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Reagan School circa 1907

HOW MANY? — How many do you know in this old picture of the Reagan school students dating 1907? This picture was furnished by Mrs. J. N. Smith and she listed these as members of the school: Manley Harvell, teacher; Walter Ross, Mrs. Ernest Bailey, Mrs. Robert Wright, Harrison Richardson, Kye Stanfill, Mrs.. John R. Holmes, Mrs. Jap Petty, William Ross, Ernest Freemon, Mrs. Jim Thompson, Sindy Smith, Jerome Powers, Willie Smith, Robert Davenport, Robert Grissom, Arch Martin, Joe Stanfill, Bill Hodgin, Jake Wallace, Grady Davenport, Worth Powers, Albert Grissom, Hubert Ross, Ed Taylor, Jess Ross, Jim Hodgin, Kye Martin, Dee Smith, Frank Smith, Jake Smith, Homer Davenport, Clude Martin, Mary Freeman, Mannie Smith, Lena Taylor, Martha E. Smith, Mrs. Joe Holmes, Edna Stewart, Mrs. Charlie McCollum, Mrs. Dexter McCall, Frank Taylor, Sr.

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