yesterday's tennessee

Yesterday's Tennessee




Hello, Everyone, I know you agree
We should give ourselves some praise,
For here we are, two years later
Remembering our old school days.

Meeting our schoolmates once again
And seeing our teachers, too,
Congratulations. congratulations,
I'm happy for each of you!

So make each moment memorable
For this is your special day,
Talk to friends and others, too
Say what you have to say.

As for me, I'm oh. so proud
To have been a part of this,
It's a pleasure and a joy
It's something I wouldn't miss!

To reminisce of yesteryears
Arid to see familiar smiles,
Make time return to all of us
With friends across the miles.

So, once again, I say to you
May the memories never end,
For we are happy to be here
To see classmate and friend.

Happy Second Year DCTS/CHS School Reunion 1992, 1994
Margaret Mallard Beach — Class of ‘55


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