yesterday's tennessee

Yesterday's Tennessee


from the research notes of Francis Thomas

Book L-M Page 144


To all to whom these presents shall come greetings Know ye that I Noah Rushing of the state of North Carolina and county of Anson planter for and in consideration of the sum of three hundred and twenty five pounds current money of No. Carolina to me paid by John Grigg of the State of South Carolina and district of Chesterfield the Rec't whereof I do hereby acknowledge hath granted Bargained and sold and firmly by these presents Do Grant Bargain & Sell unto the Sd. John Grigg his heirs Exers. Admrs. and Assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of Land situate in the Sd. County of Anson the same being a Collection of Lands belonging to the survey Viz. part of a survey granted to William Rushing Senr. part of a survey granted to Roland Rushing the whole of one survey granted to me the sd. Noah Rushing all the Sd. Lands Lying Adjoining each other on Both sides of the North fork of Thompson's Creek the outside lines and boundaries comprehending all the Sd. Lands hath, such courses corners and descriptions as follows: Beginning at a small white oak on the N.E. side of the Sd. Creek near Mr. William Blakney's Spring and runs So 11 chas-& 50 links to a pine in the State line then along the state line E. 15 chas. to a Stake near Jesse Jackson's house then No. 55 chas. to a red oak near on the E. side of Burr Branch then S.W. 7 [?] crossing Burrs Branch 13 1/2 chas. to a Spanish oak called Ratliff's Sc_l_k[?] Corner then S.W. 4_oo along Roland Rushing line 6 chas. & 50 links to a hickory on the Wt. bank of Burr's Branch then down Burr's Branch with its various courses to its mouth in the No. fork of Thompson's Creek then crossing the Creek and up the various courses to a pine near on its So. Bank in Roland Rushing old line then along the Sd. line So. 7 chas. to a stake then West 6 chas. to a forked pine then S.W. 22oo .33 to a pine then So E. 80oo .33 chas. along Wm Meadows to a red oak then So E 5oo .12 chas. & 50 links along Mr. Wm Rushing Senr. old line to a stake by a large white Ros [?] then E 7 chas. and 50 links to a small red oak then So 5 chas to a small hickory Wm Blakeney's corner then along his line E. 43 chas. to the Beginning -- containing 325 acres the sd. Lands and premises all their various priviledges & profits thereunto Belonging unto the sd Grigg his heirs and assigns forever to have and to hold & I the Sd __ Rushing do hereby Warrant & Defend the Sd. premises against the Lawfull claim of all manner persons whatsoever in Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 5th Day Nov. 1804.

Noah Rushing (Seal)

Signed Sealed and delivered in presence of

James Ratliff

Jason ( X ) Meadors (his mark)

Jan'y Session 1806

Duly proved by Jas. Ratliff

Ted Robinson Clk.

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