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The Tiger '62 - SPORTS


First Row (standing): Raney-Asst. Coach, Amzel Tyler, Tommy Evans, Troxler, Ralph Quinn, Cagle, Mac Hayes, Patterson-Manager, Taylor-Manager, Chumney-Coach

Second Row (kneeling): Ronald Dickson, Tim Boaz, J. L. Yarbro, Phillip Spence, Mickey Doyle, Tony Johnson, Jimmy Jones, Mack Blankenship

Third Row (sittng): Jimmy Lancaster, Charlie Herndon, Ike Gibson, David Inman, Doug McCormick, O'Neal Wallace, Larry Cruse, Jimmy Gilbert

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Girls' Basketball

Left to Right: Linda Taylor, Dana Mays, Evy Moore, Ann Henry, Jane Rainey, Nina Jordon,
Donna Canada, Brenda Dodd, Wanda Bowman, Sharon Ivey, Judy White, June Baugus.
Coach: Floyd Chumney.

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Boys' Basketball

Front Row: Johnny Blankingship, Johnny Pratt, Bob Patterson, Jimmy Walker.

Back Row: Mac Hayes, Tony Johnson, Harold Gene Jennings, Jimmy Gilbert, Joe Trevathan, Ronald Dickson.

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Coach Floyd Chumney


Managers: Randall Cagle, Tony Taylor


Junior High Girls' Basketball

Jane Spenee, Linda Deaton, Sherry Townsend, Sheila Doyle, Donna MCComic, Suzanne Odle, Diane Mays, Susan Smith, Christine Dickson, Linda Turner, Linda Milam, Marsha Mays, Diane Denison, Gail Burton, Shaundra Johnson. Suzy Hayes, Brenda Bowman, Jo Ellen Herndon, Mary Jo Herndon.

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Junior High Boys' Basketball

Phillip Wilkins, Johnny Woods, Gary Reddix, David Green way, Gaylon Clifft, Doug Smith,
David Fisher, Doyt Campbell, Dwight Montgomery, Larry Clifft, Jim Smith, Johnny Graves,
Jerry Gibson, Billy Crosby, Larry Goodman, Johnny White, Joe Fuller, Claude Smith,
Larry Quinn, Keith Kilpatrick, Branson Townsend, David Cagle, Junior Moore,
Managers: Tommy Goff, Joe Davis.

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Junior High Basketball Coach

Mr. Robert Raney, Coach


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