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From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
Special thanks to Constance Collett for permission to make these web pages.

In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.


Chapter XIV

Around 1750, James Reynold's Grandfather and Grandmother came from Scotland to America as a newly married couple.

They later migrated through the Cumberland Gap and the Carolinas to middle Tennessee.

The records show that they reared and brought to Decatur County three boys and six girls. However they were in trouble with the Indians and it is possible some were captured or killed.

Solomon, the oldest and James Reynolds father were born at Nashville Tennessee on May 23, 1794. He mustered into the military service for six months at Fayetteville, Tennessee on June 7,1814 in the company of Captain Peter Searcy in the War with the Creek Indians. He was discharged at Mobile, Alabama December 17, 1814 and returned home to his family in Steward County. On his return he ran out of food and killed wild animals for food and one time killed and ate a rattle snake.

Soloman Wyatt moved with his family to Decatur County about 1817 and married Polly McClahan in 1820. His parents William and Betsy Wyatt died soon afterwards and are buried in an unmarked cemetery in the first district in Decatur County.

Solomon Wyatt was granted 155 acre farm in 1852. After he lived on it for ten years he built a home that still stands. His wife sat on the front porch and could hear cannons roaring at the Battle of Shiloh, after seeing soldiers pass the house all the day before. Solomon died February 26, 1860.

James Reynolds Wyatt, one of the eldest was born February 21, 1825, and married Elvira Holland about 1850 and reared seven boys and four girls on the farm which he purchased from Solomon's heirs. James Reynold died September 30, 1916.

David Chesley Wyatt, one of James R. sons bought the farm in 1915. He and Maggie Britt, who married in 1910, reared three boys and two girls. David Chesley died on January 21, 1947.

Lealon Wyatt, one of the sons bought the farm from Chesley's heirs. Lealon married Burma Kelley in 1948 and they reared one son.

The farm is the first Century farm listed in the County and is still in the Wyatt family and the original home place still stands.

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