yesterday's tennessee

Yesterday's Tennessee



Senior Class Officers: Robert Raney, Sponsor; Donna Canada, Reporter; Sara Rushing,
Secretary and Treasurer; Jimmy Walker, President; Dot Flowers, Co-Secretary and Treasurer;
Vice-President, Joe Trevathan; Peggy Chumney, Sponsor


Mr. and Miss Parsons High School:
Patty Hayes and Jimmy Jones


Best All 'Round: Jimmy Walker and Evy Moore


Most Ambitious: Joe Trevathan and
Donna Canada


Best Looking: Patty Hayes and Wayne Odle


Most Courteous: Carolyn Quinn and Bill Henry


Most Likely to Succeed: Joe Trevathan and
and Dorothy Flowers


Wittiest: Betty Smith, Tony Yates, and Pat Yates


Most Talented: Patty Hayes and John Ledbetter


Laziest: Ann Goff and Johnny Mitchell


Most dependable: Sara Rushing and Johnny Pratt


Best Dressed: Patty Morgan and Billy Mack Denison


Most Athletic: Nina Jordan and Jimmy Jones


Friendliest: Patty Hayes and Jimmy Walker


The Senior Class

Dwight "Shorty" Alexander
Betty Baker
Carolyn Cagle
Nancy Carolyn Cagle
Donna Canada
Shelby Colwick
Billy Mack Denison
Diann Doherty
Dorothy Flowers
Donald Franks
F. Randall Goff
Sasan Ann Goff
Larry Gooch
Bobby D. Greenway
Francis J. Harris
Patricia Ann Hayes
Bill Henry
Charles Herndon
Mary Nell Hill
Sharon Ivey
Harold Jennings
Nina S. Jordan
Nathan Johnson
Jimmy Jones
Carole Kerley
John Ledbetter
Darla Mays
Bruce Miller
George Mills
John Mitchell
Brenda Moore
Mary Evelyn Moore
Patricia Faye Morgan
Jayne Odle
Wayne Odle
Betty Pearcy
Johnny Pratt
Lewis Pratt
Carolyn Quinn
Ralph Quinn
Jane Rainey
Sara Rushing
Joe Trevathan
Jimmy Lynn Walker
Ronald Wolfe
J. L. Yarbro
Patricia Ann Yates
Tony Yates


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