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Henry and Ertie Millner


Henry Clint Millner (November 13, 1895-January 22, 1962) was born in the back of a wagon near Milan, Tennessee on the way to Trenton, Tennessee. When he was 14 he walked from Trenton to Sardis in his bare feet. In Sardis he boarded with Tommie Holland's family, for whom he worked for five years. Soon after he got to Sardis Henry met his future wife Ertie.

Ertie Slina Redden (January 17, 1898-February 3, 1984) was the daughter of James Franklin Redden and Betty Jane Elizabeth Jones Redden. She was born 1898, in the Liberty community of Decatur County. Henry Clint Millner and Ertie Redden were married June 15, 1915, in Sardis.


Henry and Ertie are buried at Sardis Cemetery. The infants are buried at Prospect Cemetery.


Millner Family and House (1953)


Detail from Photograph Above


Ertie and Henry Millner (1961)


Raymond, Kenneth, Mary, and Billy (1979)


Neal and Mary (1979)


Ertie Millner (1979)


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