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LASTER SCHOOL (1904, 1910, 1916)

from the collection of Dorothy Nell Ward

Laster School circa 1904

Old Laster School, about 1910.
Front row left to right: Sanos Rhodes, Floyd Rhodes, Fate Rhodes, Ambrose Griffin, Ernest Rhodes,
Finas Rhodes, Abb Rhodes, Ruby Brantley Vesta Rhodes, Lena Seaton.
Second row left to right: Lee Brantley, John Brantley, unknown, Elzie Laster Ellis Brantley,
Elbert Ryals, unknown, Lena Rhodes, Elred Ryals, Flzie Griffin, Elector Ryals,
Ella Ryals, Thomas Carol Rhodes, W C. Crook (teacher).
Third row left to right: Minnie Rhodes, Homer Rhodes, Euther Rhodes, Ellis Rhodes,
Ella Brantley, Chester Seaton, Enoch Rhodes, Mertice Rhodes, Alfred Rhodes.
Fourth row left to right: Arthur Harrington, Burma Rhodes, Sid Rhodes, Elbert Rhodes,
Georgia Harrington, Odis Rhodes, Effie Rhodes, Burton Rhodes, Edd Rhodes, Mae Brantley.
Fifth row left to right: Dessie Rhodes, Vestie Brantley, Arthur Rhodes, unknown, Melvin Rhodes, Elliot Rhodes.

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Laster School circa 1916

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