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The Wedding of the Flowers

Musical at Parsons Elementary School - 1961/1962

by Iris Riggs Tolley

I remember a musical that was performed at Parsons Elementary School when I was in 5th grade (maybe 6th) so that would make it around 1961-62.  I don't have any pictures of the production and would love to see photos that anyone else might have of it.  I think it was called "The Wedding of the Flowers" or something similar.  I remember wearing a rose dress made of crepe paper that my Mother made.  It was green on top and the skirt was the bright pink rose pedals.  The "roses" sang a song, as did the sunflowers, tulips, and other flowers.  We all sang "Tiptoe Through the Tulips".  There were several grades that participated--maybe it was school wide? Mrs. Mary Weir headed up the effort with some help from a mother who accompanied each song on the piano.  I just remember it being something very special and  a much larger production than anything else I participated in.  I would love to see pictures  taken of the event.

Please contact me if you can provide any information about The Wedding of the Flowers.

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