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DCTS/Crowder High School Reunion 2000


Mrs. Randolph Hardy, former teacher of DCTS, received her plaque
from the last reunion, 1996.


Margaret Mallard Beach with Mrs. Hardy


Shirley Moore Williams with Mrs. Hardy


Peggy O'Neal Duckett Scruggs and Shirley Moore Williams


Peggy Scruggs makes a presentation to Mary Lois Welch


A special presentation was awarded to the late Mr. George Odle McElrath, Sr. He was
recognized for service rendered to his country and his community. He was a great
man who worked hard to help make life better for all people. With him is his daughter,
Joy (Cookie) McElrath. Peggy Scruggs presented the award.


Peggy O'Neal Duckett presenting a plaque to Professor
Henry Sanders; Professor C. P. Boyd offers his
congratulation with a handshake.


A continental breakfast is being made. Youlanda Tharpe breaks apart the bananas
while Willie Mae Hunt and Sophia Brasher look on.

* * * * * *

Four photographs were too poor to reproduce. Their captions were:

Peggy Scruggs makes a presentation to Zenobia Pettigrew

Reverend Henry Sanders, Professor C. P. Boyd and Mrs. Geneva Menzies

Peggy Scruggs gives Sophia Brasher a presentation.

Mary Bingham Shavers and Lula Binghan Vaughn smile for the camera.


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