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from the collection of Mary E. Rushing

Shady Hill School in the 1920s

First Row: Chester Scott, Cannon Curry, Fred Smith, James Olen Smith, Nolan Scott, James Buck, Richard Rushing, Merville Austin, Willie Austin, , Odell Scott, Georgie Rhodes, Matthew Jowers

Second Row: J Carnell Middleton, McCager Scott, Odell Buck, Floyd Wright, James Tuck, Barney Campbell, Ople Pruitt, Clarence Austin, Huley Dickson, Guy Scott, Fred Buck, Brooks Helms, Clyde Rhodes

Third Row: Wilma Sue Rushing, Nancy Minton, Eudie Snider (sitting), Lois Smith, Marie Martin, May Smith, Altie McCollum, Isabel Watson, Orpha Campbell, Stella ???, Helen Tuck, Lavonia Helms, Maudie Watson, Ruby Scott, Edith Helms, Mae Jowers, Linda Mae Middleton, Augustine Davidson, Rachel Kelly, Mary Eugenie Rushing

Fourth Row: teacher Burgess Dyer, Minnie Powers, Willie Martin, Ruby Snider, Opal Chandler, Ida May Gurley, Rose Chandler, Beula McCollum, Maudine Minton, Ruth Aline Buck, Francis Watson, Butaw Blankenship, Bonnie Mae Patton, Ruth Thompson, Ruth Byrd, Farris McCollum, Catherine Tuck, Fred Yungerman, Mildred Rhodes, teacher Clyde McClanahan

Fifth Row: Dennie Helms, Lawrence Gurley, Fairy Martin, Paul Snider, Carrie Pruitt, Edd Buck, Laura Martin, Olive Yates, Eathel Wallace, Paul Helms, Jimmie Byrd, Fielder Wyatt, Lillian Dickson, Carrie Snider, Vera Martin, Demis Patton, teacher Troy McPeake

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