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Sardis High School

Year Index to Graduates

This index to graduates and faculty of Sardis High School is sorted by the year of their graduation.  To sort on any other column, click on the header at the top of that column.  Click on the graduation year to go to the class picture.  We need your help to complete this index.  If you can help, please contact me.

SurnameGiven NameClassOffice
Alexander Johnny 1969
Carter Nickie 1969 President
Carter Sheila 1969
Carter Van 1969
Clenney Rickey 1969 Treasurer
Dyer Thomas Jr. 1948
Fields Frances 1969
Girssom Ray 1948 President
Goff Ruth 1948
Green Margaret 1969
Gresham Raymond 1969
Hanna Renee 1969 Secretary
Hooper Joe Neal 1948 Treasurer
Lane Trevor 1948
Little Sharon 1969
Maness Rodger 1969
Martin Carol 1969
Martin Ruby 1948
Maxie Georgette 1969 Reporter
Mooney Sandra 1969
Neisler Eugene 1948
Neisler Gerelene 1948
Powell Louise 1948
Presley Rose 1969
Roe Edward 1969
Ross Gene 1969
Ross Judy 1969 Reporter
Simmons Eddie 1969
Smith Brenda 1969
Stanfill Steve 1969 Vice-President
Thompson Charles 1948
Tubbs Donnie 1969
Van Dyke Mary Jo 1948 Secretary
Varnell Vivian 1969
Wallace Helen 1948
Walters Virginia Lee 1948 Vice-President
Watts Margaret 1969
Williams David 1969
Wright Robbye Jean 1948

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