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Letter from Governor McWherter
The Dream A Reality - Our First Reunion, Margaret Mallard Beach
Banquet Programme
History of Decatur County Training School-Crowder High School, Mrs. Novella Tole
Our First Reunion (poem), Margaret Mallard Beach
Professor Curry Porter Boyd
Principals and Faculty
Roll Call
Best Wishes to Our Children

June 6, 1992
Alumni of DCTS/CHS
c/o Margaret Beach
P.O. Box 80653
Nashville, TN 37208

Dear Friends:

I am pleased to have this opportunity to offer each of you my congratulations and best wishes as you gather at Riverside High School to celebrate the first reunion of DCTS/CHS.

I am sure it is especially gratifying to have this special time to renew old friendships, reflect on the changes which have taken place over the past years, and look with promise to the future for those accomplishments yet to be fulfilled.

Again, my hearty best wishes for a wonderful reunion and continued success in all of your future endeavors.


Ned McWherter



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How can I express the full measure of my appreciation for the willingness and involvement that you have shown in making this, our first school reunion, a wonderful reality? I am deeply and sincerely grateful for your consideration, courtesy, and thought in selecting me as your chairperson. I extend my thanks to the alumni, each one, individually, and as a whole, for having the faith in this reunion.

We have, many of us, talked about having this school reunion. Others have dreamed and thought about such an event taking place, but few have seen it as becoming a reality. This is why this OCTS/CHS Reunion is so dear to all of us. We get a chance to know that when we put our hearts and minds together, good things can happen. And working together has been the end result of this gathering. You have given encouraging words and called us on the phone; you have even taken your time to write letters and get addresses to us. You have contacted your friends and relatives in other cities and states for this coming together. Isn't it a wonderful gesture?

Our theme is so in tune with what we want to portray: DCTS/Crowder Alumni Working Together for the Preservation of Our Heritage. This idea is deeply rooted in our hearts- yes, in our souls, for we do want to preserve our heritage here. It is an important part of our growing up, our maturation, our first experiences, our tears and sorrows, our first loves, and finally, a preview of what is to come in our lives. This heritage is ours, and unless we preserve it, it is lost forever in the yesteryears of our lives.

Whatever you have done in regard to this reunion, you have helped. You may have never known it, but you have helped in its cause. You have been a part of what is happening now. You are a part of the past, the now, and the future. We may have worked long hours, but we have been rewarded many times over because this working toward a common goal and pooling our resources have netted us the prize - our school reunion.

The enthusiasm has been top notch; the excitement has been overwhelming, and the anticipation has been almost uncontrollable. As I talked to some of you, I could hear the exuberance in your voices. I have felt so wonderful about what we were doing and this happened because you wanted it to take place.

I sincerely hope that this will not be our last reunion. I pray that the spirit that you carry with you at this time will not die, but will continue to grow into something wonderful and lasting - so much so, that the reunions will continue, and the enjoyment of seeing our classmates, friends, and loved ones will spark that spirit in years to come.

I pray that the Lord will bless each of you and that you will continue to have peace and joy in your life.

Message from the Chairperson
Margaret Mallard Beach

Margaret Mallard Beach

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FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 1992
7:00 P.M.

Lonnie Montgomery - Master of Ceremonies
Mrs. Novella Tole - Music Oirector

Opening Song, "God Bless America"

Prayer, Harles Mayes

Introduction of MC, Willie Mae Hunt

Welcome, Gilbert Funderburk

Occasion, Margaret Mallard Beach


Introduction of Student and Faculty, Mary Lois Welch

Sharing, Shirley Moore Williams

Remarks, Margaret Mallard Beach, General Chairperson

School Song




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7:00 P.M.

Shirley Moore Williams - Mistress of Ceremonies
Mrs. Novella Tole - Music Director


Song, "Star Spangled Banner"

Scripture, Reverend Henry Sanders

Prayer, Elder Joseph Fisher

Introduction of MC, Ida Walker Fykes

Special Music, Dorothy Patterson

Poem (original), Margaret Mallard Beach

Tribute to Faculty

Recognition of Special Guests, Peggy Duckett Scruggs

Special Presentation, H.C. Pettigrew

Memorial Tribute, Peggy Duckett Scruggs

Special Music.("Because He Lives"), Burmah McClain, Diane Pettigrew, Youlanda Tharp

Recognition of Alumni, Mrs. Pauline Phelps

Historical Highlights, Mrs. Novella Tole

Reflection of the Athletic History of DCTS/CHS, Roland McElrath

Introduction of Speaker, Buster (Jasper) Walker, Jr.

Song ("Lift Every Voice and Sing"

Keynote Address, Dr. C.P. Boyd

Presentations, Roland McElrath

Remarks, Margaret Mallard Beach, General Chairperson

School Song


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By Mrs. Novella Yarbro Tole, B.A., M.A.

Before 1925 there was no high school for Decatur county's Negro students. Circa 1924 Professor David Carroll Crowder, a graduate of Roger Williams College of Nashville, Tennessee, and the only licensed Negro veterinarian in the state, came to Decaturville. He taught one year in the "Old Baptist Church on hill" near town and began a campaign to build a high school. Professor Crowder envisioned the school serving Decatur and adjacent counties.

The Negro population was dispersed among the little communities of Decaturville, and there was much discussion about where the school would be located. Professor Crowder felt like the school should be located where the majority of Negroes lived. This little community was called "Tin Cup." A more appropriate name suggested by Professor Crowder was "New Town."

The Decatur County Board of Education obtained from the Azalee Young (Pettigrew) family, a plot of land west of Highway 69 at the edge of "New Town"

Professor Crowder worked with the Board, the Superintendent, and the people of Decaturvflle to get facilities constructed. Citizens furnished labor, mules and wagons, and timber for the building. Money was provided by the Julius Rosenwald Fund.

Julius Rosenwald was an American philanthropist who contributed about 63 million dollars to Negro education. The Julius Rosenwald Fund was created in 1917. It contributed to the building of' 5,000 Negro schools.[1]

Circa 1925 the main building was completed and consisted of four rooms, two of which had an operable partition that could be converted into an auditorium.

Later, a teacher's home was built, and after the principal, Professor Crowder and family moved, the house was used for a dormitory. Two other buildings were added to the campus for home economics, agriculture, and shop. Some funds for vocational education were provided from the Smith-Hughes Act.

The Smith-Hughes Act established in 1917 provided federal funds to the states for vocational education.[2]

The campus was large enough to accommodate a basketball court, a softball field, and a play area.

The curriculum provided the 16 Carnegie Units required for a high school diploma. Latin was the foreign language taught. Provisions were made for private piano lessons. High school students participated in the chorus and the band that were offered. It was mandatory for the girls to take home economics and the boys to take agriculture and shop.

Home demonstration classes were provided for adult women of the community. Mrs. Mabel Mckay came from Nashville and taught millinery, basket weaving, cooking and food preservation.

Through the Jeanes Fund established in 1931, more equipment for home economics was provided. The Jeanes Fund was organized to improve the educational conditions of Negroes in the Southern United States.[3]

Later, organizations of the New Home Makers of America [NHA] and the New Farmers of America [NFA) were formed. Students participated both in the regional and state level.

In 1927 Professor Crowder introduced boys and girls basketball, and Professor Alvin Sharpe became coach. The teams traveled by bus to play teams in Centerville, Lexington, Milan, Whitewille, and other out of county schools. During the 50's and 60's after Crowder High was built, the teams won regional tournaments and participated in state tournaments.

Drama, musicals, and public speaking were also a part of school activities. The school closing was the highlight of the year. Activities lasted a week, and every student was included in some phase of the programs. There was a Parent-Teacher Organization, and the parents supported the school in whatever way they were asked.

The student body was composed of students from Decatur, Perry, Hardin, McNairy, Benton, and Wayne counties.

During World War II the high school was reverted to an elementary school. Professor Crowder died in 1944, but in 1946 Professor F. L. Buck was hired and the high school reopened. In 1953 Professor Buck passed away and Professor S. F. Dobbins served as principal until the school was closed in 1965.

During this period a new brick school was constructed with gymnasium facilities, lunch room, and library. Typing was added to the curriculum.

The new school was dedicated to and named Crowder High School for its founder, Professor Crowder.

Throughout the existence of DCTS and CHS qualified and dedicated teachers served the students well. Four of Crowder High teachers were former students and graduates of DCTS.

The students have done well as citizens of our country.

The former students and graduates have earned B.A., B.S., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in education. They are serving as college professors, teachers, principals, supervisors, counselors, and psychologists. There are R.N.'s, L.P.N.'s, and medical technician and hospital workers. In the corporate world there are civil engineers, artisans, entrepreneurs (people in sales, marketing, catering, audio, and domestic services), analysts, consultants, administrators, and positions in research. There are people with positions in the telephone companies, insurance companies, and various types of manufacturing companies. Students have become licensed barbers and beauticians. Some have chosen to work in the government. They have positions in housing and the postal system. Some of our students are writers (published authors), and artists. Musicians have served as choir and choral directors. There have been candidates for local and state positions in government. Students have served our country in all branches of the armed forces. Many served in World War II, National Guard, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, and during Desert Storm.

The final existence of DCTS and Crowder High School came in 1965, and a factory now occupies the site.


  1. Carter Alexander, "Julius Rosenwald Fund," World Book Encyclopedia, 1970 ed.
  2. Thomas J. McLernon, "Smith-Hughes Act," World Book Encyclopedia, 1970 ed.
  3. "Jeanes Fund," World Book Encyclopedia, 1970 ed.


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A poem by Margaret Mallard Beach, an alumna of DCTS/CHS and published author, is a tribute to the school that exists only in the hearts of its alumni and former students.


We have come back to a place we love,
Let's stop and pause; give thanks to Cod above
For allowing us to see each precious face,
To touch a classmate with a warm embrace,
To chat with friends we haven't seen for years,
Perhaps the sight of them brings joyful tears.

The memories of school days that have gone
Are now returning and will linger on,
And let us take the time to reminisce
For there'll never be another time like this,
For this reunion is a stroke of fate,
And we who came are here to celebrate.

Isn't it wonderful to see our teachers, too!
They took the time to help us struggle through;
They saw something in us we could not see;
They urged us to be the best that we -could be;
They gave to us their time and love each day;
They knew that education was the way.

When time has passed and the final moment ends,
We'll go our separate ways and leave our friends,
But in our hearts we'll ever hold them near,
And cherish precious memories that are dear,
For DCTS/CHS, we'll never let you down,
For you have placed a bright star in our crown.

We'll forever love you and hold your name up high,
For we are proud DCTS/CHS alumni!
You gave us hope when there was none to give;
You came to life and taught us how to live;
The lessons learned will last our whole lives through,
And we have a warm place in our hearts for you!

Margaret Mallard Beach

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Professor Boyd was born in Haywood County, Tennessee. He attended Pilgrim's Rest Grammar School, Haywood County Training School, graduated in 1941 from Merry High School, Jackson, Tennessee, and received his B.S. from Tennessee State University in 1945.

His first job was as principal at Stanton Elementary School. He taught at Douglas Junior High School. In 1947 he came to Decaturville and taught vocational agriculture, and biology for eight years. He received his master's from Iowa State in 1957 and his doctorate from UT Knoxville in 1971.

Professor Boyd retired from Jackson State Community College, Jackson, Tennessee in 1985 and from Lane College in 1986.

At Jackson State he instituted the Black History program; performed the first Black History ever presented in the Antarctica; founded the Haywood County Civic and Welfare League, Incorporated which gained factory jobs and the ballot for black people in Haywood County.

He is a world-wide traveler. In his experiences Professor Boyd has been a boxer, pitcher, teacher, principal, truck driver, County Commission, and the first black to be elected from his district.

The Curry Porter Boyd Park on the site of Douglas Junior High School will be named in his honor.

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Mr. James Ashworth
Ms. Bates
Dr. Curry Porter Boyd
Mr. George Brooks, Principal
Mr. F. L. Buck, Principal
Mr. J. C. Chunn
Mrs. E. G. Craig
Mr. David Carroll Crowder, Founder and Principal
Mr. Roland (Jim) Crowder
Ms. Suzanne Delton
Mr. S. F. Dobbins, Principal
Ms. Mary L. Edwards
Mrs. Clara Hardin
Mrs. Mary Randolph Hardy
Ms. Velma Holt
Mr. James Jackson
Mrs. Nancy Russell Ledet
Mr. William Longden
Ms. Mabel McKay
Ms. Lorraine May
Ms. Ethel Mae Meek
Mrs. Geneva Menzies
Ms. Carolyn Musgray
Mrs. Pauline Phelps
Ms. Lullavee Rogers
Mr. Henry Sanders, Jr.
Mr. Samuel Scott
Mr. Alvin H. Sharpe
Mr. Robert Smith
Ms. Sirilda Dungey Sowell
Ms. Jewel Strong
Mr. James L. Tole
Mrs. Novella Tole
Mrs. Wade
Mr. E. L. Watson


Ms. Frances Stone
Ms. Mary Williams


Professor David Crowder

Professor F. L. Buck


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Clyde Akin
Harry Akins
Joe Anders
Martha Anders
Allie Mae Arnold
Diane Arnold (Funderburk)
Edna Askew

Gayle Bailey
Gerald Bailey
James Bailey
John Duida Bailey
Novella G. Bailey
Sandra Anita (Paterson)
Louise Barber
Michael Barham
Palema Barham
Regina Barham
Nora Lee Bell (Witherspoon)
Alen Ben, Jr.
Elizabeth Bingham (Thompson)
Helen Bingham
Joe Bingham
Johnny Bingham
Lula Mae Bingham (Vaughn)
Mamie Bingham (Cherry)
Mary Bingham (Shavers)
Sarah H. Bingham (Nance)
Willie Mae Bingham
Flora Black
Ida B. Boggan
Mary T. Boggan
William Boggs
Geraldine Booty
Swanson Booty
Billy Brasher
Billy Ray Brasher
Clarence Brasher
Clyde William Brasher
Coulas Brasher
Edward L. Brasher
Franklin Brasher
George Brasher
George L. Brasher
Harold Brasher
Hazel Brasher
Helen Brasher
J.C. Brasher
James K. Brasher
James Royster Brasher
Joan Brasher
Joanne Brasher (Massengill)
Joe Arthur Brasher
Joyce Brasher (Tinsley)
Kenneth Brasher
Larry Brasher
L.Z. Brasher
Linda D. Brasher (Tinsley)
Linda L. Brasher
Margaret Brasher (Luck)
Maxine Brasher
Mildred Brasher (Colman)
Nathaniel Brasher
O.B. Brasher
Sonny McAndrew Brasher
Sophia Brasher
Willie J. Brasher
Clara Brewer (Funderburk)
Dorothy Brewer (Patterson)
Ernest Brewer, Jr.
Georgia Brewer
Mae Brewer
Reacie Brewer
Sue Brewer
Terry W. Brewer
Willis Brewer
Bobby Jean Brooks
Betty Joe Brown
Billy Brown
Charles Brown
Dwight Brown
Mae Brown
Mary Brown
Willie Lee Brown
Victoria Bucanan
Betty Sue Buchanan
Dora E. Buchanan
Ollie B. Buchanan
Elizabeth Buck
Mazall Buck
William G. Bumpus

Augusta Carver
Barbara J. Casey
Dwight Casey
James Elvin Casey, Jr.
Rosie Lee Casey (Johnson)
Tina Casey
Willie T. Casey
Jesse Chappell
Laney Chappell (Mays)
Sarah Chappell
James Clark
Carolyn Craig (Briggs)
Jerry L. Craig
Margaret Craig
Ray E. Craig
Reba Craig
Rosie Craig
Roy Craig
Wanda L. Craig
Wendell Craig
Emma Crawford (Holt)

Eva Mae Dabbs
Ressley Dabbs
Beverly Davenport
Joyce Davenport
W. L. Davenport
Jerry Depriest
Clara Nell Dixon (Pettigrew)
Virginia Dixon
Willie O. Dixon
Bertram Foster Dobbins
Faye Dotson (Pettigrew)
Barbara M. Douglas
Dorothy Doyle
James Doyle
Ronnie Doyle
Peggy Duckett (Scruggs)

Mary S. Eanes
Sandra K. Eanes
Marie Edward
Buddie D. Esters

Anna Fisher
Barbara Fisher
Bill Fisher
Fredie Fisher
J. B. Fisher, Jr.
Joseph Elder Fisher
Mary L. Fisher
Betty Funderburk (McClerkin)
Beulah Funderburk (Barber)
Bobby Funderburk
Diane Funderburk
Donald Funderburk
Gilbert Funderburk
Sheila Funderburk
Stephia Funderburk
Tommy K. Funderburk (Smith)
Walter Mack Funderburk
W. C. Funderburk

Dorothy Gandy
Brenda Faye Garrett (Holiday)
Denise Garrett
Hugh Garrett
Louella Garrett
Mattie Pearl Garrett
Michael Garrett
Paul Garrett
Warren Garrett
William Curry Garrett
Edna Greer
.J. Lloyd Greer
Odell Greer
Carrie Grimes
Miller C. Grimes

John R. Hardin
Randall Hardin
Mabel Harrell
Novella Harrell
Teu Harrell
Mary Hart
John Hawkin
Bettie Holt
Emaline Holt (Brewer)
Hardy Holt
Teresa Holt
Gayle Howard

Lucille Jenkins
Lorraine Jennings (Menzies)
Mary L. Jennings (Sommerville)
Catherine Johnson
Darnell Johnson
Dorothy Johnson
Evelyn Johnson
Henry C. Johnson
James Johnson
J. C. Johnson
Jeanneth Johnson
Joe L. Johnson
John B. Johnson
Jonella Johnson
Mae L. Johnson
Mary Johnson
Roberta Johnson
Ruby Johnson
Shirley Johnson
C. W. Jones
Jancie Jones
Jerry N. Jones
Larry Jones

Golden Kaiser
Emma Jean Kinnins

George Laster
Lola R. Lewis
Flossie Looper
Earlie Mae Love
James C. Luster

Mary L. Maclen
Betty McClain
Carl McClain
Ernest McClain, Jr.
Florence McClain
J. Michael McClain
Jerry McClain
Mary McClain
Lucille McCoy (McElrath)
Betty McCullen
Brenda McDonald
Cherise McDonald
Deborah McDonald
Leroy McDonald
Addie L. McElrath (Whitten)
Anthony McElrath
C. McElrath
Darlene McElrath
Delores McElrath
Dorothy Jean McElrath
Earnest McElrath
Emma J. McElrath
Eugene McElrath
Flora~ M. McElrath
Georgia McElrath
George McElrath, Jr.
George McElrath, Sr.
Holbert McElrath
Jacqueline McElrath
James B. McElrath
James E. McElrath
John E. McElrath
Joy McElrath
Larry O. McElrath
Lester McElrath
Roland McElrath
Roland McElrath, Jr.
Roy McElrath
Sherry K. McElrath
Surenia Ann McElrath (Scott)
Thomas McElrath
W.J. McElrath
William McElrath
William T. McElrath
Linda McKinnie
Lena Mallard
Margaret Mallard (Beach)
Nola B. Mallard
Alice Faye Mays
Anita Mays
Bertha Mays
Diana Mays
Dianne Mays
Evenlyn Mays
George Mays
Harles Mays
J. Paul Mays
James Mays
Jimmie Mays
Judy A. Mays
Linda K. Mays
Mary A. Mays
Novella Mays
Patricia D. Mays
Ralph Charles Mays
Robert Mays
Ruby Diane Mays
Theodore R. Mays
Theola Mays
Viola D. Mays (Brasher)
William Mays
Alma Menzies
Dorothy Menzies (Priddy)
George Menzies
Gladys Menzies
Maggie B. Menzies (Johnson)
Orban D. Menzies, Jr.
Velma Menzies (Rice)
Virginia Menzies
Wilma Menzies (Parker)
Jeraldine Milton
Gwyndola Mitchell
Alonzo Montgomery
Barbara Montgomery. (Douglas)
Charline Montgomery (Coupet)
James Wm. Montgomery
Julia Ann Montgomery (Smith)
Louise Montgomery (Williams)
N. L. Montgomery
Novella Montgomery (Shannon)
R.T. Montgomery, Jr.
Robert Montgomery
William Montgomery
Betty C. Moody
Dorothy Moody (Casey)
Gwendal Moody
Irene Moody (Morris)
James Moody
Lossie L. Moody
Max Moody
Myrtle Ann Moody
Christine Moore
Shirley Moore (Williams)
Thomas E. Moore

Nora Mae Nance
Mary Nichols
Vivian L. Nubern (Johnson)

Nathaniel Parham
Pamela Parham
Billy Parsons
Dennis Pate
Dwight Pate
Joan Pate
McCall Pate
Dzella Pate (Garland)
James Pelcher
Barnard Pettigrew
Beulah D. Pettigrew
Burmah Ray Pettigrew (McClain)
Burnett Pettigrew
Charles Pettigrew
Christine Pettigrew
Clara Pettigrew
Diane Pettigrew
Donald Pettigrew
Earnest Pettigrew, Jr.
George L. Pettigrew
George W. Pettigrew
Gloria Pettigrew (Posey)
H.C. Pettigrew
Herbert Pettigrew
Jacqueline Pettigrew
James L. Pettigrew
Jerry Pettigrew
Joe Louis Pettigrew
John Pettigrew
Junior Pettigrew
Leon Pettigrew
Neva Dale Pettigrew (Powell)
Niner Pettigrew
Palema Pettigrew
Prudence Pettigrew
Ray L. F'ettigrew
Rebekah Pettigrew
Roy Lee Pettigrew
Ruby Pettigrew
Tommie Pettigrew
Victoria Pettigrew
Willard Pettigrew
Win. Pettigrew
Willis Pettigrew
Youlanda K. Pettigrew (Tharp)
Zenobia Pettigrew

Arthur F. Phelps
Joe Phelps
Nathaniel Phelps
Paula Phelps
Alice Posey
Eddie Posey
Helen L. Posey
Nelson Posey
Patricia Ann Posey
Robert Posey
Thelma Posey
.Jerry Priece
Margaret Pritchett

Lexola Riggins
Annie B. Robinson
Novella Ross
Kathryn Russell

Carlton L. Sanders
Ernest Sanders
Timothy Sanders
Alma J. Scott
Ben Scott
Billy Scott
Billy Ray Scott
Dale A. Scott
Danny R. Scott
Dennis Scott
Don Dcott
Dorothy Jean Scott
Dover Scott
J. W. Scott
Leland Scott
Linda Scott
Lynn R. Scott
Mack Scott
Margaret L. Scott (Stanton)
Margaret R. Scott
Michael Scott
Dbie Scott
Patricia A. Scott
Paul Scott
Rickey Scott
Roxie Scott
Shirley B. Scott
Sue N. Scott
Terry Scott
W. C. Scott
Willie C. Scott
Wm. H. (Butch) Scott
Margaret Seamon (Hicks)
Mary Shavers
Ann Smith
Benny Smith
Dorothy Smith
Helen Smith
Joan Smith
Michelle Smith
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Sophia Smith
Stanley Smith
Bessie Sparks
Clarence Sparks
Earl Sparks
James Sparks
Jimmie Lee Sparks (Mayes)
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Linda Sparks
Mavis Sparks
Obie Sparks
Pauline Sparks (Patterson)
Robert Charles Sparks
Willis Sparks
Willie Steven
Donnie Stigall
Ed Stigall
Gerldean Stigall
Nita Faye Stigall
Roy Lee Stigall
Vivian Lee Stigall
Walter Stigall
Margaret Strickland
Regina Stridkland

Alvin Taylor
Gwendolyn Taylor
James Taylor
Louise Taylor
Rosetta Thomas
Dougles Thompson
Ross Thompson
Gloria Thornton (Phelps)
Bertha Tillman (Smith)
Charley Tillman
Forrest Tillman
Macie Tillman
Freddie Tinsley
John Tinsley, Jr.
John D. Tinsley
Johnny Tinsley
Larry Tinsley
L. C. Tinsley
Patricia Tinsley
Shirley Tinsley
T. J. Tinsley
Terice Tinsley
Thomas Tinsley
William Tinsley
Roxie Tippett
Beedie Tole (Pettigrew)
Bernice Tole (Barrow)
David Tole
Edith Tole (Avery)
Elmer L. Tole
George L. Tole
Hue Tale
Hugh E. Tole
Kelly Tole
Lacula Tole
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Mack Tole
Mae Tole
Marva Tole (Bredendick)
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Michael Tole
Mittie Joe Tole
Ronella Tole
Ronnie Tole
Tom Tole
Elwin Townsend
Rosetta Townsend
D. J. Travis
Elridge Travis
Rupert P. Travis

Barbara Vaughn
Billy Joe Vaughn
Cathy Vaughn
Doris Vaughn
Forrest Vaughn
Gwendolyn Vaughn
James Vaughn
Janice L. Vaughn
Louise Vaughn
Margaret Vaughn
Margie Vaughn
Mary Vaughn
Mildred Vaughn
Nora Lee Vaughn
Ray Vaughn
Thomas Vaughn

Lucenda Wade
Alice Walker
Alice Faye Walker (Bradford)
Amanda Walker
Ann Walker (Mays)
Bill Walker
Buster (Jasper) Walker, Jr.
Charles B. Walker
Danny R. Walker
Diane Walker
Elbert Walker
Frances Walker
Gary Walker
Ida Lee Walker (Fykes)
James Walker
James K. Walker
Jeanie O. Walker
Jim Walker
John Walker
Joyce A. Walker
Junior Walker
Leatha Walker
Mary Walker
Mary Ella Walker (McClain)
Mary L. Walker
Paula D. Walker
Robert Walker
Robert E. Walker
R. T. Walker
Ruby P. Walker
Wm. M. Walker
Juanita Weatherspoon
Jissie Mae Webb
Barbara Ruth Webster
Meldra Webster
Thomas Webster
Arthur Kirtley Welch
Bernice G. Welch
Eric Jerome Welch
Mary Lois Welch
Wilma Jean Welch
Alvin T. White
Cecil White
John White, Jr.
Margaret R. White
Netia White
Raymond White
Roland White
Francis William
Lessie William
Shirley Williamham
Andrew Williams
Leslie Williams, Jr.
Robert Williams
Pauline Wiss

Geraldine Yarborough
Billie G. Yarbro (Ross)
Dora Yarbro
Ernest Yarbro
Evelyn Yarbro
Freeda M. Yarbro (Carter)
Gary Smith Yarbro
H. C. Yarbro
Jerry Frederick Yarbro
Mamie Yarbro
Marion Yarbro (Watson)
Mattie L. Yarbro
Nella Yarbro
Robert Yarbro
Susie Yarbro
Grady Yarbrough
Jerry Paul Yarbrough
Lola Yarbrough
Willie Mae Yarbrough (Hunt)

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Note: At this point there were about 30 pages of either pictures of the school, students, and alumni families or reunion sponsors . Some of these pictures may have started out as original photographs, but most seem to have started out as xerox copies. I worked from a xerox copy at least two generations away from original photographs, and in many cases probably three or four generations away from original photographs. The pictures were too poor to be reproduced here.

December 1998


(sponsor page)


NATHANIEL S. PHELPS of Decaturville was among 21 students participating in the ROTC Awards Day at the University of Tennessee at Martin. In addition to the Advanced Camp Diploma for attending summer carhp at Ft. Riley, Kentucky, he received the Sharpshooter Badge. The awards were presented by Mr. Michael-Daniel, assistant professor of military science. Mr. Phelps is a junior criminal justice major. (This information appeared in the News Leader, November 16, l983.)

Mr. Phelps is now employed with the Shelby County, Memphis Fire Department, Sears Roebuck and Company, and holds the position of First Lieutenant in the USA National Guard.

He is married to Gloria Thornton and they have one daughter, Dominique Nicole Phelps. Nathaniel and Gloria are members of Magnolia First Baptist Church.

MRS. GLORIA THORNTON PHELPS, the wife of Nathaniel Phelps, is employed with the Memphis, Shelby County Health Department. She is an environmentalist (Food Service Sanitation and Environmental Sanitation). She is the daughter of Erma Thornton of Memphis, Tennessee. She is also employed with Interior Decorator and Gift Company.

* * *

MR. JOE CECIL PHELPS is the father of two children, a daughter, Sharonda V. Phelps; and a son, Antwion C. Phelps. Mr. Phelps is now the manager of the Brotherhood Gospel Singers of Whiteville, Tennessee. The Brotherhood Gospel Singers' motto is "Trust in Jesus." .Joe Cecil Phelps is now employed with Orleans Tile Company, and he is a student at Lane College.

* * *

PAULA MAE PHELPS HOLTON is the pianist at St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Decaturville, Tennessee. She is employed at the Johnson Control Company, Lexington, Tennessee.

* * *

ARTHUR FLOYD PHELPS is a member of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church where he is an usher. He is employed with the City Department of Decaturville, Tennessee. He has one son, Adrain McCall.

* * *

Nathaniel, Joe Cecil, Paula, and Arthur are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil. of Decaturville, Tennessee.

LOVE, from: Father and Mother
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Phelps

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Planning Committee
Margaret Mallard Beach, Chairperson
Shirley Moore Williams, Co-Chairperson
Peggy Duckett Scruggs

Shirley Moore Williams, Chairperson
Lonnie Montgomery

Mrs Novella Tole, Chairperson

Willie Mae Hunt, Chairperson
Burmah R. Pettigrew
Timothy M. Sanders
Nathaniel Phelps
Gloria Phelps

Joyce Brasher Tinsley, Chairperson

Lacula Tole, Chairperson
Mrs. Pauline Phelps
Mary Lois Welch
Willie Mae Hunt
Cherise McDonald

Ads and Patrons
Willie Mae Hunt, Chairperson
Zenobia Pettigrew
Mae Brewer
Dorothy Patterson
Ozella Garland
Mrs. Pauline Phelps
Lacula Tole
Mary Ford
Barbara Miles
Margaret Mallard Beach

Buster (Jasper) Walker, Jr., Chairperson

PR and Souvenir Booklet
Peggy Duckett Scruggs, Chairperson

Margaret Mallard Beach, Chairperson

Joe Cecil Phelps, Chairperson
Sharonda Phelps
Jerry Lynn Craig
Arthur Phelps
Burmah R. McClain

Contributing Members
Dorothy Brewer Patterson
Mary Lois Welch
Augusta Carver
Pauline Sparks Patterson
Mabel Harrell
Joyce Brasher Tinsley
Willie Mae Hunt
Mrs. Pauline Phelps
Rosie Casey Johnson
Mrs. Novella Tole
Mrs. Geneva Menzies
Faye Walker Bradford
Lula Mae Bingham Vaughn
Peggy Duckett Scruggs
Shirley Moore Williams
Margaret Mallard Beach
Marionetta Branch
Youlanda Tharp
Lacula Tole

Mrs. Pauline Phelps
Mrs. Novella Tole
Mrs. Geneva Menzies
Dr. Curry Porter Boyd

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Laula Maude Tole
Mark L. Brown
Danal D. Maness
Timothy M. Sanders
Casey M. Sanders
Charlotte Sharp
Brother Paul T. Parker
Norris R. Mullins
Larry B. Beal
Barbara A. Miles
Mona Spain
Christy Brasher
Barbara Conn
James M. Reese, Jr.
Barter Walker, Jr.
Bennie F. Yarbro, County Executive
Michelle Ivey
LaWone Tinsley
Linda Tinsley & John Lee Tinsley
Deborah Mayes
Mary Hart
Mary Ford
Kathy Lowery
Cindy McAfee
Pam Moore
Patricia Humble
Darryl A. Montgomery
Thomas C. Hurd
Nathaniel Parham, Jr.
Mrs. Clara Hardin
Mr. and Mrs. Sammie Whigham
Kabir Sadat Whigham
A. M. Massey
Mary Alice Jones
Reverend and Mrs. John Beach
Reverend and Mrs. Terrell Scruggs
Mrs. Novella Tole
Mrs. Kathleen Plummer
Mrs. Mary Maurant
Gwendolyn Tinsley Porter
Donald Lewis Pettigrew
James Lonzo Pettigrew
Prudence Pettigrew Jones
Zenobia Pettigrew
Thomes C. Davenport
Pamela Pettigrew Hermon
Nathaniel R. Phelps
Paula M. Holton
Gloria T. Phelps
Thomas E. McElrath
Greta McElrath
Jeff A. McElrath
Charlie Montgomery
Buster Walker
Gwendolyn Taylor
J.B. McElrath
Willie Mae Hunt

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The members of the General Planning Committee will be forever grateful to the members of the Sub-Committees and the DCTS/CHS Alumni for their diligent efforts and cooperation in preparation for the first Reunion Observance.

Your work lends validity to the statement, "No man is an island."


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