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Yesterday's Tennessee


from the collection of Robbie Wallace

Mt. Gilead School circa 1915

Front Row: Opal James Reynolds, Bertha Stewart Ivy, Fronie Rainey Meals, Effie Lou Allen
Johnson, Alice Peterson, unknown, Ruth Coffman Pope, Roy Herron, Ernest Lou Allen, R. Lou Allen
Middle Row: unknown, unknown, unknown, Rexie McKee Pruitt, Mr. John Waller,
Frank Shelton, unknown, Matthew Peterson
Back Row: unknown, Jessie Coffman, Charlie Rainey, Atlas Williams, Haskell Williams,
Lizzie Rainey Cook, Eluie Shelton Burnine [?], Tennie Shelton Burnine[?]

This is one of a series of school photographs made circa 1915 for School Superintendent W. H. Denison.

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