yesterday's tennessee

Yesterday's Tennessee


from the collection of Brenda Kirk Fiddler

Back row: Tracy Williams. Martha Lou Gilbert, Jimmy Todd, Gail Moore, Jim Rushing, Tommy Fesmire
Third row: Paula Davis, Linda Anderson, Beth Arnold, Francis Buck, Dolly Caywood,
Brenda Kirk, Janette Jordan, Barbara Mills, Rick Myracle
Second row: Sue Gibson, Clarence Lee, Gene Pinkley, Sarah Grimes, Ruby Kolwyck, Jenny Pentecost,
Betty Patton, Judy Conger, Gib Gibson, Wayne Tignor, Rosemary Davenport
Front row: Rebecca Day, Linda Webb, Jane Douglass, Lauretta Buck, Skippy Orio,
Mary Ann Johnson, Brenda Lewis, Brooksie Lindsey.

"Tiger's Roar" Staff, Lexington High School Newspaper, Mrs. R. C. Rumfelt, advisor.
Photo by William Arnold.

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