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from the photograph collection of Leo J. Donahue

Sophie Rushing Moore (left) and unidentified woman)

Among the Moore family photographs is a series of nine photographs mounted on square textured cardboard.  All have identical mounting and appear to date from the same time.  The occasion for the photographs may be a visit of James, Granville, Lige, and possible Margaret from Texas.  Jesse Franklin Moore does not appear in the photographs and probably was married by this time.  An example image is shown below.

James Moore (center) and Undientified Women with Moore House in Background

Closeup of Above Photograph

Wesley, Esther, Bess, Mary, and Bert Moore; Probably W. G. Moore by Wagon
1902 Date is Based on this Photograph

Probably Eligah (Lige) Moore

Original Size, Location Unknown


The remaining five photographs feature Granville and Lige Moore and two other men, Dr. Bond and Will Doulen on an outing. The location is unidentified. Assuming these photographs were made the same time as those above, the location probably is on the banks of the Beech River at the rear (north boundary) of the Moore property.

Lige, Dr. Bond, Granville

Will Doulen, Lige, Dr. Bond

Granville, Will Doulen, Dr. Bond

Granville, Will Doulen, Lige

Will Doulen, Lige Granville

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