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Marion Ernest Bivins Family

from the research of Vicki Bivins

Marion Ernest Bivins and wife

Marion Ernest Bivins & Annie Conaway

The Marion Ernest Bivins family is from the Bath Springs, Decatur County, TN. area. The Bivins family has been in that area since the early 1800's, as far as we have been able to document.

Marion Ernest Bivins  was born in April of 1877 in Henderson County, raised in Bath Springs, attended Three Way School House, and passed away on May 17, 1931. He was survived by his second wife Lillie, his sons Edgar and Coy Bivins, by his first wife Annie. He was also survived by the children of his second wife Lillie, who were as follows. John Woodrow Bivins,  Leona White,  Ernest Marion Bivins, and  Erles Thomas Bivins, all of whom are also deceased now.

Marion's first wife was "Annie" Anna Conaway. They had five children together, four sons and a daughter. Only two of the sons survived, Coy and Edgar Bivins. Anna passed away in 1910.

Marion's second wife, "Lillie" Lillian Louetta Elizabeth Flatt and her family, also lived in the area. They had four children. She passed away on Sept 13, 1957.


The only picture we have found, was taken from a metal photo plate. NOTE: We have yet to find documentation concerning Hanah's husband "UNKNOWN", so we are not absolutely certain of what his given name was. We believe that it was either Wilson or William. Also, the only information we have on Hanna B. is that she was born in March of 1849. We don't know what the "B." stands for, nor do we have any information as to what her maiden name was. We do know that they had five children. They were as follows, according to the June 6, 1900 Decatur County Census for District 11, Page 7, Lines 48-50 and Page 8, Line 1. (Underlined information added by my research.)

Hanna was 51 years old and a widowed housewife. There were five children born to the family with three living at the time this census was taken. DOB, WED, DOD, BURIED: Unknown

William  "Bill" Bivins DOB 25 AUG 1874, PLACE: Decatur County, TN., DOD: Unknown, BURIED: Unknown


Marion Ernest Bivins DOB: ?? APR 1877, PLACE: Henderson County, TN. DOD: 17 MAY 1931, PLACE: Bath Springs, Decatur County, TN. BURIED: Kelly Cemetery Liberty, Decatur County, TN. (Buried next to Annie Marked with rock slabs)

WED #1.: "Annie" Anna Conaway DATE: 14 FEB 1903, PLACE: Decatur County, TN. (JP W. R. Tuttin) #562 (Witnessed by: J. E. Hopper) DOB: UNKNOWN, DOD: 1910 BURIED: Kelly Cemetery, Liberty, Decatur County, TN.


  1. Edgar Jackson Bivins DOB: 1 AUG 1905 PLACE: Bath Springs, Decatur County, TN.
    DOD: 2 JUN 1985 PLACE: Dyersburg, Dyer County, TN.
    BURIED: Arlington Heights Memory Gardens, Cook County, IL.
  2. Coy Bivins DOB: 13 OCT 1907 PLACE: Bath Springs, Decatur County, TN.
    DOD: 18 NOV 1980 PLACE: Jackson, Madison County, TN.
    BURIED: Red House Cemetery, Bath Springs, Decatur County, TN.
  3. Noy Bivins DOB: ?? OCT 1907 PLACE: Bath Springs, Decatur County, TN. (Relatives have said that one of the deceased infants was the twin to Coy Bivins and named Noy Bivins.)
    DOD: UNKNOWN (Died in infancy) (Believe he is one of the infants buried with Marion and Anna at the Kelly Cemetery)
  4. Edna Bivins DOB: 24 MAR 1910 PLACE: Bath Springs, Decatur County, TN.
    DOD: UNKNOWN (Died in infancy)
    (Believe she is one of the infants buried with Marion and Anna at the Kelly Cemetery)

WED #2.: "Lillie" Lillian Louetta Elizabeth Flatt DATE: 17 DEC 1911, PLACE: Decatur County, TN. ( JP name faded out) #410 (Witnessed by: (?) J. O. Henderson [Also faded and hard to read]. DOB: 6 APR 1890, PLACE: Hardin County, TN. DOD: 13 SEP 1957, PLACE: Savannah, Hardin County, TN. BURIED: Kelly Cemetery, Liberty, Decatur County, TN.


  1. John Woodrow Bivins DOB: 1914, PLACE: Bath Springs, Decatur County, TN.
    DOD: 7 DEC 1978, PLACE: Liberty, Decatur County, TN.
    BURIED: United Methodist Church Cemetery, Liberty, Decatur County, TN.
  2. Leona "Lonie" Bivins, White DOB: 25 SEP 1915-16(NOT SURE) , PLACE: Unknown
    DOD: 22 DEC 1995, PLACE: Sommerville, Fayette County, TN.
    BURIED: Sommerville, Fayette County, TN.
  3. Ernest Marion Bivins DOB: 21 APR 1919, PLACE: Bath Springs, Decatur County, TN.
    DOD: 2 FEB 1977, PLACE: Crittenden County, Arkansas
  4. Erles Thomas Bivins DOB: 22 SEP 1924, PLACE: Bath Springs, Decatur County, TN.
    DOD: 2 JUN 1990, PLACE: Parsons, Decatur County, TN.
    BURIED: Prospect Baptist Church Cemetery, Prospect, Decatur County, TN.
    PFC Erles Thomas Bivins has been honored with a memorial registered at

Wilson Perry Bivins DOB ?? OCT 1880, PLACE: Decatur County, TN.
WED: Ida Mayo DATE: 27 MAR 1910, PLACE: Decatur County, TN. (JP: N. J. Oltan...(?)) #214 (Witnessed by: Wilson Bivins)

If anyone knows and/or has documentation on Unknown Bivins and/or his wife, Hanah B., please let us know, as we would like to find out who they were and who their families were. Thank you in advance.

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