yesterday's tennessee

Yesterday's Tennessee

Decatur County High School
Harvest Carnival - 1956

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left front:  Paulette Davis, Larry Wallace, Linda Weatherford, Jerry Butler

left rear:- James Keeton, Ada Belle Aaron, David Keeton
note: it appears that the young lady paired with James Keeton is cut out of this picture.

platform, center with crowns:  Rubelyn Tanner, Don Wylie, G. L. Teague,  Margaret Smith, Dickey Welch, Alma Lee Duck

right front:  Jacky Lancaster, Carolyn Smith, Sharon Kindle, Denise Hayes, Mike Yarbro, Ray Cole Brasher

right rear:  Jeanette Martin, Doug Vise, Frances Duck, Bobby James, Sherry Smith, Billy Jack White

If any of these names need correction or you can identify the missing young lady, please contact me.

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