822 and his wife died in 1858. She was a Free-will Baptist. B.G. married in 1837 to Emily Hendricks of Decatur County with whom he had two children, one surviving and is Mrs. Tennessee Baker Prim McClure who is farming in Dyer County, Tennessee. Horton Howard Baker, the son, was a lieutenant in the Confederate army. After the battle of Shiloh he returned home and died.

Mrs. Baker died in 1843 and Mr. Baker married Caroline Bussell of Humphrys County. To this union were born ten children. Of those living are; James K., a blacksmith and farmer of Decatur County, married Elizabeth Harris; William E., farmer in Decatur County, married Theodosia Besley; G.W., farmer in Decatur, married Georgia D. Hendricks; Mary E., wife of J.A. Haynes, magistrate and farmer in Decatur County. Martha E., John H. Britt, farmer in Decatur County, Sarah J., widow of W.H. Cherry, Benton County farmer, died in 1886; Winnie M., wife of L.L. Woods, Decatur County farmer; Rachel C., married Robert Clift, Decatur County farmer; Benjamin and Dora died in infancy. Mr. Baker was a presbyterian and Democrat.

Dr. Troy Jones of Decaturville was born in Henderson County, September 14, 1832, the son of Matthew and Anna Pinnion Jones both natives of North Carolina. He came to Henderson County at an early age and lived there at the time of his death in 1863. He was a Democrat. He commenced the study of medicine under Dr. G.H. Derryberry and later under Dr. Tryar. In 1859 he married Mrs. Sarah Yarbro who died in 1875, leaving five children, Emma and Ada, twins. Emma married James H. Tate. Ada married George Boggan. Anna married Dr. J.E. Aydelott, Flora M. married Reuben Smith. Thomas, the youngest was burned to death at the age of seven. John Jones, the grandfather was a Revolutionary War soldier. Mr. Jones was a Democrat and Methodist.

H.M. Jordan of the fifth district was born in Benton County, Oct. 30. 1843. His father, Edmund Jordan, was a native of North Carolina, born Oct. 18, 1812 and came to Tennessee early. He was first married to Nancy Haynes who was born September 1812. They had seven children, of which H.M. was the fourth. Edmund was married a second time to Elizabeth Moore of Benton County and they had two children, Elizabeth Moore Jordan died in Arkansas and Mr. Jordan returned to Tennessee. He was married a third time to Mrs. Elizabeth Maxwell M. Howell. He enlisted in the Confederate army and took part in the battle of Shiloh. After a year he returned home and after six months he enlisted in the Federal service. He was in the battle of Nashville and Centeryville Raid. He married Miss Martha H. Jennings on August 27, 1865. The daughter of Hiram and Eliza Arnold Jennings she was born December 3, 1844. Hiram Jennings was born August 23, 1811. On December 2,1863 a party of men calling themselves Texas Rangers hanged Mr. Jennings stating that the reason for so doing was that they had been captured by Federal Troops two months previously while taking breakfast at the Jennings house, and accused him of having reported them. As in many instances their intention was to plunder and destroy for after hanging Mr. Jennings they burned the house. Mrs. Jennings was born September 9, 1817.

A family of eleven children have been born to H.M. and Martha Jennings Jordan: Lucy B., Sept. 7,1866, wife of Benjamin Moore; Ephraim E., Nov. 16, 1867; William E., Oct. 20., 1869, Rhoda L. April 30, 1876; Charley P. Feb. 11, 1878; John H. Aug. 29, 1880; aryZora, July25, 1881 Josiah, July 16, 1883. He was a Baptist and Republican.[6]

Early Settlers in Decatur County

According to the 1850 census of Decatur County, which is placed in Parsons Public Library are the names and occupations of those living here.

This is a complete list, with the exception of the farmers


Calvin P. Graves, 32, Tenn.
Frances M. Street, 30, Tenn.
Albert G. Taylor, 39, Tenn.
John C. Graves, 30, North C.
Wm. S. Rains, 39, Tenn.
Elizer Burton, 55, Virginia


Jesse Belcher, 54, Virginia

County Court Clerk:

D. B. Funderburk, 45, S. Carolina


George W. Tucker, age 48, North Carolina
John Jones, age 22, North Carolina
John Beaver, age 42, North Carolina
Alfred Haggard, 50, North Carolina
John Weaver, 22, Georgia
W.W. Herndon, 21, Tenn.
Gilbert McMillian, 66, North Carolina
Sampson Essary, 51, Tenn.
Elijah Goodnight, 41, Tenn.
Carroll M. Snodgrass, 18, Tenn.
Dempsey Veal, 80, Virginia
Joel Hensley, 37, Tenn.
William B. Herndon, 50, North Carolina
S. B. Campbell, 25, North Carolina
John Brazile, 53, North Carolina
Burriel Ivy, 31, North Carolina
Thomas J. Essary, 41, North Carolina
Nathaniel Moore, 62, North Carolina
John Olfin, 45, North Carolina
John McKnight, 39, Louisana
J. W. Louis, 33, Tenn.
J.D. Louis, 25, Tenn.
Joseph J. Livingston, 25, Tenn.
Samuel Walker, 37, North Carolina
Nathan C. Davis, no date


Willie Jones, 58, South Carolina
Jacon Tucker, 57, North Carolina
M.W. Gale, 49, Virginia
William Walberton, 63, Virginia

Cabinet Maker:

Jas. W. Gilberth, 41, North Carolina


Jeremiah Tubbs, 29, Tenn.


Robert Keeton, 49, Illinois
J. H. Clardy, 24, Tenn.
Joel C. Hancock, 44, Tenn.
I. Smith, 32, Virginia
B. W. Raney, 35, North Carolina
Amos M. Yarbro, 32, Tenn.
Lawson Kelley, 28, Tenn.
Henry C. Fryar, 43, North Carolina
G. H. Derryberry, 34, Tenn.
R. L. Gainus, 55, Virginia
John Parsons, 44, North Carolina
Jospeh S. Douglas, 50, South Carolina
Wesly Doss, 41, Virginia
Samuel Hill, 80, Ireland
John Henderson, 44, North Carolina
Priar H. Smith, 33, Tenn.


Thos. B. Garrod, 30, Alabama
C. H. J. Brisco, 26, Alabama
Paul H. Fisher, 28, Tenn.
W. H. Bennett, 24, Tenn.
Wm. H. Johnson, 29, Tenn.
Robert Young, 32, Penn.
John Coats, 28. Tenn.
A. A. Shelby, 16, Tenn.
J. M. Pettigrew, 52, Ireland
Chas S. Brodie, 48, South Carolina
J. B. Howe, 37, Kentucky
Jas. R. West, 28, Kentucky
Curry Peftigrew, 50, Ireland
H. Bradberry, 50, North Carolina
William Martin, 23, Kentucky
John P. Nixon, Tenn.
Wm. Stout. 25, Scotland
U. T. Cole, 36, Tenn.
Thomas H. Peacock, 30, Tenn.
F. J. Pavatt, 34, Tenn.
E. J. Inglehart, 28. Maryland


Phillip Ivy, 33, Tenn., Methodist
John W. Fisher, 33, North Carolina, Methodist
Thomas Hay, 48, Ireland, Methodist
Priar Hill, 49, North Carolina Baptist
SM. Steed, 45, Georgia, Baptist
Hugh N. Rose, 51, Cumberland Presyterian


Thomas Fisher, 34, Illinois
William Wesson, 42, Virginia
John Thornton, 48, Virginia
Wm. T. Wesson, 29, North Carolina
H. H. Wesson, 37, North Carolina


John Williams, 32, Tenn.
John L. Brasher, 22, Tenn.
William Stacy, 26, Tenn.
John Stacy, 22, Tenn.
Calmon Holy, 49, Virginia
James N. Hambleton, 28,
Henry Eichor, 39, Penn.
Harmon Tartoinyon, 27, Germany
Federick Gathart, 36, Germany
Alexander Walker, 15, Tenn.
Robert Raney, 28, Tenn.
North Carolina


John Turner, 69, Virginia


Robert Campbell, 32, North Carolina
James Walker, 17, Tenn.
E.H. Reamey, 27, Virginia
Nathaniel A. Wesson, 24, North Carolina

School Teachers:
Elias Jones, 30, North Carolina
Brian Peter, 40, Tenn.
Council Goodman, 48, North Carolina
CM. Cothain, 33, Tenn.
Sam H. Kerr, 26, Tenn.
W.W. Shell, 21, Tenn.
Benj. H. Southerland, 31, South Carolina
Edward Morgan, 26, North Carolina
G.B. Rushing, 23, North Carolina
Thos. McMurray, 31, Tenn.
John B. Davidson, 41, Tenn.
Geo W. Sawing, 29, Mass.
C.D. Hicks, 27, Tenn.
Jas. W. Lockwood, 24, N.Y.
Andrew McGill, 30, Pa.
Evan White, 43, Virginia

Wagon Maker:

John Price, 54, North Carolina

Hotel Keeper:

John W. Delany, 35, Tenn.


Ellis L. Roberts, 32, North Carolina


John J. Jenkins, 43, Kentucky
Thomas M. Brown, 21, Tenn.
Jonathon Luton, 26, Tenn.
Anderson Smith, 38, Tenn.
Wm. H. Russell, 38, Kentucky


Joel L. Ashcraft, 42, North C.
L. G. Findley, 35, Tenn.
Jas. H. Watson, 50, Tenn.
Martin Clark, 42, Ireland
Jas, H. Moore, 35, North Carolina
Joab Wilson, 35, Tenn.
CaJvin Westerman, 26, Tenn.
Abijah Veach, 47, Tenn.
Jahu Miller, 37, Tenn.
A. L. Moore, 34, North C.
H. W. Poor, 45, Ga.
Wade H. Shelby, 49, North Carolina
E. E. Pate, 25, Tenn.
Joseph Higgons, 51, South C.
Elisha Stevens, 32, Tenn.


William W. Dolton, 44, Rhode Island
A. Cummings, 30, Vermont
D. E. Mcrath, 34, North Carolina
J. M. Hill, 21, Tenn.
John I. J. Shelby, 24, Tenn.
John Bruce, 56, North Carolina
John McMillan, 27


John A. Welch, 23, Tenn.
Oliver P. Store, 22, Tenn.

Shoe Makers:

Thomas H. Oensly, 39, North Carolina
James Yarbro, 35, Tenn.
John H. McPhearson, 65, Scotland
J.W. Baker, 29, Alabama


Hiram Lacy, 39. North Carolina


Sam B. Lanier, 27, Tenn.

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  5. Goodspeed's History
  6. Biographical sketches written in tense of 1885 by Goodspeed.

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