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DCTS/Crowder High School Reunion 2000


Mr. Hardy Holt
Mrs. Zenobia Pettigrew
Ms. Ernestine Dobbs
Ms. Josephine Dean
Mrs. Lula Vaughn
Mrs. Peggy Scruggs
Mr. Alonzo B. Pettigrew
Mrs. James L. Pettigrew
Mr. K. C. Williams
Ms. Tiffani L. Pettigrew
Mr. Ray Vaughn
Mrs. Fredia Smith
Mrs. Donnie Davis
Mrs. Kenneth Brasher
Ms. Helen Brasher
Mrs. Burma McClain
Ms. Mary Nicholas
Mr. & Mrs. Tracy (Prudence) Boultee
Mr. Elwin Townsend
Mr. Don Derrington (Manager Piggly Wiggly)
Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Brasher
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Brasher
Mr. & Mrs. Willie Brewer
Mrs. Julia Smith
Warehouse Sales (Manager)
Mr. & Mrs. Ben Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Bennie Yarbro
Mrs. Mary Shavers


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