yesterday's tennessee

Yesterday's Tennessee

Union Hall School, Dunbar, circa 1935

from the photograph collection of Mary Lynn Montgomery Butler


front row:  Mabel Brigance, Dorothy Keeton Blankenship, Alphy Tucker, Vernon "Pete" Montgomery,
W. G. Barber, Weldon Brasher, W. R. Montgomery, Marles Brasher, Milburn Keeton

middle row:  Helen Keeton Harrington, Graple Brigance West, Estelle Barber, Agnes Tucker
Vallie Majors Adkisson, Mary Lynn Montgomery Butler

back row:  Charles Keeton, Sidney Keeton, unknown, Grady Averett, Reba Brasher Patterson, Maydelle Barber, Rudelle Tucker Scott
Mozelle Tucker Scott should also be in this picture but cannot be identified at this time.

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