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Ivey Reunion - 1960

from the collection of Charles R. Fiddler

This picture is from an Ivey Reunion held in the summer of 1960 at the Decaturville City Park. The barn and fence in the background are actually across the highway from the park. The reunion was held a few months before the death of Arthur Marshall Ivey in December of 1960. Many of the people in the picture are descendants of Arthur Marshall Ivey. Ora Moore Ivey, widow of Arthur's brother, John Walter Ivey is also in the picture.

As with many Ivey gatherings, Sol Brasher was the photographer who made the picture. The original picture is not in very good shape but most of the people are discernible.  If you can identify more of the people in the picture, please contact me. Please click on individuals in the picture to go to an enlarged view with names where available.

James Ivey has provided other pictures that were also taken at the reunion.

Thanks to James Ivey, Cory Pratt, Paul Ivey, Dian Brasher and Carl Butler, Jr. for identifying people in the picture.

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click on any person for an enlarged view with names where available

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