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From Lillye Younger, The History of Decatur County Past and Present (Southhaven, MS: Carter Printing Company, 1978).
Special thanks to Constance Collett for permission to make these web pages.

In Memory of Lillye Washburn Younger 1912-1998.


Chapter XIV

Lillye Younger

Joe and Lillye Younger

Harmon Joseph Younger, born October 8,1908 near Paris, Tennessee was the son of Minnie Harmon Younger, formerly of Hazel, Kentucky and Joe Younger of Paris.

To this union three daughters, Katherine, Jo Nell, Thelma and a son Harmon Joseph were born. Thelma married Lloyd Warren and they had one daughter, Fay Nell who married Carl Johnson of Austin, Texas. Harmon Joseph (Joe) married Lillye Younger of Parsons September 5, 1932. Katherine married Julius Winchester and they have two sons, Bobbye Joe and Fred. Jo Nell married Robert Dye of Memphis and they have two daughters, Judy and Leigh Ann and two sons, David Dye and Robert. Thelma Warren died shortly after her daughter was born and Joe died May 24, 1972.

Lillye Washburn Younger is the daughter of Jena C. and Lillie Dodson Washburn, both deceased. After the death of her mother, when she was only five (5) weeks of age, she went to live with her grandmother, Mrs. Martha Elizabeth Tennessee White Washburn near Trenton, Tennessee. Besides her father, others living in the Washburn home were his sisters, Annie, Mae, Robin, Odell, Sarah and Wilba and brother Charles Edwin.

Annie married Willie D. Forrester and they had two sons, William and Edwin. Mae married C.V. Maxwell and they had two daughters, Violet who died at birth and Constance Mae, born October 7,1932. Robin married Robert Palmer and they were the parents of two daughters, Mary Edna and Connie and two sons, Horace, who gave his life for his country and O.B. Odell married O.B. Freeman of Trenton and they had a daughter, Helen Lois. Sarah married Harold Lane and they had two sons, Charles Clay and Frank. Wilba married Pug Callahan and they had two daughters, Mary Frances and Sue. She married Jack Madden the second time. Charles Edwin (Dick) married Mayme Canada and they had two sons, Dick Jr. and Rayford and a daughter, Charlotte.

William Forrester married Allie V. Fletcher and they had a daughter, Rebecca, he later married Dorothy Sams and they have a son, Charles. Edwin married Melinda Fuch and they have no children.

Constance Mae Maxwell married Parce Collett and they have two children, Charlie Maxwell and Janice Anne.

Mary Edna Palmer married Onnie Graves and they have Betty Gail who married Jack Godsey and they have Mike Godsey, and James Godsey and she later married Charles Faulk and they have a son, David. Terry Wayne married Judy, last name unknown and they have a son, Clayton Wayne and a daughter Amy Michelle.

Rex Farris (Bud) married Shirley Smith and they had two sons, Billy and Tim & Toni. He later married Martha Grover and they have two children, Tracy and Buddie.

Connie married Johnnie Chapell and they had four children, Edwin, Judy, Susan and Mark who is deceased. She later married Gilbert Marshall. O.B. Palmer and Dot Palmer have two sons, Randy and Jerry and he is married the second time to Laura Dale Tardy. Helen Lois Freeman married Leeman Phillips of Jackson and they have no children.

Frank Lane married Jean Stagner and they had four daughters and two sons, Gail, Cindy, Ann, Sheryl, Larry and Ricky.

Charles Clay (Bubba) Lane married Donna, last name unknown and they have two children Chris and Greg.

Mary Frances Callahan married Earl Warren and they have a son, Earl Warren II known as Butch. He married Suzanna Brown and they have a daughter, Mary Margeret. He later married Patti Preston. They live in Tallahasee, Florida.

Sue Callahan married Pete Kelley and they have three sons, Johnny, Rickey and Bobby. Johnny married Kay Petty.

Charlotte Washburn married Thomas Dement and they have twin daughters, Carlo and Paula Dement and a son, Anthony who married Kay Carroll Burton. Rayford married Marlene Wilson. They have no children. Dick Jr. married Margie McHugh and they had two children, Diane and James Robert. Diane married Frank Lockart and James Robert was killed in a car wreck while attending UTM in Martin. Dick Jr. died while serving his country in the Navy.

Martha Elizabeth Tennessee White married Charles Salmon Washburn and settled in the Hickory Grove Community in Gibson County, Tennessee. She was the daughter of Jacob and Matilda Caroline Walden White. She had five sisters, Rosa who married Scott Alley and had 15 children. Only twelve can be named, Jake, Roscoe, Jasper, Ausborn, Carlos, Luther, Winnie Dee, Clayton, Ervin, Roxie, Eula and Viola Alley.

Daisy White married Leslie Canada and they had seven children, Nell, Lexa, Daisy Lee, Paul, William, Robert Edward, Elizabeth and Matelda who died very young. Paul and Nell are deceased.

Mary White married Andrew Hunt and they were the parents of four children, Ruby Nell, Rex, Roy and Pruitt.

Lelia White married Marian Hayes and they had a daughter Mary and a son Frank.

Ode White married Fannie Kry and they had three daughters, Margaret, Lillian, and Emma and a son, Jake.

Jim White married Maggie Cathcot and they had three sons, Frank, Paul, Cecil and a daughter, Ruth.

Charley White married Ethel Bruce and they had two daughters and a son; Mable who married Bates Thornton, Mary, who died quite young and Charley Bruce, deceased. He married Bertha Long. Mable's children are Rebecca and Dickey. John White married Lou Pipkins the first time and Lorene Mitchell the second time. He had a son, Eugene by his second wife and Mary T. and Robert by his first wife. Will White married Cassie Patterson and they had a daughter, Mattie and two sons, William White and Bob White.

Matilda Caroline Walden White was the sister of Dan, Monroe and John Walden of Lawrenceburg. Jacob White's people came from Mt. Pleasant.

Jacob White and his family came to West Tennessee in 1876 and settled in the Hickory Grove Community.

Martha Elizabeth Tennessee White Washburn recalled leaving Murray County when she was 16 years of age. Daisy White Canada was the baby of the family and born after the family moved to Gibson County.

The trek from Middle Tennessee to West Tennessee was some adventure in the early days. Crossing the Tennessee River was quite thrilling to a mind of a sixteen. Romance spiraled for Martha Elizabeth Tennessee, White known as Lizzie While walking down a country lane one afternoon she met Charles Salmon Washburn who was a young school teacher. When he learned she was named Elizabeth he exclaimed Why that was my Mother's name". They fell madly in love and were married February 18, 1887 in Trenton, Tennessee.

He was the son of John S. Washburn and Elizabeth Shackelford. John S. was born in 1810 and died in 1868 in Middlebury, Mass. and she was born in 1819 and died in 1888. They were married in 1848 in Tallapoose County, Alabama.

Elizabeth Shackelford Washburn was the sister of Dr. James Thomas Shackelford who was born 12-5-1827 in Marion, Alabama. He married Mary Ann Bulger 7-1-1851. In Montgomery County, Alabama. She was born in Dadeville, Alabama. James Thomas died 9-1-1904 and his wife died 3-28-1900.

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