yesterday's tennessee

Yesterday's Tennessee


Front of Montgomery School, probably late 1950s.

Science lab. Photograph by Arnold Photographers, Lexington.

Typical of the period, a major Home Economics project toward the end of the school year
was to prepare and serve a dinner for leaders in the community.

Auditorium. Photograph by Arnold Photographers, Lexington.

Glee Club performance in auditorium.

Girls basketball team. Photograph by Hooks Bros. Photographers, Linden
is date stamped March 15, 1957.

Girls basketball team 1956. The 1988 Montgomery Home Coming booklet identifies the
team members as (probably not in order) Berline Weathers, Marilyn Taylor,
Vergie M. Phelps, Ruby Halton, Betty Halton, Mary Timberlake, Robbie Arnold,
Nellie Williams, Pro. Beasley, Imogene Johnson, Barbara Frye and George Stanford.

Football team, year unknown. Coach King is on left, Principal Robinson on right.

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