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B. A. Tucker Memorial Service

from the clipping collection of Brenda Fiddler

Tucker, B. A.

The Lexington Progress
May 6, 1904

At Scotts Hill next Sunday, Rev. J. W. Waters will preach the funeral of Prof. B. A. Tucker, deceased, and at that time, a handsome monument erected by the citizens of Scotts Hill in honor of Prof. Tucker will be unveiled.  Prof. Tucker did much for Scotts Hill and his work was appreciated at all times by the citizens of his town and community.  Nothing could be more fitting than the erection of this monument to keep before the minds of the people the memory of a man who buried self in his efforts for the good of the people and the cause he loved best--Christian education.  [Monument stands on Scotts Hill School grounds: B. A. Tucker, born Decatur County, Tennessee, December 3, 1861, died in Scotts Hill, April 10, 1903, aged 41 years, 4 months and 7 days]

Lexington Progress
April 24, 1903

Local and Personal News:

A call has been made by the Alumni of the Scotts Hill College on their members and friends for contributions to buy a monument which is to be erected in honor of their late Prof. B.A. Tucker.

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