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Riverside High School

Riverside High School opened in 1965 as the consolidated county wide high school for Decatur County.  It included students from the former Decaturville High School, Parsons High School and Crowder High School.  If you have pictures, newspaper articles, yearbooks or other material related to Riverside High School that you would like to share via this web site, please contact me.  We also need any Riverside High School historical information.

Riverside High School - 1966

Riverside High School - 1966




Classes and Reunions


Decatur County High School Graduation Pictures Needed!

Graduating class pictures are needed for the local history web site, for the purpose of preserving these images for future generations. Class pictures are needed for all years of all Decatur County High Schools including Decatur County High School, Parsons High School, Decaturville High School, Riverside High School, Scotts Hill High School, Crowder High School, Decatur County Training School and Scotts Hill College. We are most interested in the composite pictures of individual graduates but will accept all group pictures.  We are not scanning pictures of individual graduates at this time. Pictures will be scanned and returned immediately so there is no danger of loss or damage to your photographs. If you are interested in supporting this effort, please contact Dian Brasher who is coordinating this effort to arrange for an appointment to have your class photographs scanned. Please support this important project to preserve images of these class photographs.

Please contact me if we have omitted any former Decatur County High Schools.

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