yesterday's tennessee

Yesterday's Tennessee

Lexington High School Principals

J. O. Brown, 1912-1929
W. L. Bobbitt, 1930-1962
R. C. Rumfelt, 1962-1967
C. J. Vinson, 1967-1969
Bill Shelby, 1969-1978
Mary J. Yeiser (Interim) 1978
Richard Foster, 1978-1979
Ira C. Powers, Jr., 1979-1983
John Snider, 1983-1990
Steve Wilkinson, 1990-2003
Chuck Patton 2003-present

J. O. Brown

Luther Bobbitt

Bill Shelby

Ira C. Powers, Jr.

Photograph sources: Brown and Bobbitt are from Auburn Powers, History of Henderson County, Tennessee (1930); Shelby and Powers are from G. Tillman Stewart, Henderson County, Tennessee County History Series, Memphis State University Press, 1979.

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