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From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
Special thanks to Constance Collett for permission to make these web pages.

In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.


Chapter XIV

Marie Hays Gilbert

Bob Hays, son of Dee M. and Meg Hays was born March 27, 1905, in Decatur County. He first went to work at Odle's garage and then he went to work for Bob Smith as a mechanic. He then went to work for Fox Construction Company building the Highway between Lexington and Parsons, in 1929. He left Decatur County and went to Clarksdale Mississippi in 1931 and worked for Gunner Construction Company building a levy on the Mississippi River. He then returned to Decatur County and farmed for two years, also during this time he worked for Holbert Golf hauling logs from Bateman Bottom to build the Parsons Theater. The theater is now occupied by G. B. Hills Tile and Decorators. He then bought a sawmill and went into the timber business with Harvey Jorden buying the timber and Bob working it. Onnie McCormick was his lawyer and bookkeeper for many years. In 1949 his mill burned and his health failed. When able to return to work he moved to Henry County and worked with the (Rufe) J. R. Hayes Construction Company and farmed until 1970. He retired and returned to his farm in Decatur County. This farm is the only section of the original Asa N. Hays land that has remained in the Hays name since it was homesteaded. This farm was given by Captain Asa N. Hays to his daughter Ann who married Marion Bradberry Hays. Their home is still standing as a log barn. On this farm Bob worked timber and farmed until his death December 31, 1975.

Bob married Belle Alexander from Chesterfield July 12,1927 in Burton, Missouri, Scott County. Uncle Granville Hays signed for their marriage license, and they spent their honeymoon with Aunt Ada Hays Taylor. They had eight children: Mildred Lea born June 17,1928 married Sheridan Thomas and they had four children: Divorced, Remarried Glen Houston, Divorced, married Rod Taylor* Robert Danny Thomas, Married Ann Peebles from Henry County; Ronny Dale Thomas married Rita Taylor Hudson from Henry County; Sharon Bridget Thomas married David Traywick from Henry County. Children Joey Traywick, Bridget Traywick.

Robert Hays, Jr. born Jan. 12, 1930, married Laverne Baker from Decaturville, had four children, Jr. is employed with Cummins Diesel in Memphis, Tn. Robert Dewayne Hays maried Kay Davis from Memphis Crystal (Christy) Hays April Hays. Vicki Jo Hays Married George (Skip) Austin from Memphis. Misty Dawn Austin, Charity Austin.

Donna Ann Hays died in 1962 and is buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery. Thomas (Tommy) Hays 14 years old lives in Memphis. Jr. Hays divorced by Lavern and married Betty Barnes. They have no children.

*There were no children in either of these marriages. Rod Taylor was killed in Memphis, Tennessee 1976. Mildred now lives in Memphis and is employed at the Baptist Hospital.

Ann Marie Hays born July 27, 1932, married Kermit Eldridge (Red) Gilbert. Marie is employed Decaturville Sportswear as a Quality Control Sampler. Her husband Red has been employed by the TVA for many years. They live at Darden, Tennessee. They have four children: Gerald (Jerry) Hays Gilbert married 1. Cathy Lescalleet from Ohio-divorced., 2. Norma Ragland from Dickson, Tenn.; Bonnie Gail Gilbert married Don Powers from Lexington, Don was killed in Vietnam. They had a son Christopher Howard Powers. Bonnie married Wayne Quinn from Parsons, Tennessee.; Christopher Howard Powers; LaRita Kay Gilbert married Steve Holmes from Lexington, Tennessee; Sandra Jane Gilbert, student of Darden, Tennessee.

Dennis Ray Hays born July 31, 1934, married Margueritte Stalhman from Henry County they had three children. Dennis is a construction contractor in Henry County. Dennis and Margueritte divorced and Dennis married Ruth Imogene Valentine from Springville, Tennessee and they had one child.

Cindy Lee Hays married Bobby Dale from Jacksonville, Florida, son Bobby Dale, Jr. Died 1977. Randall Ray Hays in Galvaston, Texas; Gala Ann Hays in McKenzie, Tennessee; Stephanie Jean Hays in Henry, Tennessee.

Betty Joe Hays born May 20, 1937 married Ben M. Scott from Lexington, married John F. Barham from Henry, Tennessee. Betty is a Registered Nurse and a student at the University of Tennessee at Martin, in continuing education. Betty's husband is Industrial Property Management Specialist with the Milan Army Ammunition Plant. Pamela Dianne Scott married Ronald John Wolfers from Milan, Tennessee. They live in Lubbock, Texas Johnathan Uriah Wolfers; Nathan Sammuel Wolfers.

Carolyn Jean Hays born February 27, 1943 married Mimmy Brown from Henry County. They had one son. They were divorced, and Carolyn married Lawrence F. Stallings they and one son. They were divorced and she married Joe F. Crosser from Paris, Tennessee, They had one son. Carolyn is a Sales Representative for WKTA Radio Station and is a Pre-Law student at Bethel College in McKenzie, Tennessee.

Anthony Dean Brown Henry, Tennessee; David Deon Crosser (Stallings Adopted) McKenzie, Tennessee; Casey Alexander Crosser McKenzie, Tennessee.

Carolyn's husband Joe is Terminal Manager with West Tennessee Motor Express in Camden. They live in McKenzie, Tennessee.

Larry Wayne Hays (Bud) born November 14, 1945 and married Ann Speight from Paris, Tennessee they had one son Michael Wayne. They were divorced and Ann remarried. Her husband Joe Oliver adopted Bud's son. Bud remarried to Judy Wellingham from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They had no children. Bud attended Bethel College, worked at Emerson Electric Company in Paris, Tennessee. He also worked at the Milan Army Ammunition Plant. He was self employed for sometime. He was a Free lance pilot and salesman for Catlin Aviation, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Bud was delivering a plane to Lupaz, Bolivia South America, October 1974. His plane never reached its destination. There has been no trace of him or his plane.

Shirley Fay Hays born April 13, 1948 married Robert Wayne (Chocolate) Cox from Cottage Grove, Tennessee. Shirley is employed in Purchasing at Kol-Pak Corporation in Parsons. Her husband is employed with Floyd Chumney. They live at Darden, Tennessee and they had three children: John Edd Cox lives at Darden, Tennessee; Tammy Lynn Cox died in 1971 in Henry County and is buried in Olive Branch Cemetery, in Cottage Grove, Tennessee; Donnie Wayne Cox Darden, Tennessee.

Belle Alexander, Wife of Bob Hays

Belle was born September 22, 1909. She was the daughter of Grover Cleveland Alexander and Dorthula Maness. She was their only child. Both of her parents died before she was two years old. She was reared by her grandparents, Ace Lee Maness and Martha (Matt) Hays Maness. Ace Lee Maness was the son of Tish Maness and (Stob) Sam Hays, brother to Captain Ace N. Hays, and Martha (Matt) was the daughter of Jackson and Mary Hays, Jackson Hays was Captain Ace N. Hays Nephew (James' son). She has been a house-wife all her life. She and Bob raised eight children. She now resides at Darden, Tennessee.

Isaac Martin Columbus Hays; born 1840. Son of Asa N. Hays and Abegail Shipman. Married Mary Ellinder Stephen, born 1839. Children: Jacob Hays, born 1858, married; Asa Nelson Hays, born 1860, married; Samuel Leon Hays, born 1862 married; Joseph Hays, born 1864, married; Millie Hays, born 1866 Pinkley, married; Tommy Hays, born 1867 Florence Woods, married; Argee Hays, born 1869, married; Gillie Hays, born 1872, married James (Little Jimmy) Hays; Paralee Hays born 1878 died married Ruff Gilbert; Mattie Hays, born 1878 died 1880, married; Joe D. Hays, born 1880, married Molly Walker.

Charlotte Hays, Daughter of Asa N. Hays and Abegail Shipman, born 1836, married Asa (Hardy) Davis. Children: John Davis, married; Asa Davis, married; Julia Davis, married.

Sarah Melinda Elizabeth (Bett) Hays. Daughter of Asa N. Hays and Abagail Shipman. Born 1850, married William (Bud) Gilbert, Son of Billy and Nancy McIntosh.

Children: Asa Gilbert, born 1882 died 1969, married Lela Duke and Ellier Williams; Jim Gilbert, born 1892, married Ellie Conder; Clurcy Gilbert Born 1887, Sanders Box, married; Nancy Gilbert married Ellis Hays; Frances Gilbert married Mitch Dodd; Minnie Gilbert died about 20 years of age.

Alsey Jane Hays (Janie) born 1844, died 1898. Daughter of Asa N. Hays and Abagail Shipman. Married Dr. Henry Hays, son of James (Jimmie) and Delilah (Eads?) Hays. Children: Betty A. Hays, born 1865, married unknown Rush; Lilly Hays, born Sycamore Hay7, married; Julie Hays, married Will Steeles; Ulysses Grant Hays, married Ruth Reeves; Isabelle Hays married George Ham; Ida Hays married Jim Gilbert (son of Billy Gilbert and Nancy Mcintosh).; Kate Hays never married, died young.

Elizia Ann Hays, born 1860 died 1924. Daughter of Asa N. Hays and Abegail Shipman, married Marion B. Hays, son of Elisha Hays and Dolly Tubbs. Born 1850. Died 1911. Children: Granville Hays married 1. Cora Helms, 3. Elizabeth (Lizzie); Children of Granville and Cora Hays were: Ralph Hays; Lillian Hays; Hazel Hays; Children of Granville and Elizabeth Hays were: William Granville, Jr. Richard Hays (Dick) died in California, Juanita Hays.

Charlotta Hays (Lottie) married Sonny (Son) Maness, Children of Charlotte and Son Maness were: Less Maness; Ollie Maness; Leaner Maness; Linia Maness; James MacKiney Maness; Nolie Maness.

Mary Jane Hays married Bob Woods. Children of Mary Jane and Bob Woods were: Cora Woods; Betty Ann Woods, Allie Woods, Hawtie Woods, Leonia Woods.

Ada Hays, married Andrew Taylor; Children of Ada and Andrew Taylor were: Paul Taylor, Maxie Taylor, Roy Lee Taylor, Cecil Taylor.

Dee M. Hays born 1882, died 1947, married Margaret Ann Odle Born 1881 Died 1954. Children of Dee M. and Margaret Ann Hays were: Naomi Hays Dodd; Robert (Bob) Hays, Marion (Boots) Hays, James Rufus Hays, Bert Odle Hays, Irlby Hays Young, Luther Ray (Skinnie) Hays Douglas Hays, Maggie Dee Hays, Milford Leon Hays, Mary Hays Pearson Stanfill, Dorothy Hays Houston.

Lela Hays married Jim Conley. Children of Lela and Jim Conley were: Vodie Conley, Irene Conley Thomas, Mornie Conley Kelley, Virginia Conley Kelley.

Nancy Paralee Hays, Daughter of Asa N. Hays and Abagail Shipman. Born 1847, married Tom Ledford. Children: Isaac (Ike) Ledford, married Blanch Hays; Bee Ledford; Myrtule Ledford; Beatrice Ledford. Note: Some of these still live in Arkansas.

Adda PoHaten (Pat) Hays, son of Asa N. Hays and Martha Vernon Martin, born 1880, married Eliza (Lizzie) Reeves.

Children: Ruby Hays married Rubin Graves; Ollie Hays married Betty Gilbert; Hooper Hays married Mildred Reed; Vergie Hays, married Fake Moody; Roberta Hays, married unknown Sanders; Connie (Carilie) Hays, married 1. Unknown Biggs 2. Emma Lou Box 3. Roenia Barry Gibson.; James Bradley Hays, married. Note: Lives in Lexington Kentucky.

Beda Hays: born 1885, died 1887. Daughter of Asa N. Hays and Martha Vernon Martin.

James PoTan Hays, born 1879 died 1899, died in Missouri of Malaria, buried in Missouri.

Samuel Leon Hays: Born 1842, Died 1864. Son of Asa N. Hays and Abagail Shipman. Married Sarah Catherine Stephens.

Children: William Hays, born 1871, married; Asa N. Hays, born 1873, married.

Note: Sam Leon Hays died March 1864 in the Civil War, in some battle at Union City, Tennessee, where Captain Asa N. Hays and Jackson Hays were captured. He is buried in the Union Church Cemetery near Chesterfield, Tennessee.

Mattie Hays: Born 1871, Daughter of Asa N. Hays and Unknown Shoemake women. Married? Rosson, he died, then married Harm Arnold.

Children: Mary Arnold married Jack Britt; Bertha Arnold, married Leonard (Tight-Eyed) Tyler; Jim Arnold married unknown; Ted Arnold married Clora Britt; Elbert Arnold married Bob Gurley

Clint Davis: Son of Asa N. Hays and Rachael Davis.

George Davis

Jim (Known as Black Jim) Davis. Son of Asa N. Hays and Rachael Davis.

Tom Davis: Son of Asa N. Hays and Rachael Davis.

Note: These are all the children of Asa N. Hays and Rachael Davis that is known by us.

Compiled by Marie Hays Gilbert

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