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Maxine Garner Nelson - 1935

from the collection of Brenda Fiddler

Not too many people from Lexington performed on the radio in the 1930s, but Maxine Garner had her time at the microphone.  Maxine was the valedictorian of the Lexington High School Senior Class of 1919.  Her mother, Cora Eller Garner, was a school teacher.

 November 1, 1935, Lexington Progress

Local News:  Mrs. Cora (Eller) Garner received a postcard Saturday from her daughter, Mrs. Maxine Garner Nelson of Chicago suggesting that she listen in Sunday when the Cream of Wheat program goes on the air through the Columbia Broadcasting Co., with Maxine beginning one of the leading performances.  She also has a part in the Chicago Tribune Contest dramatizing a series of old songs and several other radio programs of importance.  Sally June, the Nelson baby, is featured in the advertising and has already had her picture made for the public.

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