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Yesterday's Tennessee

Decaturville School 7th Grade - 1959

from the photograph collection of Dian Brasher


first row - Eddie Smith, Ted Brown, Gail Crawley, Billy Davis

second row - Mike Yarbro, Shirley Webster, Carolyn Kindle, Claude Carver

third row - Linda Bennett, Janis Wallace, Barbara Bryant, Paul Turnbo, Gary Don Pratt

fourth row - Gail Butler, Brenda Sparks, Glenda White, Tommy Lafferty, Robert Brawley

fifth row - Suzanne Byrd, Charlotte Walker, Dian Brasher, Rickey Kennedy, David Ray

teacher - Clara Millican

Note: 47 students graduated in this class so this is only part of the seventh grade in 1959.

click here for a larger version - very slow for dial up connections

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