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from the collection of Mary E. Rushing

School Group at Shady Hill Methodist Church, unknown

School was held at New Hope Methodist Church 1894/1895-1954. The present church sits on the site of the building in the picture. Photograph was taken during the time Hurley Bowden was teacher. He is the man in white shirt and tie on the right side of the group. The man on the ladder is Anderson Sego. He taught singing schools in that part of the county.


School Group in the Shady Hill Community

Top Row from Left: Allie Bell Dyer Davidson, Roy Davidson, Robert Dyer, Ernest Dyer, unknown, unknown, ____ Snider Horton, Lena Youngerman Tuck, Ora Dyer, Della Dyer Buck, Effie Buck McCollum, unknown, Virgie Buck, Tinie Dyer Rushing

Second Row from Left: unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Hattie Dyer Powers, unknown, unknown, Ella Bird, unknown, unknown, unknown, Sallie Youngerman Larson, teacher Hurley Bowden

Lower Two Rows: all unknown


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