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Charlotte Olivia Crook

Transcribed and contributed by Suzanne Berman

Our great great grandparents, Rosanna Waters and John Farrow, were the parents of the following children:

Sarah, Thomas, John, Landon, Samuel, Mary, Jane and William.

The youngest of these, William, was our great grandfather. He married his first cousin, Rhoda, daughter of Col. Philemon Waters. Their children were:

Jennie - married Dr. West
Charlotte - married Willis Arnold
Richard - married Elizabeth Stuart
Rosanna - married Zebulun Bragg
Elizabeth - married Thomas Murphy
Nancy - married Isaac Adair
Robert and William - do not know about

Our grandfather, Richard Farrow, was born October 23, 1795. Died December 9, 1872. He was married to Elizabeth Stuart February 22, 1820. To this union were born eleven children as follows:

Philemon Berry Farrow was born November 12, 1821, and died February 22, 1890.
William Farrow was born October 5, 1823, died April 14, 1853.
Harriet Jane Farrow was born October 29, 1825, died July 6, 1837.
Benjamin A. Farrow was born September 5, 1827, and died December 30, 1871.
Samuel W. Farrow was born November 18, 1829, died March 7, 1873.
James Hamilton Farrow was born February 19, 1832, died December 2, 1864.
Rhoda Caroline, born February 25, 1834, died March 6, 1836.
Rosanna Elizabeth was born June 14, 1836 and died -
Sarah Virginia Farrow was born February 18, 1838.
George W. Farrow was born July 1, 1840, died August 30, 1915.
Charles Gatewood Farrow was born November 3, 1844, died in 1874.

Our father, Philemon Barry Farrow, married Mary Elizabeth Crook, and to them were born eight children as follows:

Charlotte Olivia married Jesse B. Crook.
Cornelia Virginia - married Dr. J. R. Carroll.
Fredrick William - married Ethie Cary.
John Sydney - married Mary Catherine Miser.
Walter Crook - married Jenkie Campbell.
Arthur Cleburne - married Bonnie Stocks.
Joseph Elliott - married May Darrow.
Rupert Claudius - married Emma Clinton.

In the year 1926, Charlotte Olivia Crook, living in Henderson, Tenn., is the mother of eight children as follows:

Kate - married to Fletcher Campbell and living at Corinth, Miss. To this union two children were born, Jesse, now 20 years old, and James who died in infancy.

Jennie, second daughter of Charlotte Olivia Crook.

Hattie May, third daughter.

Lucille - married A. C. McGuire and living in Memphis, Tenn. One son, Andrew Barry Crook, married Dottie Kline. No children.

Ruth Crook married J. C. Holton and has two children, Dorothy and Harry Holton.

Cornelia Crook

Cornelia Virginia who married Dr. James R. Carroll never had any children.

Fred W. Farrow and wife, Ethie Cary, had three children, namely:

Fred - married and now living in Shreveport, La.

George - in the navy.

Cary married and living in Houston, Texas.

John Sydney Farrow and Mary Catherine Miser had born to them three children as follows:

John Sydney - married Edna M. Green and has two sons, John Robert and William B. They are no living in Los Angeles, California.

Mary Catherine - married Dr. Ernest Mitchell and is living in Monett, Mo. She has two children, Rupert and Mary Ruth.

Ruth - married Roscoe G. Ayers and lives in Tulsa, Okla.

John Sydney Farrow, Sr., died in 1915.

Walter Crook Farrow married Jenkie Campbell of Booneville, Miss., and to this union were born two children:

Albert Phil who married Hester Bennet of Troy, Tenn., in June, 1926, and is living in Knoxville, Tenn.

Walter Berry is living in Wilmington, N.C., and is engaged in newspaper work.

Joseph Elliott Farrow and May Darrow Farrow had born to them two children:

Susie Olivia and Joseph who are living in Fort Worth, Texas.

Joseph Elliott Farrow died in Ft. Worth, Texas, June 8, 1926.

Arthur Cleburne Farrow and Bonnie Stocks had born to their union the following children:

Allene, Maurine, Arthur Cleburne, Martha, Elizabeth, Florence, Virginia, and Albert. They live in Malden, Mo.

Rupert Claudius Farrow and wife, Emma Clinton, live in Monett, Mo., and had no children.

Philemon Berry Farrow lived and died at Henderson, Tenn., where Charlotte Olivia Crook, Cornelia Virginia Carroll and Walter Crook Farrow now live.

Brothers and sisters of Philemon Berry Farrow:

William, died unmarried.

Samuel Farrow married Adeline Trice and to this union were born eight children as follows: William, Avarilla, LaFayette, Robert, Wilkes, John, Carrie, and Ed.

Do not know who Benjamin married. He lived in Arkansas and had children.

James married Mary Ragan in Miss., and had two daughters, Leone and Nannie. Their whereabouts unknown whether living or dead. James died during the Civil War.

Rosanna married a Mr. Dozier and had two children, a son Samuel and a daughter whose name I cannot recall.

Jennie married a Mr. Brinkley and had two children, Leo and Tissia.

George married in what used to be the Indian Territory, now Oklahoma. He died about the year 1918, and left several children living in Oklahoma.

Harriet Jane Farrow never married.

Rhoda Carolina Farrow died at the age of two years.

Charles Gatewood Farrow, the youngest child, married some where in Miss., and left children.

See Hamlett Cemetery

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