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from the photograph collection of Wanda Tillman Maness

Thomas Eligh "Hugh" Tillman Family, circa 1917


Thomas Elihu "Hugh" Tillman and Sarah Louise "Sallie" (Young) Tillman at home in the Garrett community c. Mar. 1917 with youngest son George and Hugh's twin grandsons Glenn "Black" and Lynn "Chunk" Yarbro. Their mother, Cora, died when the twins were born (Nov. 1914) and Sallie weaned George off the breast to feed the twins.

Hugh grew a beard in the winter but was clean shaven in summer except for his mustache. See below for a picture of Hugh Tillman without a beard.

[Note: Scanned from a photographic copy of the original photograph.]


Joseph Sidney Fisher Family circa 1915
Back: Fannie Tillman (Griffin), Hattie Hearn Ervin, Lizzie Fisher Brooks, Jack Brooks,
Tom Tillman, Dan Hastings
Front: Neil Hearn, Joe Fisher, Geneva Brooks (Prince), France Tillman Fisher, T. E. "Hugh" Tillman


[Note: Scanned from a photographic copy of the original photograph.]


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