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Jones Migration from NC to TN

from the research of Bill Jones

Matthew Jones, born 1795 in Wadesboro, Anson Co, NC, died, Jul 28,1864 in Henderson Co. TN.  Matthew married Anna Hinson, born 1807 in NC, died, Jan 22, 1877 in Henderson Co. TN

Sarah Moriah Jones born Jan 12, 1826, Anson Co, NC
Talitha Pinkney Jones, born May 8, 1829, Anson Co, NC
Savel Levina Jones, born Sep 7, 1827 in Anson Co, NC
Henderson Tillman Jones, born Dec 26, 1830, Henderson Co. TN
Troy Wilson Jones, born Sep 14, 1832, Henderson Co. TN
Ransom Timothy Jones born Mar 8, 1834 in Henderson Co. TN
Perry Tipton Jones, born Jan 13, 1836 in Henderson Co. TN
Merrill Hinson Jones, born Aug 6, 1838, Hardin Co. TN
Carroll Vincent Jones, born Sep 17, 1840, Hardin Co. TN
Isaac M. Jones, born Apr 18, 1844, Henderson Co. TN

The Matthew Jones family moved from Anson Co, NC sometime between the birth of Talitha Pinckney (May 8, 1829) and the birth of Henderson Tillman (Dec 26 1830). The 1830 Census of Henderson Co. TN places them there.  They settled around Haley's Creek in the Oak Grove area.  The Jones history in Tennessee intertwines with the Scotts, Garners, Presleys and Howells.  One family went on to Texas in 1893, but most settled in the Henderson (Surveyor District 9), Hardin, Decatur Co. TN areas.

Anyone interested in the history of this family prior to the 1800's or specific information about Matthew's children may contact Bill Jones.

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