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[Comment: The articles below suggest that Isaac was a son of Phillip Rushing. In my opinion he probably was one of the younger children of Richard Rushing. Most likely time frames are 1765-1785 for Phillip's children and 1785-1800 for Richard's children based on 1790 and 1800 census data. David Donahue, October 1997.]


by Billie Gene Poland, 1990

p. 691, "Issac Rushing"

Isaac Rushing was born around 1798 in Anson County, North Carolina. His father, Phillip Rushing served in the American Revolution in North Carolina and received a pension. Before 1810 Phillip, along with his brother, Richard Rushing, moved their families to Perry County, Tennessee and settled near a creek which later was known as "Rushing Creek." Perry County was divided in 1840 and their area became Decatur County. Isaac Rushing married first Rebecca Saint and their children were: 1. Alston Rushing; 2. Hannah Rushing; 3. Burrell Rushing; 4. Isabel Rushing; 5. Jemima Rushing; 6. Lucy Rushing; 7. Lucinda Rushing; 8. Morning Rushing.

Isaac's second marriage was to Elizabeth Griffin and their children were: 9. Sarah Ann Rushing; 10. Van Buren Rushing; 11. Andrew Jackson Rushing; 12. Amanda Malvenia Rushing; 13. James Phillip Rushing.

In the early 1840's Isaac moved his family to Bienville Parish, Louisiana, and settled in the Old Saline area (Old Saline in Bienville Parish). He is listed as one of the founding members of the Old Saline Church.

Burrell Rushing married Malissa Cloud Morgan, daughter of William Cloud and Rebecca Roe. (See William Cloud family.) Malissa was married first to (?) Morgan and had a son, William Morgan. Children by Burrell Rushing were:

1. Rebecca Rushing; 2. Burrell Hicks Rushing; 3. Malissa Ann Rushing; 4. Chester Rushing; 5. Henretta Rushing; 6. Baxter Rushing.

Reverend Burrell Rushing married second Sarah E. Aliston. (Sarah E. was actually an Allison and the daughter of George W. Allison of Price Peach Orchard in Bienville Parish. B.G.P.) Their children were: 7. Ethel Linda Rushing; 8. Cornelia Homa Rushing; 9. Odessa Rushing; 10. Clifford Rushing.

Viola Virginia Rushing, born 1 May 1876, died 9 June 1945, married Edward Mahlon Morgan, son of Richard A. Morgan and Harrette Harper. (See Morgan and Edward Harper families.) Children were: 1. Albert Mahlon Morgan; 2. Cora Mae Morgan; 3. Grover Neal Morgan; 4. Oren Brice Morgan; 5. Alice Morgan; 6. Mary Louella Morgan.

Virginia Todd Whitaker


p. 690, "Isaac Rushing"

The Rushings came from Anson County, N.C. to Perry Co., Tennessee ca 1819. They settled on Rushing Creek, so named for the family because they had built the first cabins on that stream in West Tennessee. On the 1820 census living next door to one another were Isham Saint, Richard Rushing, Phillip Rushing, Burrell Rushing and close by was a Benjamin Saint. Phillip and Richard were brothers and both of them served in the Revolutionary War. Phillip is believed to be the father of Isaac Rushing.

Isaac Rushing was born 1800 Anson Co. North Carolina. He married Rebecca Saint ca 1822 Perry Co., Tennessee. They had eight children. Isaac and Rebecca were listed on the 1830 Perry Co. Tennessee census. After Rebecca died, Isaac married Mrs. Elizabeth Griffen. They moved to Louisiana from Perry Co. somewhere around 1839 settling in Claiborne Parish. According to the 1840 census they did not bring all of their children with them. Only the two older sons of Isaac and Rebecca's and the oldest daughter of Elizabeth's by her first marriage to James Allen.

Isaac and Elizabeth Rushing had moved to the Saline area by 1844, as they were listed among the first 61 members of Old Saline Baptist Church when it was constituted 7 September 1844.

1850 Bienville Parish census:

Isaac Rushing, 50 N.C.

Elizabeth, 49 N.C.

Sarah Ann, 14 Tenn.

Van Buren, 12 Tenn.

Jackson, 10 La.

James P. 6 La.

Amanda, 8 La.

Isaac and Elizabeth Rushing died April, 1853 in Natchitoches, Louisiana, what is now ward 2, just across the Bienville Parish line from Saline. A succession was filed there in August 1853. Isaac had a large estate which included 40 head of hogs, 60 head of horned cattle, 1 yoke of oxen, 1 grey horse, 1 bay mare, 1 bay colt, 1 bull. He had 2 slaves, 1 female Celie who was sold for $920.00 and 1 male Nelson who was sold for $1600.00.

His heirs by his first wife, Rebecca Saint, were:

I. Alston G. Rushing, b. ca 1823 Tenn. mrd. 1st Emelie Bordelon 24 January 1850; mrd. 2nd Sarah Jane Lester. Children according to census were:

(1) Margaret Victoria Rushing; (2) William Jefferson Rushing b. 3 January 1856, d. 22 September 1940, mrd. Lula Walker 9 January 1880; (3) Elizabeth Rushing; (4) Mary R. (Rebecca?) Rushing; (5) Julia Rushing; (6) Josephine Rushing b. 22 March 1864 d. 15 December 1891; (7) Melissa Rushing b. 8 June 1866, d. 10 January 1938 mrd. Reuben Ray Cloud 8 December 1897; (8) Eliza Rushing mrd. Marshall Walker 25 December 1884; (9) Phobe Rushing; (10) Hicks Rushing; (11) Harmond Rushing; (12) Alston Rushing; (13) Ola Rushing.

II. Hannah Rushing, b. ca 1824 mrd. William R. Rushing. They lived in Natchitoches Parish, La. Their children according to the census were:

(1) Elizar Rushing; (2) Elizabeth Rushing; (3) B. Phillip Rushing; (4) Sarah Rushing; (5) Jesse L. Rushing; (6) Isaac Rushing; (7) John G. Rushing.

III. Burrell Rushing, b. 17 March 1824/1828 Tenn., d. 30 May 1892 buried Old Saline Cemetery mrd. 4 November 1851 Bienville Parish, Mrs. Malissa Cloud Morgan, widow of Charles Morgan. Malissa Cloud (daughter of Noah Cloud, Sr.??) mrd. Charles Morgan 14 January 1840 Natchitoches Parish. They had a son, William S. Morgan, who married Ada Womack. They also had two daughters, Delitha, and Mary C. Morgan who married John Barnhart.

Children of Burrell and Malissa according to the succession filed in 1892 were: (1) Rebecca Rushing, mrd. 15 February 1865 David F. Williams.

(2) Burrell Hicks Rushing, mrd. 7 May 1874 Susan Ingram, mrd. 2nd 15 July 1886 Sarah Allison. Children of Burrell and Susan were: (a) Oscar O. Rushing b. 17 March 1875, mrd. Mrs. Rosa Harper Terrell; (b) Viola Virginia Rushing b. 7 May 1876, mrd. Edward M. Morgan; (c) Chester Dare Rushing b. 28 September 1881, mrd. Ella G. Williams; (d) Mary Henrietta Rushing b. 5 January 1883, mrd. Patrick Coffey, Jr.; (e) Nettie Susan Rushingb. 1 March 1884; (f) Baxter B. Rushing b. 16 October 1885, mrd. Annie A. Thompson. Children of Burrell and Sarah were: (a) Ethel Rushing b. 31 December 1887, mrd. Everett Weeks; (b) Cornelius Rushing; (c) Odessa Rushing, mrd. Calvin Durbin.

(3) Malissa Ann Rushing, mrd. 5 Jan. 1868 Arthur M. Warren.

(4) Alston Greenbury Rushing, b. 2 April 1853, d. 20 June 1844 buried Ramah Cemetery, Ashland, La. mrd. 19 February 1872 Lydia O. Warren, mrd. 2nd Rosienna Cox 19 March 1885.

(5) Elizabeth Rushing mrd. 22 July 1873 Thomas A. Warren.

(6) Robert R. Rushing, mrd. ??? 21 January 1875 M. C. Lester; mrd. 3 April 1879 Rebecca Rushing (Mary R. Rushing????), mrd. 28 December 1884 Sarah (Sallie) Elizabeth Williams (daughter of James Madison and Emily Allen Williams). Burrell Rushing, Sr. served in the C.S.A.

IV. Isabel Rushing, wife of Isaac Lasiter of Tenn.

V. Jemima Rushing, dec'd of Missouri, late wife of James Smith.

VI. Lucy Rushing of Tenn.

VII. Lucinda Rushing of Natchitoches Parish, La.

VIII. Morning Rushing, wife of Arthur Folly [Tolley] of Tenn.

Isaac's heirs by Elizabeth were:

1. Sarah Ann Rushing, wife of Riley Wallace of Arkansas.

2. Martin Van Buren Rushing, died 20 February 1864 Rock Island, Illinois as a prisoner of Civil War. He married Eliza Murphy 25 July 1857 Bienville Parish.

3. Andrew Jackson Rushing, b. 1840 La., served in the C.S.A.

4. Amanda Melvenia Rushing.

5. James Phillip Rushing, died 26 March 1864 Marietta, Ga., during the Civil War.

Elizabeth Rushing's heirs by James Allen, her first husband were:

1. Emily Allen, b. 1820/25 d. Sept. 1896 Natchitoches Parish, La. mrd. ca 1840 James Madison Williams. Both are buried Lester Cemetery, Chestnut, La.

2. Elizabeth Allen, wife of Eli Williams.

Her heirs by her second husband, Guilford Criffin of Perry Co., Tenn. were:

1. Alfred Griffin, Decatur City, Tenn.

2. Harriet Griffin, wife of Colvin Rushing of Texas.


p. 689, "Alston Greenberry Rushing"

Alston Greenberry Rushing was born 18 February 1823 in Tennessee, the son of Isaac Rushing and Rebecca Saint. His wife was Sarah Jane Lester, born 10 August 1836, died 20 May 1889. They were married 11 December 1853. Children of Alston G. Rushing were:

Margaret Vistoria "Mag" Rushing married George Inn, Jr. "Bud" Walker. She was born 16 September 1854 and died 28 February 1920.

William Jefferson "Jeff" Rushing was born 3 January 1856 and died 22 September 1940. He married Lula Walker.

E. Jane Rushing was born 9 July 1857 and died 10 September 1893. She married G. M. "Jack" Walker.

M. Rebecca "Becky" Rushing married Byrd Reeves. She was born 10 February 1860 and died 19 June 1891.

G. George Rushing was born 10 March 1861 and died 10 June 1861.

Julia Amanda Rushing married David "Dave" Kelsoe. She was born 2 July 1862 and died 19 October 1937.

Josephine Rushing married William "Willie" Simmons. She was born 22 March 1864 and died 15 December 1891.

Melissa Lucretia "Lissa" Rushing was born 8 June 1866 and died 10 January 1938. She married Reuben Ray Cloud.

Eliza Lee Rushing, born 5 August 1868, died 7 June 1944, married Marshall Walker.

Phoebe Izara Rushing married Joshua C. "Pomp" Walker. She was born 5 August 1868 and died 19 August 1943.

Burl H. Rushing never married. He was born 13 February 1871 and died 28 September 1894.

James Bradley "Jim" Rushing was born 13 February 1871 and died 9 October 1938. He first married Zeala Coffey (deceased). His second marriage was to Lena Bumgardner.

Harmon G. Rushing was never married. He was born 19 June 1873. His death date is not known.

Ola Evelyn Rushing married W. Camp Ragsdale. She was born 16 December 1876 and died 27 May 1956.

Alston Greenberry "Green" Rushing was born 16 December 1876. His wife's name was Henrietta. His death date is not known.

Lorraine Joyner

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