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Salant Sets Changing of Plants

from the collection of Brenda Fiddler

October 29, 1959
Lexington Progress

Salant Sets Changing of Plants; 
One factory to go to pants manufacture

The changeover of one of Lexington’s Salant & Salant Inc., plants from shirts to pants manufacture is expected to begin about November 9, Asa Giles, superintendent, said this week.

Mr. Giles said the entire plant on Pine would be chaning for pants manufacture of Ivy League style, using polished cotton.

The changeover will probably result in 40-50 more persons being emplyed and involves an expenditure for machinery of about $150,000.

“This changeover should give us a steady, 12 months operation in the future.  The plant on First Street will continue making shirts,” Mr. Giles said.

…The change to pants manufacture will mean about 15 per cent increase in the payroll.  Last year’s Salant & Salant Lexigton payroll was about $750,000.

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