yesterday's tennessee

Yesterday's Tennessee


by Charlotte Moore

Lexington Progress
August 20, 1997

Day Camps were held at the Montgomery Robinson Bond Community Center every Tuesday and Thursday in the month of July. Children brought their lunch and spent the day. The days were full of many activities.

Nutrition classes were taught to K-8th graders. Many preschool children attended also. They learned about the Food Guide Pyramid from Beth Blow, Health Snacks from Sally Tidwell, Stir Fry from Betty Neilson, and Easy Snacks from Palestine Henry. Vivian Hart taught math in the kitchen.

Art classes were included in the Day Camp activities. Mrs. Dot Pickett and Karen Moore showed children some basics about painting and drawing. Vassie Flakes taught many arts and crafts classes.

Children at Montgomery learned many arts and crafts.
Tie dying is just one of these activities.

Four children attended the sewing class taught by Mrs. Dorothy Hall. Mrs. Hall taught the children how to construct a vest and pillow. She also taught the children basic sewing skills.

Children learned basic sewing skills at Montgomery Day Camps.
Mrs. Dorothy Hall taught these classes.

Children enjoyed demonstrations by the Fire Dept., Rescue Squad and the National Resource Conservation. Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center sponsored a puppet show, called "Kids on the Block".

Sports were also included in the activities at Montgomery. Jackey Maness taught the children some basic rules of basketball. Lynn Brown discussed volleyball. Children also participated in softball, table tennis, relays and other sports activities.

The garden program helped teach children and adults the advantages of home gardens. Six children and two adults planted a small garden behind the Montgomery Gym. Ray Irwin was hired by TSU at the beginning of the summer to help with this program. He has taught classes on seeds, healthy eating, square foot gardening and jelly making. Children were taught that growing and processing their own food can save money in the food budget.

Children participated in a garden program in the back of the Montgomery
School Robinson Bond Community Center. Holmes Farm Supply
and Green Thumb Nursery donated plants for this project.

Inter-generational activities were planned with the Senior Citizens Center. Children heard stories of days gone by and differences between the two generations. A field trip was also planned by the Center for the children.

Activities at the Montgomery Robinson Bond Center this summer
included a field trip to a productive garden. The Senior Citizens Center
provided transportation and help with the children
who had an opportunity to pick their own food.

We ended the summer programs with a Family Night. Friday, August 8th, children brought their parents to enjoy a meal and entertainment. Parents were also given the opportunity to see many of the projects their children participated in during the summer. E. W. James furnished the spaghetti dinner for the family night. Entertainment was provided by the children and Mrs. Vivian Hart. They sang gospel songs and ended with a rap song about Montgomery School. Mrs. Hart worked many weeks training the children for this event.

After school programs will be planned soon. We hope to provide activities for children that will promote learning and good wholesome fun.

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