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from the research notes of Francis Thomas

RUSHING-BARRETT FAMILY, Anson County, N.C., Compiled 1966

Jesse J. Rushing was born in Anson County, NC, 1804 (census) died 1873 (estate) in Anson Co., NC. He married 1824 Mary Barrett in Anson Co., who was born Mar 01, 1805, probably in Montgomery Co. She was living in Anson Co., in 1877 when she deeded land. She was the daughter of Dominick Barrett and wife, the former Martha Faircloth who married in Montgomery Co., NC, about 1800, and later moved to Anson Co., NC.

The home of Jesse J. Rushing still stands, unoccupied, on the left beyond the old Armstrong Barrett place-left at Sturdivants Crossroads. Mrs. Ella Faulkner said she always called it the old William Rushing place. (Could Jesse J. Rushing's father be William Rushing?)

Children: (List made up from information furnished by Mrs. (Mary Blair of Marshville, NC; Mrs. Hal Dellinger (of Peachland, NC; 1850 census of Anson Co; Court (House records of Anson Co.; Huntley Cemetery; (Martha Rushing and husband, Hampton Huntley; (family records in Ashley Co., Ar.

I. Martha Rushing (1825-1911) m. Hampton Huntley (1823-1884) 10 ch.

II. Jane Rushing b. 1827 m. Malcolm Nivin 6 ch.

III. Johnson Rushing 1829 m. Jane Lilly

IV. Frances Eleanor b. 4-1-1832 at Anson Co., NC; d. at Ashley Co., AR, 7-28-1895; and married Hogan Allen in Anson Co., NC 3-8-1849. He was born in Anson Co., NC 1-20-1829 & d. at Ashley Co., AR, 7-16-1899. They moved to Arkansas 1851.

V. Thomas Rushing b. 1834, m. Adeline Huntley, daughter of David of Anson Co., NC. 3 ch.

VI. Elizabeth Rushing 1838

VII. Sarah Rushing 1838, m. Stephen Hasty

VIII. Richmond Rushing 1840

IX. Andrew Rushing b. 1842 (killed in the Battle of Gettysburg 1863)

X. Henrietta Rushing 1844, m. Thomas Brown

On November 22, 1877, Mrs. Mary Rushing, widow of Jesse J. Rushing, dec'd, sold her dower land, 265 acres, to Townley Redfern for $600.00, land situated in Anson Co., NC on the waters of Brown Creek, adjoining the lands of Thomas Barrett, J. C. Morgan, J. A. Gathing and others. Witnesses: F. S. Rushing Isaac S. Huntley

On Dec. 18, 1885, George W. Huntley stated F. S. Rushing and Isaac Huntley are not then residents of the state but he knows their handwriting so the deed was registered.


Dominick Barrett, Will Bk. B, page 114

Dominick Barrett wrote his will November 30, 1839 and it was probated July Session 1840. He was a very wealthy land and slave owner, as well as having quite a lot of cash for that day and time.

He had eleven children and they were intermarried with the Crowder, Rushing, Huntley, Redfern, Harrell families. He left to each of his children a nice legacy.

He left to Richmond and Calvin Barrett a parcel of land bought of Stephen Rushin, Esqr.

He left to son, Thomas a tract of land bought of James M. Rushing, and to son Eli land he bought of Robert Rushing, Jr., and also two negro boys named Hampton and Allen. He left to his son, Armstrong, a parcel of land bought of Richard Rushing, Sr.


From "The North Carolinian" Vol. 1, No. 2, page 696. All marriage Bonds of Anson County were destroyed by fire in 1868, however, preserved in the Archives in Raleigh (File No. 5001) are two marriage bonds dated 1762 and two lists of marriage licenses issued in Anson Co., covering from June 1, 1786 to Dec. 1, 1787.

Wm. Rushins-Susanna Milton-1762

1 June 1786 to June 1 1787:

Mathew Rushion-Sarah Harrell-1786-1787

P. 297, June 1957


Tax List 1763 of Anson Co., NC

William Rushin & Negroes Mart & Coffee

From the Auditor's Office, Raleigh, NC, a certificate, showing that Wm. Rushing was paid Six Pounds and some shillings, Sept 3rd, 1782. This would appear to be William Rushing who married Susanna Milton in 1762 and appears on the 1763 Tax List.


LAND GRANTS from Secretary of State Anson County.

William Rushin 400 acres of land in Anson Co., on So. W. side of Pee Dee River at a pine, on the Et. side of No. Fork of Thompson's Creek, Dated 26th May, 1757.

William Rushing 150 acres, Anson Co., lying on Brown Creek...on the west side of a Branch of Brown Creek called little Brown Creek....Dated 27th Nov. 1762.

No. 186 John Rushing 150 acres Anson lower side of Brown Creek...Wt side of a deep hollow a corner of William Rushing's 400 acres....Dated May 24, 1773

(This seems to be a brother of William.)

No. 1700 Granted to John Rushing, son of John Rushing (Dec'd) fifty acres in our county of Anson...beginning at a post oak in his Father's line...near a line of Robert Rushing's...Entd. 20th day of March 1780, dated 30th August, 1802.

No. 2296 ...granted unto Stephen Rushing 100 acres of land in Anson County, on Black Jack Branch, entered 13 April 1813, dated 20th Dec. 1814.


N. C. State Library - Stephen Rushing listed on page 100, 1812 Roster, as 3rd Captain in 2nd Regiment, Anson Co., NC

John Rushing listed as a Private, 4th Reg., 8th Company, detached from Anson Regiment, War of 1812.


State of North Carolina. No. 3090. Know Ye that we have granted unto William M. Rushing one hundred and eighty acres of land in Anson County, on the Black Jack Creek, joining the lands of Michael Baker...beginning corner of two other tracts granted Stephen oak in William Morgan's two post oaks supposed to be Calvin Rushing's corner. Entered 19th July, 1831. Dated 29th Nov. 1833.

There were many grants to Rushing men by the name of William & Matthew and many others.



Dec. 1?, 1834. Jesse J. Rushing sold land to Solomon Rushing, on Brown Creek.

Jesse J. Rushing & wife sold to Anguish Martin in 1852.

Jesse J. Rushing & Solomon Rushing to Rachel Crowder 1834

June 28, 1817, John Rushing & wife, Milly deed land to Philip Rushing and wife, Peninah. (Note - Milly was Milly Gaddy, dau of Thomas Gaddy, Sr.) Mrs. Dunlap's notes call John, Capt. and married Milly Gaddy 1767-1777. Son Thomas b. 1776. This would be Capt. in the Rev.

Mrs. Dunlap also lists Col. Joseph Rushing--1797 (Revolutionary War) Dau. Mary Rushing married William Welch. (1815)

Thomas Gaddy Sr. deceased. Heirs: Medrick P., Samuel, John Rushing & wife Milly Gaddy, Thomas, James, Peninah Rushing (wife of Philip Rushing), John Dabbs, Philip J. Rushing, John Gaddy, Thomas Gaddy

Abraham Rushing, died 1819, Executors: Jason Rushing & Lemuel Beale

Solomon Rushing, 1820--Executors: Paul & Stephen Rushing

Jan. 3, 1829. Burwell Rushing & wife, Matilda, son of Abraham Rushing, deed land to Joel Rushing

Feb. 28, 1829. Stephen Rushing, Sr. deeds to Stephen Rushing, Jr.

Deed Bk 26, p. 30. Margaret Rushing to C. M. Burns, land on Brown Creek. Margaret Rushing widow of Joel Rushing

Oct. 17, 1832. Gilbert Rushing, Calvin Rushing, Rebecca Jackson, to Robert S. Huntley, land on Brown Creek. This between Nancy Rushing, Calvin Rushing, Gilbert Rushing and Rebecca Jackson, widow and heirs of David Rushing.

Deed Bk U, p. 90 - 11th Nov. 1811. Paul Rushing to Stephen Rushing...a certain pc. of land in Anson County (3 Surveys) 1st being granted to William Rushing, Jr. bearing date 14th October 1783.

Deed Bk T, p. 263 - Aug. 17, 1820. Between Paul and Stephen Rushing Executors of Solomon Rushing, dec'd and Thomas Barrett. Witness: Solomon Rushing

Deed Bk C-2, p. 94 - dated 1789. John Rushing of Wilkes County, state of Georgia one part and Francis Baker of the other in Anson County. Proven October 1792

Deed Bk 10, p. 58. John P. Rushing and Mary of Sumter County, Ala. appoint Geo. Durin true and lawful Attorney to sell her part of John R. Harrell deceased estate.

Deed Bk Z, p. 465. John R. Harrell's Division of Lands. Mentions that John Rushing and wife Mary were allotted a share

Deed Bk S, p. 297 - date June 1817. Thomas Gaddy, Sen. land Division - Heirs sell to Wm. Dismukes. Heirs signing the transaction were: Frederick Gaddy, Samuel Gaddy, John Rushing and Milly Rushing, Thomas Gaddy, James Gaddy, Peninah Rushing and Phillip J. Rushing, John Dabbs. Witness: William Rushing; William Rushing

Deed Bk 4, p. 266 - date 10th day of June 1776. Heirs of Jason Meador dec'd to Mal____ Watts. Mentioned were: Lewis Meador; Jason Meador; Job Meador; Elizabeth Meador, the wife of Jason Meador, Sen. dec'd and Abraham Rushing. Land patented to Jason Meador Dec. 24 1770

Deed Bk N & O, p. 106. John Rushing to Robert Rushing - date 19th Feb. 1811 - between John Rushing, Jun. and Robert Rushing, a tr. of land containing 140 conveyed from the sd. Robert Rushing to the sd. John Rushing by deed of gift dated 21st March 1804. s/ John Rushing. Witness: W. Hammon; Sherd Auld. Proven Oct. 1812

Deed Bk N & O, p. 152. Robert Rushing to David Rushing - date Oct. 13, 1807. "I, Robert Rushing for divers good causes...give grant alien convey and confirm unto my son David Rushing a certain tract of land.... s/ Robert Rushing. Witness: John Rushing; Joseph Rushing. Proven April, 1812

Deed Bk N & O, p. 357. Robert Rushing to William Rushing. "For various good causes me thereunto have given & granted and released and by these presents do give grant and release unto the sd. William Rushing land (126 acres) on Big Brown Creek it being part of a tr. land granted to Robert Rushing bearing date 1783, 14th Oct." s/ Robert Rushing. Witness: Jesse Lewellen; Robert Rushing. Proven Oct. 15, 1815

Deed Bk L & M, p. 84 (no date). Robert Rushing to John Rushing. "For divers good causes...give grant and convey unto my SON John Rushing a tr. of land." s/ Robert Rushing. Witness: James Little; Stephen Huntley. Proven Jan. 1806

Deed Bk L & M, p. 84

Robert Rushing to Joseph Rushing - dated 27th Oct. 1797. "For divers good causes give grant convey & confirm unto my SON Joseph Rushing...." s/ Robert Rushing. Witness: J. A. Granade; David Rushing

Deed Bk U, p. 193 - date 28th Jan. 1822. John G. Rushing to John Rushing (son of Solomon) [Note this G could be intended for P] Land on Brown Creek for $150.00

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