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The Beginning of Salant & Salant in Lexington, Tennessee

from the collection of Brenda Fiddler

Feb. 15, 1932
Lexington Progress

[Location of an industrial plant, Salant and Salant.  Board to meet and procure a suitable site in town.]

[Mayor and City Hall Board members responsible for bringing Salant & Salant to Lexington]

(Source- City Hall book, April 26, 1933)

Mayor: W. R. Holland

Recorder: W. L. Brown


J. A. Bray

D. A. Bennett

W. A. Lynn

Geo. H. Maxwell

J. T. Stewart

J. D. Timberlake

J. C. Thomas


February 26, 1932
Lexington Progress

More Labor Needed for Factory to be Located in Lexington

It is expected that a factory working 400 women will soon be located in Lexington.  In order to secure the factory it is necessary that we have information in regard to the number of women available in the Lexington vicinity for factory work and experience they have had, by each making an application for employment....


March 25, 1932
Lexington Progress

Contract signed last Monday morning with Salant and Salant shirt manufacturers for operation of a factory in Lexington.  Will set up 100 machines to start.


April 15, 1932
Lexington Progress

Factory site decided.   Property at the end of Elm Street, next to the railroad.

Company from Brooklyn, N.Y. 


November 11, 1932
Lexington Progress

The Shirt Factory Opens

[Opened with only a few machines--about 16--plans to add five a day until the final number (100) is reached.  Manager is Mr. A.A. Lusk, from Okla.; Miss Jessie McCall is in charge of the office.]

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