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Scotts Hill High School Hill Billets 1932


Why don't you attend our school at Scotts Hill next year? We mean to have the best school in the State of Tennessee during 1932-1933, and have now one of its best rural schools.

There are several advantages of coming to Scotts Hill:

 1. It is cheaper than many schools of equal standing.

 2. Fees and extra costs for clothes, activities, clubs, and programs are negligible compared to many other schools.

 3. A number of boys and girls find some little job that helps them to pay their way.

 4. Our school offers a good variety of courses.

 5. The diplomas given our graduates are acceptable wherever state diplomas are accepted.

 6. Our equipment, facilities, and teachers are as good as can be found.

 7. The student body is unsurpassed in the states It is a liberal education to mix with our boys and girls- strictly democratic-no social stratas.

 8. Our program of extra-curricula activities will include some of the major sports, tennis, playground games, debating, glee club work, publication of school paper, band and orchestra, Four-H Club, and F. F. A. Club, and a good health program.

 9. Two new class rooms are to be added. The old building is to be the "Agriculture and Home Economies" building. We expect to install, this summer, also, a water system. We plan to complete our gymnasium with dressing rooms, shower baths, and an efficient method of heating, and to finish our campus plans with terraces, play-groud apparatus for all grades, drives and walks.

10. The seventh, eighth, and ninth grades are to be reorganized on the junior high school basis.

11. We hope to offer a good commercial course consisting of Typewriting, Shorthand, and Bookkeeping at a cost below that of attending business college-but just as thorough in every way.

12. Some of the best people in the world live in and around Scotts Hill. Our religious atmosphere is good, and our people believe in good schools. Excellent board may be had at small cost, and numbers of students rent houses and "batch" themselves during the school year.


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