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From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
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In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.


Chapter XIV

Ruth Dodson Townsend

Dr. Clive V. Hendrix

Henry Hendrix was born circa 1793 and came from South Carolina about 1818 close to the time the treaty was signed with the Cherokee Indians. Henry settled near the Decatur County-Henderson County boundary line. His children were as follows: Elisha Hendrix married Nancy Ellender Harris, a daughter of Jim Harris from Roanoke, Virginia (a 2nd cousin to Gov. Harris of Tenn.); Winnie Hendrix married Wesley Maxwell; Vina married John Starkey; EILza married William H. Hawkes; Elizabeth married Thomas Morgan; Anna married Alfred Johnson; James married unknown.; Merideth married James A. Davis.

Elisha Hendrix had issue as follows: Mary C. Hendrix married Dr. R. M. Brown; John W. Hendrix married Sally Jane Anderson; Ephram Hendrix married Nancy Minerva Cary; Stephen Hendrix married Parlie Wilson-1st, Mary J. Taylor-2nd; Sarah Hendrix, married unknown 1st, J. T. Johnson-2nd; Armanda Hendrix married a Johnson and a Collins; Julia P. Hendrix married Joe E. Crider; James M. Hendrix (a druggist) married Amanda Parks; Senna Hendrix married unknown; Eliza Hendrix married Green G. Moore; Martha Hendrix married a Frizzell.

Winnie Hendrix and Wesley Maxwell had issue as follows: James (Jim) Maxwell married Parilee Harriss; Thomas (Tom) Maxwell married Billie Harris (parents of Phillip, Beulah, Dr. Maxwell, etc.); Robert (Bob) Maxwell married Mollie (parents of Oda Lindsey); John married twice (parents of James (Jim, Jessie, Phillip, and Winnie Evans); Martha married John McCay (parents of George); Mary married Brad Harris (parents of Albert); Frances (Tank) married Thomas (Tom) C. Evans (parents of Gus, etc.); and one other child unknown married Bob Reed.

Because of limited space in this Geneology, only the immediate families of Elisha and Winnie Hendrix are included except for descendants living today in the Decatur County area.

Several Doctors are to be found in the History of this family. One of the most prominent in the area was D. John Hendrix, born 1848, who resided at Old Safford, a Community Northeast of Bible Hill. During Dr. John's lifetime, Old Safford was a thriving Community with a Post Office, a Doctor's Office and a Drugstore.

Dr. Hendrix was well educated for his day. Part of his knowledge was gained from his Brother-in-Law, Dr. Robert Milton Brown; and, in addition, he attended Medical School in Nashville circa 1880. Dr. Hendrix's saddlebags are currently owned by Audry Tolley; and the Medical Bag, supposedly a gift from Dr. Brown still contains medicine. Both Dr. Hendrix and Dr. Brown administered to the sick in Decatur County.

The Drugstore at Old Safford was owned and operated by Dr. John's brother, Jim Hendrix, a Pharmacist.

The home of Dr. John Hendrix is still standing today and was last occupied by the late Obed Taylor.

Another Doctor in the Hendrix Family was Dr. Clive Hendrix, a graduate of the Tenn. College of Medicine, 1926-1927; his picture can be seen today hanging on the wall in one of the U. T. Medical Buildings in Memphis.

The most recent Doctor in the Hendrix Family is Dr. Vincent B. Tolley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Tolley of Parsons. Vincent is currently practicing Medicine in Sevierville, Tennessee.

William Henry Hendrix, son of Meredith Hendrix, born 1841, died in Decatur Co. near Bible Hill in 1892. He served two enlistments in the Clvil War, one of which was with the Mounted Infantry Tennessee Volunteers. He was discharged as sergeant Dec. 28, 1864 at Gallatin, Tenn. He is buried in Decatur Co.

There are several Hendrix Cemeteries in the area, but one of the most interesting is located on the Audry Tolley Property, northeast of Bible Hill in the area of New Safford. Standing stately in the Cemetery is the tombstone of Ephriam Hendrix, born 1830, son of Henry Hedrix, The tombstone, made of Italian Marble was imported from Italy and placed circa 1880; a team of six horses pulled the tombstone in a wagon to its present location.

There are many descendantsof Henry Hendrix living in the Decatur Co.-Henderson Co. areas. Some of Henry's descendants living in Decatur Co. today are as follows: Sylvia Hendrix Tolley, Dr. Vincent Tolley, Dennus Tolley, Rugena Tolley Wait; Reba Hendrix Miller, Bobby Miller, Barney Miller, Floy Hendrix, Mary Katherine Long Hayes, Sandra Carrington, David Carrington, Patrick Carrington, Marty Carrington, Dan Carrington, Patty Ann Myracle, Carrie Lynn Myracle, Joe Paul Myracle; Mary Will Robert, Amanda Marie Roberts; John Hayes, Mary Brown Morgan; Ruth Evelyn Dodson Townsend, Kyle Lamar Townsend, Valerie Ruth Townsend; Elven Wesley Maxwell, Yancy Reed Maxwell McFall, Tanya McFall Kelley, D'Lynn Dawn Kelley, Tommy D. McFall, Marty Reed McFall; Ralph Maxwell, Patrick Maxwell, Stacey Maxwell, Cody Maxwell; Joevelyn Maxwell Gurley, Shawn Gurley, Bradley Gurley; Ronnie Elven Maxwell; Rudolph Hill, Betty Lou Campbell, Reanee Campbell, Anthony Campbell; G. B. Hill, Suzan Hill Montgomery, Donna Montgomery, Brent Montgomery; Brenda Hill Taylor, Heath Taylor; Deborah Hill Montgomery; Vernon R. Hill, Joyce Hill Chumney, Vernon Hill, Jr.; Pauline Hill Ledbetter, Barbara Ledbetter Pratt, Stacey Pratt, Gary Ledbetter; Bird Hilly Ray Hill, Leo Hill, Therman Hill, Lynn Hill, Mark Hill, Vickey Hill, Mike Hill, Rettie Lou Hill Dunkle; Cecil Hill, Barbara Hill French Hayes, Tim French; Allie Hill Gooch, O.T. Gooch, Carnell Gooch, Inez Gooch Hearrngton, Robert Hearington; Troy Hill, Imogene Hill Flowers Brasher, Phill Flowers; Mary Nell Hill Smith, Penney Smith; Margie Nell Hill Pratt, Donna Pratt Rushing; Nettle Hill Quinn, Leah Quinn Cagle, Velva Woods, Timmy Cagle, Alfred Quinn; Lizzie Hill Quinn, Melva Quinn; Golden Hendrix Ivy, Van Ray Ivy, Glenn Ray Ivy, Jim Ivy, Tim Ivy, Jean Parrish, Malissa Parrish, Malinda Jane Tyler, Adam Tyler, Joan Broadway, Rodney Broadway, Wendy BroadwayMike Ivy, Kim Ivy; Coleman Ivy; Charles Ivy, Dale Ivy; Hal Hendrix; Mable Hendrix McCormick, Verdell McCormick, Mark McCormick, Tony McCormick, Brenda Hendrix Meggs, Ronnie Meggs, Rhonda Meggs; Linda Hendrix McKenzie, Jeff Arnold, John Arnold; Imogene Hendrix Perry, Juanita Morgan, Derrell Morgan, Todd Morgan; J. W. Perry; Lynn Perry, Leann Perry; Donna Pitts, Tonya Perry; Felecia Perry; Helen Hendrix Lindsey, James Andy Lindsey; Steve Hendrix, Craig Hendrix; Pauline Hendrix Dodd, Grafton Dodd, Bradley Dodd, Miranda Dodd; Hettie Hendrix Jenkins, Leonard Jenkins, William Jenkins; Obie Hendrix; Elston Evans, Dennis Evans, Craig Evans; Yonna Evans, Lunell Hawks Currin, Denise Currin Evans, Douglas Evans, Donna Evans; Odell Maxwell; Plautt Maxwell, Janice Maxwell Tolley, Tracey Tolley, Allen Tolley, Judy Maxwell King, Christy King, Mickey King, Jr.; Max Ray Maxwell, Johnny Maxwell, Kay Maxwell Johnson; Jack Edward Maxwell, Jackie Maxwell, Suzan Michelle Maxwell, William Phillip Maxwell, Ginger Carol Maxwell; Lorene Bradfield Holiday; Leonard Johnson, Jimmy Johnson, Timmy Johnson, Mark Johnson, Rebecca Johnson; Tony Johnson, Bradley Wayne Johnson; Randy Johnson, Jamie Johnson; Patricia Johnson Dorris; Betty Jean Johnson Quinn, Charles Quinn, Malissa Dianne Quinn, Chad Quinn; Jerry Johnson; Odie Autry Brewer, Inez Brewer; Beulah Brewer Fisher; T. J. Evans, Patsy Evans Ivey, Kim Ivey; Rex Evans; Jimmy Evans, Mark Evans, Wib Evans, Bruce Evans, Allen Evans; Bonnie Evans Gulledge, Ruth Gulledge Moody, Jason Moody; Mondelee Evans Johnson, Mack Johnson, Mark Johnson; Nathan Johnson, Jonathan Johnson; Joe Lee Johnson, Karen Johnson Mabel Evarrs Inman, Claudine Inman Rhodes, Michelle Rhodes, Keith Rhodes; Gordon Evans; Millard Evans; Audry Tolley, Geraldine Evans Tolley, Harold Tolley, Christie Tolley, Robert Tolley, Cindy Tolley, Marty Tolley; Paul D. Tolley; Provincher Tolley, Ronnie Tolley, Angela Tolley; Juaree Tolley Dunavan, Terry Tolley, Tammy Tolley, John Tolley, Shane Tolley.

Much information on the Henry Hendrix Genealogy was obtained from the Genealogical Research of the late Ollie Dennison Tolley, wife of John Tolley of Decaturville who submitted her information to Ruth D. Townsend. Other information submitted to Mrs. Townsend was by Jimmy Essary, Registrar of Henderson County and Mrs. Sylvia Hendrix Tolley of Parsons.

Submitted by Ruth Dodson Townsend (Mrs. H. L., Jr.), 201 West Fourth Street, Parsons, Tennessee 38363

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