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DCTS/Crowder High School Reunion 2000

Mr. James Ashworth
Ms. Bates
Dr. Curry Porter Boyd
Mr. George Brooks, Principal
Mr. F. L. Buck, Principal
Mr. J. C. Chunn
Mrs. E. G. Craig
Mr. David Carroll Crowder, Founder and Principal
Mr. Roland (Jim) Crowder
Ms. Suzanne Delton
Mr. S. F. Dobbins, Principal
Ms. Mary L. Edwards
Mrs. Clara Hardin
Mrs. Mary Randolph Hardy
Ms. Velma Holt
Mr. James Jackson
Mrs. Nancy Russell Ledet
Mr. William Longden
Ms. Mabel McKay
Ms. Lorraine May
Ms. Ethel Mae Meek
Mrs. Geneva Menzies
Ms. Carolyn Musgray
Mrs. Pauline Phelps
Ms. Lullavee Rogers
Mr. Henry Sanders, Jr.
Mr. Samuel Scott
Mr. Alvin H. Sharpe
Mr. Robert Smith
Ms. Sirilda Dungey Sowell
Ms. Jewel Strong
Mr. James L. Tole
Mrs. Novella Tole
Mrs. Wade
Mr. E. L. Watson

Ms. Frances Stone
Ms. Mary Williams


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