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Beta Club formed at Decaturville High School - 1959

from the collection of Dian Brasher


By Jean Wylie

The Decaturville chapter of the National Beta Club, [a] leadership service organization for high school students of America, held its first induction, a Rainbow Ceremony, Tuesday, March 3, 1959 in the school gym.

The National Beta Club, with over 2400 local chapters and approximately 78,000 members in high schools of 21 states is now in its twenty-fifth year.

[Objectives] of this non-secret, leadership-service organization are: to encourage effort, to promote, to stimulate achievement among its members, and to encourage and assist students to continue their education after high school graduation.

Mrs. Allie V. Johnson, librarian of Decaturville School, is faculty sponsor for the local chapter.

Permanent officers for this year are: president, Tommy Harrell; Vice-President, Rosemary Malcolm; Secretary, Linda Richardson; Reporter, Catherine Duck; Treasurer, Betty Lou Gurley; Song Leader, Judy Malcolm.

The local organization is composed of the following students who have fulfilled the requirements necessary for membership in the National Beta Club.

Lynn Baker, Robert Blount, Larry Brasher, John Sam Duck, David Haney, Donald Haney, Nancy Keeton, Louie Lacy, Doris Lafferty, Flora Mae Lafferty, Jane McPeak, Gaylon Myracle, Ronnie Pratt, J. D. Richardson, Linda P. Richardson, Annie Mae Smith.

Charlotte Spence, Jerry Paul Teague, Janice Thomas, Fred Ward, Dicky Welch, Tommie Welch, Anna Carolyn White, Katherine White, Ruby Mae White, Linda Yarbro.

All last week the school was filled with excitement over the class tournaments.  The finals were played Friday with the [Seniors] winning both games.  Runnersup were the Sophomore girls and the Junior boys. 

Friday night is the date set for the annual Athletic Banquet.  The banquet will honor the football, basketball and baseball players, cheerleaders and managers.  Trophies and letters will be given to the most valuable players.

Three girls from our school will receive their State Homemakers Degree this year, they are Martha Ellen Fisher, Betty Lou Gurley and Luna Pearl Maners, all seniors.  Congratulations girls.

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