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From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
Special thanks to Constance Collett for permission to make these web pages.

In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.


Chapter XIV

Dorothy Taylor and Norma Nell Caruthers

Joseph Byrd born December 20, 1852 and wife,
Sarah Elizabeth [Brasher] Byrd born November 21, 1859.
This picture was made at Humboldt, Tennessee.

Marvin F. Byrd and family. Wife, Ludie [Quinn] Byrd
holding Norma Nell [Byrd] Caruthers.

Joseph Byrd came to Perry Co. from North Carolina. Dates unknown. He is buried in the Roberts Cemetery in Perry Co. Tenn. His wife Temperance (Marvin) came from South Carolina. To this union was born seven children. Joseph Jr. Tom, Willie, Fannie, Susan, Jessie, and David Demon all of Perry Co.

Joseph Jr. Byrd - Born Dec. 20, 1852 Died Oct. 7,1940. He married Sarah Elizabeth Brasher Nov. 21, 1879 in Decatur Co. who died Dec. 19, 1946. Both are buried at Prospect Cemetery. To this union was born nine children. Arthur, Dossie E., Bertha, Chesley H., Mallie, Marvin, Zenoba, Lena and Earl Olma all in Decatur Co. Joseph's occupation farming and taught school at Gray's Chapel.

Arthur - Born July 6,1881 Died Sept. 7,1974. married Ella Harris of Decatur. Both are buried at Rose Hill Cemetery Humboldt Tenn. Occupation farmer. To this union was born seven children. Irlby - Husband Harold Sappington of Gibson Co. -Ottis Byrd Died Sept. 1973. Buried in Rose Hill Cemetary. - Wife - Remelle Thomas. To this union born three sons -Charles, Larry, and Danny of Gibson Co. - Albert Byrd died as an infant. Buried at Prospect Cemetery in Decatur Co. - Lizzie Mae Byrd - born May 1922 died about three months later buried in Prospect Cemetery. Elbert Byrd - born 1920 in Decatur Co. Was married to Ann (maiden name unknown) of Battle Creek Mich. - To this union was born three daughters - Beverly, Karen and Nancy of Murfreesboro Tenn. - Lenois and Elois twins in Gibson Co. Tenn. Lenois never married-Elois "Byrd" husband - Joy Perry of Gibson Co. and they live in Shelby Co. To this union was born seven children. One son died as an infant buried at Rose Hill Cemetery Humboldt Tenn.

Emma Harris. Died 1951. Both are buried in Rose Hill Cemetery To this union born two children - Tolbert and Gertie. Both died Dec. 25, 1972 buried in Rose Hill Cemetery Gibson Co.

Bertha Byrd - Born Jan. 17, 1884 Died 1925. Was married to Charlie F. Brewer Occupation farming. To this union born three children. One son died at birth. Buried in Brewer's Cemetery near Prospect Cemetery now owned by T. J. Evans. Aubrey - Born 1904 in Decatur Co. Occupation Printer. - Wife Donna "Reaves" of Shelby Co. They have no Children. Naomie Lea - Born Aug. 14, 1924 in Decatur Co. Employed of Henderson Co. Hospital. Husband Hulon Fiddler of Henderson Co. To this union born 1 daughter Ann born Oct. 10, 1953. Teacher of Henderson Co.

Chesley H. Byrd - Born Sept. 5,1888. Died Aug. 21, 1923. Buried Prospect Cemetery. Never married.

Mollie "Byrd" Born 1890-1915. Husband John McClure "Mack" Johnson Occupation Farming. Both buried in Prospect Cemetery. To this union born two daughters Tressie "Johnson" Hamette - Husband Oscar Harnette of Ark. Died 1974. Buried Humboldt Memorial Gardens. To this union born 2 sons - Leon of Henderson Tenn. Dyeral, single of Humboldt Tenn.

Zenoba - Died about 2 years of age. Buried Atkinson Cemetary on the Brooxie Thomas Road near Scotts Hill Tenn. Grave not marked.

Marvin E. Byrd - Born March 20, 1903 in Decatur Co. Died June 8, 1969 entombed at Woodlawn Mauseleum Nashville Tenn., married Ludie "Quinn" June 29,1929 in Decatur Co. To this union was born - one daughter Norma Nell - Born Oct. 1,1930. - Norma Nell married John D. Caruthers Sept. 7,1967 in Davidson Co. To this union was born 1 daughter Kimberly Ann - Born 1968 - Her Husband - Michael Loyal of Ky. Dec. 2,1966.

Earl Olma Byrd - Born July 10, 1898 - married Ellen "Gibson" -Nov. 16 1919. To this union was born four children. Gauvain, Dorothy, C. Ray and Carmie Lea.

Compiled by Dorothy Taylor & Norma Nell Caruthers.

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