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Band Enjoys Memphis Trip - 1967

by Margie Alexander

Band Enjoys Memphis Trip
by Margie Alexander

The Riverside High School Band left Friday morning for Memphis and the Cotton Carnival under threatening clouds.  The group of chaperones accompanying the group were Band Director and Mrs. Leeburn Harris, Mrs. J. W. Bryant, Mrs. D. T. Vise, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Sybern Riggs, and Mr. John Welch.

The first performance was on Friday morning in the Children’s Day Parade.  After checking in the hotel the students enjoyed window shopping, the midway, visiting and loafing.  Friday night, the entire group thoroughly enjoyed the annual Jubilee Parade.  After returning to the hotel the group surprised Mr. Harris with a party, which included a cake and punch for all to enjoy, and a trophy for him to treasure.  The cake was beautifully decorated and inscribed “First Place Band Director for 1967.”  The reason for this bold inscription was because the band had won first place in every area of competition this school year.

Saturday morning was spent trying to adjust from a sleepless night which had been hectic due to the use of countless water pistols, and students being the chief target.  At lunch, the entire group were invited to the “Top of the 100 Club” by band patrons, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Townsend for a delicious lunch of bar-b-que chicken and all the trimmings.  The head waiter arrived on the scene with huge beautifully decorated cake with 18 candles lighted on it.  Then the group burst into singing “Happy Birthday, Sherry.”  Sherry, the Townsend’s daughter was celebrating her birthday at this grand occasion as well as graduating from high school.

When all had completed cake and ice cream, the manager gave the group a tour of the facilities, including a trip to the top floor, the highest spot in Memphis, which revolves like a roulette wheel.  Here the boys and girls spent some time pointing out the familiar land marks far below in the distance.

After recovering from the memorable treat, the children thanked Mr. and Mrs. Townsend graciously and spent the remainder of the afternoon as they desired.  Seven members of the group approached the parade group with long faces and tears in their eyes as this was to be their last performance.

Riverside’s band made their last appearance for the school year down Main Street along with the biggest.  When the parade was over, the students started the long ride home.  Before leaving the city limits, they had a late supper at Shoney’s.

Every band student, guest, and chaperone wish to express their deepest and sincere appreciation to Mr. and Mrs. Townsend for the lunch and visit to the Top of the One Hundred.


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